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  1. Hold up, so was/is Allure currently under refurbishment or does it go after the summer 2020 season [mediterranean]
  2. Awww... It would have been awesome to see the ''new'' version of Oasis...
  3. Will get refurbished ? I know that i will come to Europe (Spain,Barcelona) 2019, but will they refurbish her in the winter ? I was trying to look if there were ''big'' gaps between avaible sailing months when booking and i found kinda big gap between 1 Jan 2019 - 30 Apr 2019 so does that mean she will get refurbished between those months ? It would be awesome to be onboard newly renovated ship. I was earlier this year on Symphony Of the Seas and oh boy that was sooo amazing !!!
  4. It was, boardwalk was 150 euros more than central park
  5. We got free upgrade from Central Park balcony cabin in to board walk balcony cabin
  6. Nothing happened to my seapsss when it was top of a magnet and my phone (idl what u mean but it still opens cabin door)
  7. 1. Will there be Somekind of soap/shampoo in bathroom 2. When you get onboard (even before the rooms are ready) can you go get something to eat example. Cafe Promenade 3. Is the main Dining room gonna be full on 1st evening (asking because i was looking the menus and there was good dishes) And id it possible to order 2 starters (for free? ) in MDR Im so hyped, +/- 48 hours and i will be onboard Symphony of the seas
  8. I live in Europe and i havent seen any freestylmachines here yet... I guess you guys have theme in Us
  9. Will most of the passengers get out of the ship and spend day in shore when they arrive to a port ? I know that i depends on what they want to do etc. but will like 50% get off and explore the city/go to trips
  10. Thank you for info ! I cant wait to test the machines
  11. Im alredy super excited, i will be onboard 21st of april :O
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