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Perfect Day at CocoCay

Guide to Perfect Day at CocoCay Cabanas


If you are looking for a mix of privacy, luxury and excellent service while at Perfect Day at CocoCay, one of Royal Caribbean's cabanas are the perfect solution.

Royal Caribbean offers guests the opportunity to rent cabanas at Perfect Day at CocoCay for the day during the ship's visit to the private island.

What's included with the cabanas?

The cost of a cabana rental at Perfect Day at CocoCay includes a variety of amenities:

  • Private cabana for use during the day
  • Towels
  • Complimentary water bottles
  • Sofa and resort-style chairs
  • Complimentary food delivery options from Snack Shack
  • Complimentary use of two floating beach mats
  • Lockable storage
  • Charging outlets
  • Cabana concierge service to deliver food and beverage orders
  • Thrill Waterpark cabana only: Complimentary admission for up to 6 guests to Thrill Waterpark
  • Coco Beach Club cabanas only: Include full day pass to Coco Beach Club.

If you are wondering what is not included with a cabana rental, WiFi access and alcoholic beverages are extra, although if you purchased a package for either on your ship, these will be honored at no additional cost on CocoCay.

How much are the cabanas?

The price of a cabana at Perfect Day at CocoCay will vary from sailing to sailing, and you can get specific pricing once you have a deposit placed for your cruise.  Simply log into Royal Caribbean's site and access the Cruise Planner.

Prices for the Chill Island cabanas, Thrill Waterpark cabanas and Oasis Lagoon cabanas can run anywhere between $299 and $999 for the day. Pricing is per cabana, not per person.

The Coco Beach Club cabanas are priced a bit higher, with the Coco Beach Club Cabana starting at $1049, and the Coco Beach Club Floating Cabanas at around $2500. Pricing is per cabana, not per person.

Chill Island Cabanas

The Chill Island cabanas are a great choice for families wishing to spend a lot of time in and around the beach. Located on the north side of the Chill Island area, these cabanas are separated from the rest of Chill Island to provide a sense of exclusivity.

Chill Island cabanas can accommodate up to 8 guests and feature resort-style chaise lounges, a lush sectional sofa, complimentary towels, nearby snacks at Chill Grill, and a Cabana Concierge. Additionally, a cocktail table that houses conveniences like a personal Bluetooth speaker upon request to play your own music, a combination lock lid for storage and a USB outlet. Two floating mats and snorkeling gear available upon request.

These cabanas are conveniently located near the jet ski and snorkel tours.

Your Cabana Concierge will provide you with 8 towels and stock your cooler with 8 complimentary water bottles. Additional water bottles will be available for purchase.

Thrill Waterpark Cabanas

If you plan to spend the day enjoying the slides and pools included at Thrill Waterpark, then the Thrill Waterpark cabanas are a great choice.  These cabanas provide a private enclave during the day, just steps away from the the tallest waterslide in North America, biggest wave pool in the Caribbean and raddest obstacle course around.

There are a few different cabana locations throughout Thrill Waterpark, and Royal Caribbean will assign one to you. The three areas are:

  • Near Daredevil's Peak
  • Near Family Tower
  • Near the wave pool

If you prefer a specific location, speak to the shore excursion team onboard your cruise ship at least 24 hours prior to your arrival at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Thrill Waterpark cabanas can accommodate up to 6 guests and offer a lush sectional sofa and 2 resort-style chairs, as well as power outlets.

Perhaps the most lucrative perk of these cabanas is the fact it includes admission to Thrill Waterpark for up to six guests in the price. Factoring the price of a full day pass to Thrill Waterpark pass into the cost of the cabana, it provides one of the best values of any cabana on CocoCay.

Your Cabana Concierge will provide you with 8 towels and stock your cooler with 8 complimentary water bottles. Additional water bottles will be available for purchase.

Oasis Lagoon Cabanas

The Oasis Lagoon cabanas are just steps away from the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean.  It is also convenient to the swim up bar and DJ music played throughout the day. In short, these are the most centrally located cabanas on the island and provide convenient access to the beaches, restaurants and Oasis Lagoon pool nearby.

