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Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast Episode - Hideaway Beach

20 Sep 2023

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Matt shares his thoughts on Royal Caribbean's Hideaway Beach adults-only area reveal.

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Royal Caribbean's new adults-only beach resort will have a "Vegas style pool party" vibe

15 Sep 2023

When Royal Caribbean opens Hideaway Beach in 2024, expect a completely different ambience than anywhere else on the private Bahamian island.

Hideout cabanas

Royal Caribbean unveiled details about its new adults-only escape on Perfect Day at CocoCay, and we have more details as to what this part of the private island will include.

Hideaway Beach will offer an extra-cost add-on to consider for adults who want to enjoy a lively atmosphere and no kids, and it's gotten a lot of interest from cruisers who are looking for something more than CocoCay had in the past.

Poolside cabanas, a new pizza restaurant, swim-up bar and infinity pool are what Royal Caribbean will add to keep adults in a party mood all day long.

Hideaway Beach is for guests 18 years or older and has an admission cost to enter.

Icon of the Seas concept art

The new area will open in January 2024 right around the same time Royal Caribbean's new cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, launches.

Royal Caribbean Associate Vice President of Private Destination Development, Claudia Diaz-Gonzalez talked about the vision for Hideaway Beach, and shared some interesting details about the new area.  

Ms. Diaz-Gonzalez has been integral to the development of Perfect Day at CocoCay going back to the 2019 revamp that upgraded all areas of the private island.

Customers wanted an adults-only space

Royal Caribbean heard loud and clear from its customers that they wanted an adults-only area.

"Hideaway Beach was really imagined based on guest feedback," Ms. Diaz-Gonzalez said about why a cruise line known for offering a family cruise experience went in this direction.

After doing a great deal of guest feedback, the consensus was clear, "an adult only space was one of the most requested spaces on the island, one of the most requested attractions."

Adults in water

Guests told the cruise line what they wanted in this sort of a space too, "to have a drink in hand, to listen, to live music and to have just incredible views."

The beach is located on the northwest part of the island, and Royal Caribbean purposefully wanted it away from everything else happening on the island to give it a sense of seclusion.

What to expect in the beach area

Hideaway Beach Club render

Royal Caribbean is charging a fee to enter Hideaway Beach, and the line expects the space to have a capacity of around 1500 to 2000 guests.

"It is meant to take on a large crowd, really kind of keep the party vibe going," Ms. Diaz-Gonzalez said about the volume of people to expect.

One of the tenets of an adults-only area was to ensure everyone could have a drink in hand, if they want one, so there are five bars, which is the the largest concentration of bars on the island.

Hideaway Beach Club render

The beach itself has a goal of being, "one of the most beautiful beaches that you'll ever see in your life," according to Ms. Diaz-Gonzalez.

"I was just there two days ago, and even though it's a construction site right now, I wanted to just go swimming in the beach. But it does include some loungers all over the beach with the complimentary shading and some in-water hammocks and really fun things around the whole neighborhood."

One new venue you wont find anywhere else on Perfect Day at CocoCay is a pizza restaurant.

The only pizza eatery on the private island will be called Slice of Paradise, and it offers complimentary pizza that is not the same as you'll find on the ship.

Pool fun

Hideaway Beach Club render

The Hideaway pool will be the massive freshwater pool where you'll find the DJ located near a swim-up bar.

"It's got the in-water loungers that we all know and love from our Oasis Lagoon, our Coco Beach Club pool experience. There's plenty of seating all around. There's those beautiful landscaped islands that also have in-water seating right in the water."

According to Ms. Diaz-Gonzalez, the Hideaway pool will be heated to 82 degrees year round for guest comfort.

DJ at the hideaway beach pool

Royal Caribbean added a swim-up bar to Hideaway pool because the swim-up bar at Oasis Lagoon is, "one of the highest rated attractions on the island."

There's actually two levels of swim-up bar at Hideaway pool, "There's some in-water seating and then the other area, which is actually part of Hideaway Bar, it's actually overlooking the ocean."

"So you kind of get these two levels of the bar so you can have a dry and an in-water experience here at the Hideaway bar."

The importance of music

Hideaway Beach Club render

Royal Caribbean heard from its guests that they wanted to relax with a drink in hand along with music, so you'll find that in Hideaway Beach.

"As we talked to our guests, a drink in hand and some live music were at the core of what relaxation actually meant to them and what they were looking for on vacation," Ms. Diaz-Gonzalez disclosed.

