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    OrionJus reacted to Matt in Official 2018-2019 deployment tracking thread   
    Freedom is officially going to San Juan. Not on the site yet, but you can call C&A to book
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    OrionJus reacted to FManke in Centrum noise?   
    How loud does the Centrum get after hours, as I see some of the music goes until like midnight? Our cabin is only four cabins from the Centrum, on deck 4, starboard side.
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    OrionJus reacted to jce2 in Entrance to theatre on Liberty   
    I created a "cross-section" view of Liberty to make it easier to see where everything is.  However, going off of the deck plans from RCL it is not clear which floor you enter the theatre from.  Help!!
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    OrionJus reacted to KLA in Who booked Cuba today?!   
    Booked May 20th!!!! :D 
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    OrionJus reacted to Victoria Nadeau in Harmony of the Seas Boardwalk Balcony Stateroom   
    Hi guys! I just booked a cruise on the Harmony of the Seas for July 2018. My fiancé and I are taking my 8 year old sister with us and we got a Boardwalk Balcony Stateroom all the way at the aft of the ship above the aqua theater. I've seen pictures online of the sofa but I'm wondering how large it is and what it looks like when it is pulled out. This will be my sister's first cruise/big vacation and I want to make sure that she will be comfortable. If anyone has pictures, it'd help us so much! 
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    OrionJus reacted to UkuleleCruiser in Best thing on the ship?   
    My wife and I cruised on Navigator of the Seas November 2015  -- Our first experience with Royal Caribbean. Loved the promenade concept of the ship -- That was really a focal point. However, the very best thing about the ship was the California Wine Pairing dinner we had at the Chops Grille. Wonderful! We are cruising on the Liberty of the Seas December 2016, and the very first thing we signed up for was the Chef's Table Dinner. We are looking forward to it.
    What are the coolest or most unique things you have found about the ships you have been on? I am particularly interested in Liberty, but eager to hear what everyone thinks.
    -Ukulele Cruiser
    10/09 -- Carnival Conquest
    10/12 -- Carnival Conquest
    11/15 -- Navigator of the Seas
    12/16 -- Liberty of the Seas
    12/17 -- Norwegian Pearl
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    OrionJus reacted to ctk7 in LGBT - Adventure of the seas - June 27, 2015   
    Any LGBT couples going to be on this sailing?
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    OrionJus reacted to alamode123 in Room for 3 in Cat D1, Brilliance of the Seas   
    Possibly booking a themed cruise in January for myself and twin 13 yr old daughters (www.fan2sea.com). Looking at Cabin # 1072 :Category D1 - Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony. Would this be too cramped for a Dad and twin daughters? It's only a four day cruise, so I'm thinking we might be okay.
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    OrionJus reacted to luckyfinfarmer in current offer really good?   
    Is the current promotion - 3rd night free- considered a good one? It ends tonight and I'm a newbie looking at my 2nd cruise but not sure if this is so good I need to act asap before it ends tonight!
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    OrionJus reacted to Labby in All inclusive eateries on Harmony.   
    Would anyone have a list of inclusive restaurants and eateries on the Harmony? Feel free to pass on any reviews as well. Thanks
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    OrionJus reacted to Susan0919 in Photos   
    I didn't get to order a photo package before the cruise ended. Is there a way to order it after the cruise has ended?
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    OrionJus reacted to Buzzard05 in (Another) Travel Agent Question   
    When you book through a travel agent, do you still have access to your cruise on the Royal Caribbean site?  Meaning, will I be able to go in and purchase drink packages, specialty dining, etc. on the Royal Caribbean site (like I do when I book through them)....or does everything need to be done through the travel agent?
    Also, are my cruise documents available on the RCI site, or is that all sent to me via the travel agent?
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    OrionJus reacted to FLGooner in Bottles of Wine   
    Newbie here, so apologies if this has been asked before.
    Really enjoyed reading the pros and cons of purchasing the drinks package. I heard a rumor that you could bring two bottle of wine onboard for consumption in your cabin. Can anyone confirm??
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    OrionJus reacted to Todd in Bottles of Wine   
    Matt, sorry I was not clear in my post. I'm not talking about just sending a bottle through X Ray. What I am saying is purchase a bottle in a metal case or a metal tube. The X Ray Scanner Machine then just see a metal box, or metal tube. Back in the 35 & 120 mm film days I would carry my cameras inside zero metal cases. If the scanner see these do you really believe they would stop and catch them?