Oasis Lagoon cabanas can accommodate up to 8 guests and offer a lush sectional sofa, chaise lounges, a Cabana Concierge, secure space for your belongings and more. There is also a cocktail table that doubles as a personal Bluetooth speaker upon request to play your own music, a combination lock lid for storage and a USB outlet.

Your Cabana Concierge will provide you with 8 towels and stock your cooler with 8 complimentary water bottles. Additional water bottles will be available for charge.

Coco Beach Club Cabanas

Located in the Coco Beach Club, the Coco Beach Club Cabanas provide a private space for your family to enjoy, along with a full day pass to the Coco Beach Club for up to eight guests.

The Coco Beach Club cabanas are larger than the cabanas outside of the Coco Beach Club, with 4 lounge chairs and a sectional sofa, unlimited bottled water, as well as your own dining area, a ceiling fan and lockable storage.

Your Cabana Concierge will provide you with eight premium, complimentary towels and stock your cooler with an unlimited supply of bottled water. You can order from the menu in your cabana upon arrival for complimentary food from the upgraded restaurant at Coco Beach Club.

Coco Beach Club Floating Cabanas

If you want to enjoy a Bora Bora-style day at Perfect Day at CocoCay, then the Coco Beach Club Floating Cabanas are for you.  The Floating Cabanas are good for up to 8 guests to enjoy, along with access to the Coco Beach Club.

The Floating Cabanas feature an overwater hammock, as well as private slide into the ocean.

Your Floating Cabana includes a sectional sofa, dining area, lounge chairs, lockable storage, charging outlets, eight premium towels, overwater hammock, cabana-to-sea slide, and unlimited bottled water.

How to book a cabana at CocoCay?

The easiest and best way to reserve a cabana is to book it online via Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner site.  Cabanas can be reserved in the months leading up to a cruise, and it is not uncommon for cabanas to sell out even before the cruise begins. Another advantage of booking cabanas before the cruise is there are sometimes sales that bring the price down.

You can also opt to wait to reserve a cabana once onboard the ship at the Shore Excursion desk.

If having a cabana is important to you, definitely prebook them as early as you can to have one reserved.

Are the cabanas at CocoCay worth it?

A cabana at Perfect Day at CocoCay is not cheap, but they provide exactly what they advertise: a private enclave on the island for your family to enjoy, with upgraded service and options to enjoy.

The Thrill Waterpark cabanas offer the best value, since they are the only ones to include waterpark admission with the cost of the cabana. If you have four to six guests and were planning to do the cabana anyway, a cabana is arguably a good investment for the day.

The other cabanas are, as advertised, private enclaves for a splurge-worthy day at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Just like upgrading your seat on an airplane to first class, a cabana is about treating yourself to additional service and comfort.

Since cabanas can handle six to eight guests, if you can split the cost of the cabana with another family, that can greatly assist in making the value of a cabana worth it.

Royal Caribbean to offer early bird water slide access at Perfect Day at CocoCay


Royal Caribbean will begin trialing a new option for guests that purchase Thrill Waterpark admission that will get them extra time on the popular water slides before other guests.

Starting in December, a select number of sailings will be offering a Rise & Slide Pass for guests. For only $29, a number of guests who have already purchased a full day pass to Thrill Waterpark will enjoy an exclusive hour in the morning before the park officially opens. Between 8 – 9am, 200 guests will have complimentary breakfast served on the island while they enjoy their exclusive hour of thrills.

The new option is being added in response to demand by guests who want to enjoy more time going up and down the popular Perftect Day at CocoCay attractions.

The Rise & Slide Pass will be available for purchase onboard select sailings beginning December 6th, 2019 and will be available to purchase precruise within the next few months. 

 The Rise & Slide pass is available for guests that purchase a Full Day Thrill Waterpark pass , and cannot be purchased separately.   

Guests who did not purchase the Ride & Slide pass, will not be able to access Thrill Water Park during that early hour.

December 3 Update: The Rise & Slide Pass will be available on the following sailings:


Will you purchase a Ride & Slide pass? Let us know in the comments below.   

