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  1. I'm still going to look and do more research for Alaska 2020. I also wish RC had more Alaskan ports as they are the only line we use but I might need to look further. Thanks for the info. Hopefully we'll both find the right one for 2020.
  2. I am also trying to find info on Celebrity cruises to Alaska. We always use RCI but wanted to try her sister line for a change. We are planning for 2020. Can anyone give me a quick lesson on which is better (northbound or southbound) and is Hubbard Glacier something we should make sure is on the itinerary? I would greatly appreciate it. Others are trying to advise us to try HAL so I'm getting a little overwhelmed.
  3. We booked Oasis 9/1/2019 from Barcelona. Is that considered summer season? I'm not sure how that works. I was hoping the refurbishment was prior to then as some people are commenting on her wear and tear. I do realize I shouldn't listen to all the negative comments but it's our first med cruise.
  4. This is the first time we have plannned a cruise so far in advance (9/1/2019 - Oasis - Western Med). When can you start purchasing excursions, etc and booking shows and dinners? Do we wait until 90 days before? It's our 45th anniversary and I want it to go smoothly. I really enjoy reading all the tips everyone provides.
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