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  1. We are leaving this Sunday on the serenade of the seas and heard a tip on cruise tips tv that instead of going to the crowded buffet after embarking you can eat at one of the ships dining rooms on some cruise lines. Do any of you know if the Serenade will have main dining room open before leaving port?? Kind of like the idea of being served instead of searching for a seat at the buffet. Thanks ?
  2. Are personal travel size steamers allow on board? Or must we send to the ships dry cleaners to press our clothes. Thanks
  3. Am going on serenade of the seas on the 28th and it says we can board at 1pm. Are wondering what happens if we get there earlier....will they let us board or make us wait until 1pm? We are spending the two days before sightseeing in Boston. Thanks ?
  4. If we book an excursion on cruise planner can we cancel it once we are on board? Am thinking that after we board that we might find out some of the excursion will be easily doable and less expensive to do using independent tour operators at the ports. On Princess we had 24 hours before event to cancel with no penalty. Thanks
  5. Matt I’m confused after reading the links you posted.... in one of them it said no corkage charge for wine you bring on and in the other link it said there was a corkage charge??? Which one is correct??
  6. Sounds good and you have definitely got me curious about the hamster!! ?
  7. Can’t answer the drinking questions (not drinkers) but can tell you that when the ship is in port all shops and the casino are closed. They will open again as soon as they leave port. Enjoy your cruise ?
  8. Hubby and I will be on the Serenade of the Seas at the end of this month and are looking at shore excursions in Barbados. We are interested in the Harrison’s cave one but also like the submarine excursion. Unfortunately they occur at same time. Is it possible to do the cave on our own after finished on submarine excursion? Is it easy to get to from port? Or a long drive from port? Thanks
  9. I know we can take two bottles of wine per stateroom on board in carry on. If we take to dining room and ask them to keep to use at dinner how much is the average corkage cost? Never done anything like this before and have absolutely no idea what it should cost !! Thanks
  10. Does OBC refer to onboard credit? And if so how does that work. when booking upcoming cruise ??
  11. You misunderstood my post... hubby and I cruise on average of twice a year but usually go on Princess and haven’t done a Royal cruise in several years. That is why I am seeing a big difference in prices. And we always compare before we book on Princess so to me it’s a very obvious difference and to be honest is the only thing that is making me not look forward to our cruise next month as much as I usually would be.
  12. Thank you to all of you who have responded to my previous questions on here. Really a great forum to get info from. As a passenger who hasn’t cruised on Royal for several years but has been cruising regularly on Princess I’m finding a big difference. It appears that Royal is nickel and diming me every where!!!! There are charges on everything and all the beverage and internet packages are much more expensive!! Looking forward to our cruise next month but might be last time doing Royal because of all the charges.
  13. Do we have to pack our own bathrobes or does Royal supply? Usually cruise Princess and they supply them. Hate to take up space in our luggage for them if we don’t have to. Also can you preorder room service breakfast the night before? Thanks
  14. Will be on the serenade of the seas at end of October and have a couple more questions. We usually do princess cruises and there are self servo laundromats on them, does Royal have laundromats on board? Also know that 2 bottles of wine per stateroom is permitted but can you bring on sodas or water when you embark or must you buy on board? Thanks
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