Royal Caribbean branded beer debuts at Perfect Day at CocoCay


Royal Caribbean's exclusive brand of beer made its debut today at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Guests sailing on Symphony of the Seas had the opportunity to be the first to sample the, "Chilla Thrilla" beer at the cruise line's private island destination.

Photo by Elise Jackson

Photo by Vicki Sheppard

The beer is a collaboration between Royal Caribbean and Funky Buddha Brewery, which we first reported on last month.

Chilla Thrilla will be available at Perfect Day at CocoCay for guests to enjoy.

Video: What's included (and costs extra) at Perfect Day at CocoCay


Is your Royal Caribbean cruise visiting Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas, and you are trying to figure out what costs extra and what is included with your cruise fare?

Many families are curious what Royal Caribbean offers at no additional cost at Perfect Day at CocoCay, and what experiences or activities will cost extra.  We have a look at all the complimentary offerings, and what will require you to pay extra in this video.

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So check out the video and then let us know: What are you planning to do on your visit to Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Royal Caribbean talks Hurricane Dorian hit on revenue, impact of ship upgrades, Perfect Day at Lelepa and more


During an earnings call with investors today, Royal Caribbean's executives discussed a variety of topics related to the company's financial success in the third quarter. Part of those discussions shed some light into various plans and progress being made by the cruise line that guests may find intriguing.

Hurricane Dorian cost Royal Caribbean $27 million

Anytime a hurricane disrupts cruise itineraries, there is an impact on Royal Caribbean's bottom line, but Hurricane Dorian caused the largest impact of any hurricane in Royal Caribbean's history.

Royal Caribbean Chief Financial Officer Jason Liberty characterized Hurricane Dorian's unusual, one-time impact on Royal Caribbean's financial performance.  Three main Florida embarkation ports closed on a weekend as a precautionary measure.  These measures impacted 16 sailings and made this the most disruptive storm in the company's history. 

The financial impact was particularly large because the affected ships included the very successful Oasis-class, because Perfect Day at CocoCay was closed for 10 days, and because of the cruise line's extensive relief efforts.  The combination of guest compensation, the closure of Perfect Day at CocoCay and the relief efforts negatively impacted the third quarter by $27 million.

Guests love the upgrades and enhancements

Royal Caribbean's investments in destinations and ships continue to be a hit with guests who are booking cruises to experience them.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. chairman and CEO Richard D. Fain spoke about this effect, "Perfect Day at CocoCay continues to amaze our Royal Caribbean International guests, and boost our bottom line. Our vessel modernization program is driving strong results. These upgrades are expensive, but our guests love them and reward us accordingly."

"Or take our investments in technology, which are beginning to bear fruit. These investments are expensive, and demanding, but they improve the experience for crew and guest alike. They make us more attractive, or more efficient. "

Perfect Day at Lelepa will built with sustainability in mind

Royal Caribbean recently announced a new Perfect Day island destination in Vanuatu, and the island will be powered by renewable sources of energy to ensure it is carbon footprint is reduced.

Mr. Fain spoke about their plans for Lelepa, "There's also one, very special aspect of this project that is also worth noting. Lelapa will be the first private cruise destination in the world that achieves carbon neutrality. All of the energy consumed will be generated from renewable sources. Accomplishing that requires both major investment and major innovation, but Perfect Day at Lelapa will be rich in both."

A look at how many guests are experiencing Perfect Day at CocoCay

You do not have to listen to earnings call with investors to know Perfect Day at CocoCay has been a giant hit with guests.

Mr. Liberty mentioned at one point in the call, more than 70% of Royal Caribbean's guests sailing on a Caribbean cruise will experience Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Plans for Perfect Day at Lelepa

Royal Caribbean International CEO and President Michael Bayley provided a few details on Perfect Day at Lelepa in Vanautu during the call.

Mr. Bayley indicated Perfect Day at Lelepa should open in late 2021 or early 2022.

He also said that guest volume for Perfect Day at Lelepa will be less than Perfect Day at CocoCay, "The volume will be less less than Perfect Day at CocoCay, which I think at its peak in a few years will get to close to 3 million people going there. The number for Vanuatu, I think, reaches close to 750-800,000 is currently in our plans."