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    OrionJus reacted to J_Keeble in Mini Quantum class?   
    With all the talk of the new ICON class cruise ships and the recent podcast regarding icon and her size
    Do we think they would ever make a smaller ship again?
    My thoughts would be maybe build a ship looking exactly the same as Quantum class but smaller maybe radiance class size but with all the quantum gizmos and look.
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    OrionJus reacted to cruising diva in Rebooking for Discounts   
    Thank you so much for the information about your TA.  She sounds like one I would choose to have.  Today I contacted mine about making a payment on my upcoming cruise.  It still has not been posted on my credit card nor have I received an updated sheet with my new balance.  She sounds totally disinterested in helping me whether by text or phone.  I do not feel I can switch agents at this point, but I will definitely contact yours for future cruises.
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    OrionJus reacted to janza in Taxes & Port Charges   
    Booked FOS Feb 2017 through RC website in May. Since then, I have transferred the booking to a TA (which I have stated before, I am not happy with her service). My invoice with the TA says my taxes and port fees are $448.40 for the booking for 2.  If I go on the RC website now and book the same cruise, same room it says taxes and port fees are $212 for 2. My TA is telling me "Our invoice breaks it down differently than the cruise line. It's all the same"
    Am I missing something obvious here? To me it looks like there has been a decrease.
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    OrionJus reacted to Sailor_to_Cruiser in Accessable Staterooms and Europe   
    We are booked on Symphony maiden voyage April 21, 2018 from Barcelona.  We now want to add my wife's parents to the trip, but her father is disabled and in need of wheel-chair access.  So I reach out to the knowledgable Royal Caribbean Blog folks to gain from their universal knowledge on all things cruising:
    1:)  Are they charging extra for the accessable stateroom over a normal stateroom of the same category?
    2:) How is the room in the stateroom around the foot of the bed and such for wheelchair movement?
    3:) He is a big guy. . . Is the roll-in shower large enough for him to sit in a shower seat for bathing?
    4:) The itinerary includes Msarsaille France, Pisa, Rome, Naples, and Palma de Mallorca.  How awful are the cobbles on the streets?  I know you can find streets that are not cobbled, but is it going to detract from the joy of visiting these cities?
    Any and all information I can gain from your wisdom and experience is greately appreciated and will be accepted with the utmost of attention.  (enough of the sucking-up now. Just help me please)
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    OrionJus reacted to shannonk in Age for kids in their own cabin?   
    Can I book a cabin for my husband and I and put our 14 and 12 year old in a separate cabin nearby? Couldn't find age info, and since the 14 year-old is considered an "adult" when going through the booking process, I wasn't sure ...
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    OrionJus reacted to jce2 in Rebooking for Discounts   
    Greetings All,
        First, thanks to Matt for straightening out my verification process.  Getting ready to book my very first cruise and I have rad a lot out here about rebooking your cruise when discounts occur.  How does this work.  Assume that I don't use a travel agent.  If I book my trip next weekend (after BOGO expires) and then later a good sale occurs, how so I take advantage?  Do I simply call and cancel, and then start all over?  Does that mean I lose my rooms and have to repick new ones etc.?  Do I have to make a new deposit and wait for my old deposit to be refunded?
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    OrionJus reacted to Belinda A M in European cruises   
    Hello, I am new and have booked a cruise to leave Southampton next year that goes to spain and france. Is this the correct forum or is it just for Caribbean cruises ?
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    OrionJus reacted to familykerr in 2 bottles of wine   
    Hi, newbie here, first cruise coming up in December 2016. I am able to share my 2 bottles of wine with friends while dining? or by the pool?
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    OrionJus reacted to FManke in Elevator tips?   
    Maybe it's first come, first served. The elevator just goes to where it was called from first, regardless of what's in between.
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    OrionJus reacted to dejagatkins in Deck 14 Pool noise Allure of the Seas   
    I just realized my long ago booked cruise for Allure in April 2018 is a balcony cabin on deck 14 which is right under the main pool. Wasn't careful in my cabin choice I realized. Anyone have experience with this? If I have to change cabins, I may have to change ships. Is it worth canceling and trying to rebook or is the noise at night when they clean and drag the chairs around, not that bad?
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    OrionJus reacted to lastwon8 in Tax refund on purchases and cruise expenses in Jamaica   
    Stopped at the Falmouth Port in Jamaica.I did some shopping and found out I could get a rebate on my purchases through Vacation Tax Refund once I save my receipts.
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