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  1. If I am flying in, is there any arrangement with RCCL for a hotel package? I need to come in the day before, but I am leary of finding a hotel on my own. I know many years ago, RCCL had pre-cruise packages with transfers and hotel rooms. Thanks!
  2. After previous cruises with a companion, I will be cruising solo in a few months. I would appreciate any insights, tips, warnings, or comments from former or current solo cruisers. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info. Southwest was not included when I checked it before, so I am glad to see them added in Ft. Lauderdale.
  4. $3.35/hour for a high school job??? I made $0.75/hour for my first one........a true "senior citizen" !! :)
  5. Cruise has been transferred to MEI, so I am now officially on board for the blog cruise....same as in September this year. YEA!! Thanks for your help.
  6. Does anyone know if the Luggage Valet program works for Southwest out of Ft. Lauderdale? Miami? Thanks!
  7. I booked Thanksgiving cruise through RCCL over the phone. Do I need to transfer it to MEI to take advantage of the blog group activities? If so, do I just call an MEI agent and explain the situation to them? Thanks!
  8. Thanks! Guess we will find out when the scheduling starts!
  9. What does Phase 1 mean for the Caribbean posting this week? Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much for the information about your TA. She sounds like one I would choose to have. Today I contacted mine about making a payment on my upcoming cruise. It still has not been posted on my credit card nor have I received an updated sheet with my new balance. She sounds totally disinterested in helping me whether by text or phone. I do not feel I can switch agents at this point, but I will definitely contact yours for future cruises.
  11. Thanks for the name and number of your agent....sounds much more efficient than mine.
  12. I had called and left a message regarding a possible price reduction, and she did not get back to me for 3 days....when I finally called her again. Based on the items you suggested a TA might do for you, I have not had any of these services offered. All communication from her is via e-mail....no phone calls. If we had better rapport, I would not have booked 3 more cruises on my own with the RC agent.
  13. On the Harmony OTS blog cruise, I am using an MEI travel agent because I want to be in on the activities planned by you. So far, I have been "underwhelmed" by the service of the agent and have booked my 3 other existing cruise reservations with an RC agent on the phone. Maybe I was expecting too much from the agent, but I rather doubt it. If you have any recommendation of a specific agent, I would be happy to try using one again. Thanks!
  14. I am testing this out.....not sure what "mobile view" is....
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