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  1. Thank you! That tab has not appeared on my Cruise Planner yet...I remembered it from previous cruises but couldnt find it in Cruise planner for our current Cruise. I have never done one on previous cruises, but thought I might treat myself for our 10 year anniversary Cruise!!!
  2. Has anyone booked a Spa treatment? Worth the price? Where do you find it on Cruise Planner? Thanks for all your input and advice!!!
  3. Ok....I looked for the BOGO in the Dinner section and couldn’t find it. I see all the individual restaurants but not BOGO. Can someone direct me to where it is. I really appreciate it!!
  4. Those were the ones offered by RC. They had them grouped together. Is it pretty easy to take public transportation to Amalfi, etc? We have never been. Looking on a map they look some ways away from the Cruise dock.
  5. Hey! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your pictures and insights. We are going on the Symphony in July for our 10 year anniversary. We have been on 4-5 Royal Caribbean cruises in the past, but all to the Caribbean. I have never done this much research or blog reading before going on a cruise before and it has been great. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering: 1. What is BOGO? Do you book it online before you get to the cruise or once you have boarded? If you book it online before the cruise where do you find it...I have not seen it on the Cruise Planner (unless I missed it) 2. What is CA? You said you didn't get a CA letter in the room. 3. Which internet package did you get? We will be using it mostly for posting pictures and calling our daughter on Face Time while in WIFI since she will be back in the states. 4. Naples...if you had to choose one of the following to see which would you choose? For someone that has never been to Naples and most likely won't be back. *Amalfi Coast and Pompeii *Capri, Sorrento, and Pompeii *Amalfi Coast, Postino, Sorrento, and Pompeii *Capri *Sorrento and Amalfi 5. Marseilles (Provence), France...I'll be honest none of the excursions sound appealing to us (although we have never been). Would you do it own your own? Is there anything there that is a must see and don't want to miss? I know that is a lot of questions...your post was awesome!! Thanks for all your help!
  6. Excellent....Ive started reading and it’s great. Thanks for the suggestion!!!
  7. My husband and I are going on Symphony in July for our 10 year anniversary!! For those that have been on Symphony...what excursions did you go on? Did you do any cities on your own? If so, which ones and what did you explore on your own? Did you like any of the new restaurants? Any tips or advice? We have been on several cruises, but this will be our first to Europe. Thanks for all the tips and advice!
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