Our favorite Perfect Day at CocoCay late night photos


With Royal Caribbean offering its first sailings with a late night stay to Perfect Day at CocoCay, I wanted to share some of the better photos of the cruise line's private island once the sun goes down.

Earlier this summer, Royal Caribbean announced select sailings that would stay at CocoCay until 10pm, and the initial visits look to have delivered on the promise of a great evening on top of daytime fun.

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Perfect day and night at coco cay!

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Royal Caribbean teams up to create its own branded beer for its private island


Royal Caribbean has teamed up with Oakland Park, Fla.-based Funky Buddha Brewery to create an exclusive beer which will be available only the cruise line's private island of Perfect Day at CocoCay and at the Funky Buddha taproom.

Royal Caribbean filed a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 8, 2019 for the name of the beer, "Chilla Thrilla".

Tenemu reports it discovered labels for the beer filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau that list Chilla Thrilla with a 5 percent ABV.  It will be packaged in 12-ounce cans and will feature a number of different labels, each highlighting a different area of Perfect Day at CocoCay:

Royal Caribbean holds first late night visit Perfect Day at CocoCay


Over the weekend, Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas stayed for a late night visit to the cruise line's private island in The Bahamas, Perfect Day at CocoCay.

The October 4th sailing of Navigator of the Seas kicked off the late night visit season, along with some sailings that will visit Perfect Day at CocoCay twice.

Navigator of the Seas remained at Perfect Day at CocoCay until 10pm, and featured an array of evening activities, including a Junkanoo Jam Up Party, an island barbeque and performances by a calypso band and fire dancers, topped off with a farewell fireworks before setting sail.



Here are the sailings currently scheduled for Two Stops at Perfect Day at CocoCay, including Late Night Stays.

Spotted: Coco Beach Club now available for booking


It appears Royal Caribbean has added the option for guests to begin booking Coco Beach Club access and cabanas via the Cruise Planner site.

The Coco Beach Club is a exclusive area of Perfect Day at CocoCay that offers an oceanfront infinity pool, upgraded cuisine and the only floating cabanas in the Bahamas. Plus, there is a complimentary restaurant at Coco Beach Club featuring lobster, snapper, and steak— plus a buffet of soups, salads, and starters. 

Guests can choose between a day pass to the Coco Beach Club, as well as the option to reserve a cabana or floating cabana. Exact prices will vary from sailing to sailing. Check your Cruise Planner for exact options and pricing.

The Coco Beach Club will offer the first and only floating cabanas in The Bahamas that seeks to offer guests with an additional level of luxury.

In addition, beachside cabanas and daybeds will offer up a private slice of paradise. Elsewhere, guests can find zen at a freshwater infinity edge pool and bar, spanning an expansive 2,600-plus feet, or enjoy an exclusive dining venue that serves up freshly made Mediterranean fare with a side of ocean views.

The Coco Beach Club and the floating cabanas are slated to open on January 31, 2020.

Royal Caribbean to reopen Perfect Day at CocoCay on September 7


Royal Caribbean will reopen Perfect Day at CocoCay after its survey teams inspected the private island in The Bahamas on Wednesday.

Travel Weekly reports Royal Caribbean President and CEO Michael Bayley said, "a preliminary team landed on the island late on Sept. 3 and that three teams with different specialties were there on Sept. 4. He said they estimated the winds from Hurricane Dorian reached the Category 2 or 3 levels of 96 to 129 miles an hour."

Damage to CocoCay was most significant on the north side of the island, near the dock that was recently added.  Hurricane Dorian's counter-clockwise winds had a tendency to steer the greatest amount of debris, while the south side of the island was relatively spared.

Up, Up and Away helium balloon will remain temporarily closed for an undisclosed amount of time. Bayley said the decision was taken to deflate the balloon, even though its ground rigging is built to hold it secure in winds of up to Category 2 strength.

Navigator of the Seas will be the first ship to resume calls to Perfect Day at CocoCay, when she arrives there on Saturday.