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  1. Ref using life boats, are they not also used as tenders when the ship cant dock so in effect , being used for "other purposes" rather than that for which they were intended? I dont imagine engaging one or two whist in port, either moored or berthed would flout any H+S nor insurance laws, although granted, a purpose made charter boat would be a better option
  2. I doubt fishing trips organised by the cruiseline would be on a scale that they would need to dedicate a particular cold storage space to. Also doubtful that guests would want fish shipped home (unless for trophy purposes) and even then, I`m sure a company of this size would have no trouble in organising it. I am aware of small cruise companies that have an organnised fishing itinerary where the guest keep one fish which is then cooked for them that evening. I think that the likes of RCI and other larger crusielines just haven`t thought it through or have had sufficent requests for the service. I still believe however, that if it were to become available, it would be very popular
  3. I have dropped a few suggestions in the box on a few occasions. Would love it if someone actually acted on it
  4. Having now done 7 cruises with RCI and now about to embark on an 8th, I have had this discussion with other guests on several occasions who are of the same opinion. As a keen sea angler, I am surprised that the cruise line have not tapped into this potential money maker. Sailing into many of the worlds top fishing destinations, the oportunity to fish some of these spots is being missed by RCI. There is not even the need to hire local charter boats. The ships own life boats would suffice. An initial spend of a few grand on fishing gear by RCI would probably pay for iteself after one cruise, plus the added bonus of fresh fish for the kitchens. I am positive that many guests would avail of this service. I know I would and it would even encourage me to book other cruises with RCI knowing that they provided this service. Maybe worth considering?
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