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  1. Not sure they are called "porters", but as your approach Customs, many guests on the cruise have them "help" take their luggage. As a bonus, they all avoid the larger lines at customs. How much is the suggested tip for a "porter" to expedite and help you with say 2 med-large suitcases and 2 smaller ones...(just me and my wife)??? I know they also wait while you get your car from the garage and load it up. Any thoughts? Thanks Chris
  2. When planning this cruise, any suggestions on coordinating the roundtrip flights from Philly or Newark ...especially with concern on making a return flight on the day the ship returns. Any tips you might have we be appreciated. Also any suggestions on the cruise itinerary would be great as well. Looking for a late August cruise. Thanks Chris
  3. Last year on the Anthem ....tendering at Bar Harbor was a disaster. Getting the ticket took about 45 minutes and then waiting for RC to call your tender number maybe another 1 1/2 . We are on the Adventure this week and I'm wondering if there is a trick to doing better with tendering this cruise. Thanks Chris
  4. What's the procedure of disembarkment at P Liberty and does it work well? Last year I tried to leave early from the Anthem of the Seas and there were huge lines around the ship. However friends of ours did follow the directions and told us they walked off pretty easy. I'm guessing this time I should just follow RC directions and leave the time they tell us. Next week we are sailing the Adventure of the Seas, and I guess that should be a little easier since the Adventure doesn't hold as many as the Anthem??? Thanks Chris
  5. Any special suggestions... last summer on the Anthem, it took hours to get off the ship. We did get on line early in the morning to get a decent number, but I was amazed at the lines around the ship waiting to get a tender #. Thanks Chris
  6. What's the best time of day to go there during the end of August? Also are there taxi's to get u there, what might they charge for a ride to the falls? Thanks Chris
  7. Does anyone know where the closest free wifi would be to these ports.... ? Thanks Chris
  8. Ok, great. But now when will the open up booking of the on board activities, like the Northstar. Last cruise I looked all the time and somehow missed it. Had to book on the ship, which I really wanted to avoid... the mad rush once on board to book it. And then waiting on line for 45 minutes when u first board the ship. Terrible way to start the trip. Any suggestions?
  9. I think Newark leaves even early, like 945.., thanks
  10. After booking cruise, I noticed the Flights returning to Philly leave at 11:45am. It was then that I realized this will present a problem, since International flights want you there 3 hrs ahead of time. So we would need to be there by 845am. How is it possible to get off the ship, get through customs, grab a cab and get to the airport by 845am. I don't think it's realistic. From what I can see there are no later flights. So I guess when the ship returns we're pretty much forced to return back to Rome for a day or two. Then make sure to book a transfer very early in the morning. Any thoughts would be appreciated Chris.
  11. Looking into the Aug 2019 Rome cruise. Flying into Rome a few days before. Will need to get from FCO airport to Hotel in Rome. Then Rome Hotel to Port. Then Port to FCO. Any suggestions on the best way to do this... ??? What should a taxi cost? Would the rail system work? Any suggestions on a hotel close to things to see in Rome. Thanks for the help. Chris
  12. Hey I was just like u. Did 8 DCL cruises and wouldn't try another cruise company. However, living in NJ, the chance to cruise out of Port Liberty, 1 hr away, was so tempting. Not only that, it was a Canadian Itinerary. I did a ton of research, tons. Now here's the funny part. Our experiences w/ DCL was fantastic, and I knew no other cruiseline could live up to that. So when we arrived at the Port for our cruise last summer on the Anthem of the Seas, I had my mental clipboard ready to rate every aspect and pretty much expected the worse. Arriving at the Port was a breeze!. Not backed up, like P Canaveral. We pulled up, immediately handed them our luggage, gave them a tip and parked in the adjoining parking lot. (I rated that a 10!) Walking into the terminal for check in.... another breeze, a few guys w/ tablets checked us in immediately, done! (I was in shock!) Then they sat us down, in order of arrival. No one hung out by the entrance to the ship. No one cutting ahead. No boarding #. Your seat was your boarding #. Very organized. We boarded about 11:15. My wife thought she was going to hate the cruise. With the shopping look of the main areas, etc. When we boarded, it was so different and the really only negatives were no huge atrium. Also planning the shows ahead of time was easy, but planning the "attractions" on the ship was impossible. We were told online to wait until you board. That's a lousy way to handle it for people like me that don't want to run as soon as you board to wait on a big line to plan all the attractions, rides on the ship. But that's where the negatives end. The eating onboard is pretty much the same as dcl and maybe a bit better on RC. More variety on Windjammer buffet. The soda issue was zero, since you can have flavored water that taste really good. Your kids will love the physical activities onboard. Hey the dodge ball was a blast to watch, and matter of fact the game we observed was won but a lady in a formal dress, she beat everyone else. Tons of cool activities. I loved at night just sitting in the different bars listening to the different musicians and groups. They don't push drinks on u and make u feel uncomfortable. The 3 main shows were decent, and a little weird, however everyone else loved, so it must be ME. Remember as a DCL veteran, I was very pleased. The Canadian port were great, and Bar Habour was really beautiful. Tendering there was a hassle, but take that in stride. I didn't need my mental clipboard after the first day. It was a great trip. Remember to book another one onboard, cause RC only requires $100 down and u can cancel at anytime. I booked onboard and when i got home I found a cheaper rate for a longer cruise going to the same ports, with 2 additional ports and called RC and they just switched it over. I wont stop doing DCL cruises, but for older kids and adults, RC has same neat things to offer. Chris
  13. We got online at 7:30, huge line around the ship. Took an hr or so. Later I contacted our table mates and they did the time RC told them to do at 9am and basically walked off the ship. I wont do express again, unless like the above people mention it's real early...
  14. I think I read they have an ice skating show. For the 7 night Canadian cruise would they have other shows and is it necessary to reserve those shows in advance? Thanks Chris
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