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    Thank you, yeah we called and they took the $115 difference off the amount we owe. So used that savings plus our $100 room credit towards the purchase of the deluxe drink package.
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    VOOM -- Multiple Packages

    You’ll get 4 codes with the plan that are used for logging into the WiFi. They don’t track which devices belong to what stateroom, so just give 3 of the codes to your kids and let them log on. Then just you and your wife have to share one code; when one of you logs in, the other will be logged out and have to reconnect next time that device is used.
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    Doing some math . . . X gives different points by room class, anywhere from 2 to 18 points per night. Royal gives 2 points for suites and 1 point for everything else. So to get Diamond/Elite, you need to sail: 80 nights on Royal in Interior, Ocean View or Balcony staterooms 40 nights on Royal in Junior Suites & up (or some combination) or 150 nights on X in Interior or Ocean view 100 nights on X in Veranda/Infinite Veranda (normal Balconies) 60 nights on X in Concierge/Aqua class (superior Balconies) 38 nights on X in Sky Suites (Junior Suite-ish) 25 nights on X in Celeb/Signature/Royal/Edge suites (Midrange Suites) 17 nights on X in Penthouse/Reflection/Iconic suites (Max Suites) Looks like in most cases, you'll level-up faster through Royal unless you mostly book superior balconies and suites, and that's before considering any points you already have on Royal.
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    Port Canaveral terminal 3

    Just read this in the Port Canaveral 2017/2018 Directory. "Cruise Terminal 3, one of the Port's oldest cruise terminals currently being used for single-day port-of-call vessels, will be replaced by a state-of-the-art facility able to serve cruise vessels with up to 8,000 passengers calling on the Port. The Port will invest $150 million for the new terminal, targeted for completion in 2019, which will support an estimated nearly 4,000 permanent jobs." No idea how new this news is, but it's the first I've heard of it.
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    Mattress Topper

    No, not on this cruise. We are in a D1 “hump” balcony. You don’t need any kind of mattress topper when you’re in Star Class. The Duxiana mattresses in the Star Class suites are the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on in my life ! i won’t lie though. I miss my Genie ! 😉😉
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    Got my Deluxe Drink package for $41.00 pp, so I booked it! wasn't going to, but figured we'd break even. In a GS with access to Concierge, but who's going to stay there to drink! LOL
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals?

    Just repriced my June 2019 Harmony sailing. Cruise fare stayed the same but the OBC offer went to $125 from 50. Finally a promotion that is actually saving me some $. Deluxe bev package discount on June 2018 Oasis and now this. Granted, it’s not much but at least it’s something!
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    Orange Crush

    Ultimate Dining package- Worth it?

    Watch for combos. I found an Ultimate Dining + Deluxe Drinks package deal on my March 2018 Allure sailing for $65/night.
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    If I remember correctly, I think you have to wait until you get on board to make reservations at specific restaurants.
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    Beverage package on sale

    Just called to RCL and rebooked my deluxe package as well. Just told to agent that my wife doesn't consume alcohol due to personal preferences and I was able to keep her package as refreshment. Rebooking my package I saved 85€ more. Total savings by rebooking both drink packages was 142€!
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    Beverage package on sale

    Drinks package was £48.49 (and has been since 19 June). Black Friday has hit the UK. The deluxe drink package is now £36.37. That is a 33.33% decrease. Booked it and saved almost £200 for 2. Now I have to cancel and book the deluxe + VOOM. That has just shown up on the planner and the price is £44. I'm at work right now so I'll have to wait until I get home. Hope it is still there then. I'm a happy cruiser!!!
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    I was thinking that the other day, lol
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    Word to your mother........
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    MEN....for the love of cruising.......Stay away from X.....they bring Jewelry makers on their ships...it will cost you dearly...run!!! don't walk...RUN AWAY!!!!! The only status you will attain is BROKE!!!!!!!!!
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    It's more "recognition" of your status on the other line than a "transfer". As @Orange Crush states, each account is unique and you don't accumulate nights in one when cruising on the other. To gain points in C&A you must sail RCI. To gain points in Captains Club, you must sail X. Having achieved 'Emerald' on RCI if I sail X they treat me as if I have achieved their 'Select' level despite the fact that I am only 'Classic' based on 112 points I've earned by sailing X. . Once I achieve 'Diamond' (next week woohoo!) I'll be recognized and treated as if I had achieved 'Elite' but until I sail X again, my Captains Club point total remains at 112.
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    OMG, my wife and I ran to the vodka when we read this one! What you forgot to address is the issue of OBC. Great post though!
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