"One of the things that that we've learned is that our guests love to interact with that DJ. So we brought them even closer to our guests right adjacent to the swim up bar."

"You'll see some fun interactions between the bartenders and the DJ, maybe some activations. So we're having a lot of fun right now working through what that party looks like and that activation really testing out the the music sets with the DJ."

She confirmed the DJ will remain at Oasis Lagoon, "Oasis Lagoon is much more family oriented, so we're working out what the what the playlist looks like for each of the areas and really developing that Vegas style pool party sort of at Hideaway Beach."

Views from On The Rocks

Hideaway Beach Club render

Another new venue is On The Rocks bar, which was built to offer great views along with equally good drinks.

"It's literally on the iron shore of Perfect Day at CocoCay, right on the rocks, you can soak up the beautiful views of the Caribbean and feel that Caribbean breeze."

Pineapple drinks

The drink menu is still in development, but there will be plenty of classic cocktails, such as frozen margaritas or Mai Tais.

On The Rocks will have also have games, such as pool tables, shuffle boards, and for the first time ever on CocoCay, televisions, so that "it'll be the perfect place to watch your favorite games so you don't miss the action of watching your favorite sports team while you're on Perfect Day at CocoCay."

Lots to eat

Hideaway Beach Club render

As mentioned, there will be a pizza restaurant in Hideaway beach, as well as a new Snack Shack location.

Snack Shack will have the same favorites from elsewhere on the island, plus some new options, "we're actually working on some new menu items that are going to come with Hideaway Beach for the Snack Shack."

The pizza choices are also still under development, but Ms. Diaz-Gonzalez indicated they are experimenting with some new flavors in addition to the usual options.

"We are actually still testing pizza flavor, so I'm excited for all the future testing that is coming. But I think one of the things that's really interesting and it's actually our Bahamian crew members on the island, they actually when they want to celebrate, they actually have a pizza night. And so a lot of the recipes that we're tasting have actually been developed by a lot of our crew members on the island."

A bougie option at the cabanas

Hideaway Beach Club render

If your goal is to have a VIP experience because you believe there are levels to everything, Royal Caribbean has a cabana for you at Hideaway Beach.

"It is truly an escape from the ordinary here on Hideaway Beach and the Hideaway cabanas give you that ultimate VIP feeling."

"Not only do you get your cabana with all of the amenities that we know and love from all of the cabana products that we have on island already, but now you have your own exclusive infinity plunge pool."

Hideaway Beach Club render

The Hideout Cabanas have a heated plunge pool at the front of each cabana.

Ms. Diaz-Gonzalez thinks the views these cabanas offer are unparalleled, "it gives you that kind of breathtaking view of your own private pool right in front the ocean, the beach right in front of you. And then that beautiful ocean right at your fingertips."

"Really. It's a beautiful, amazing view."

She also mentioned the two little bucket seats that come with the cabana actually come right off of and they can be floaties in the pool.

Hideout Cabana info

The cabana attendants will not only bring you food and drinks, but Royal Caribbean is working on bottle service.

"So you can feel like you've created your own kind of escape within Hideaway Beach at the Hideout. Or you can connect to the party that's happening because it might be the reason why you came to Hideaway Beach."

Hideaway Cabana option

Another cabana option are the Hideaway cabanas, which are located directly adjacent to the Hideaway pool.

"These are right in the pool area. They're meant to be really fun party cabanas."

Hideaway Beach vs Coco Beach Club

Coco Beach Club infinity pool

Hideaway Beach will be the second extra-cost area of Perfect Day at CocoCay, which may lead you to question what the difference is between Hideaway Beach and the Coco Beach Club.

Royal Caribbean says the intention is for Coco Beach Club to remain a high end experience, "it's very serene, quiet, relaxing and luxurious," said Shannae Murray, Royal Caribbean International Sales Training Manager.

Plus, Coco Beach Club is available for guests of all ages, including kids.

Hideaway Beach Club render

On the other hand, Hideaway Beach is a party, "think Las Vegas pool party vibes, DJ dancing, the drinks grab and go food options and again, adults only."

"Hideaway Beach will be perfect for couples, friends traveling together, maybe a bachelor bachelorette party that you're helping to put together."

Coco Beach Club includes one upscale restaurant, whereas Hideaway will have the two casual food spots that we covered when it comes to the bars.

Coco Beach Club has the one central bar, whereas Hideaway Beach has a total of five bars to choose from, including a swim up bar.

And while both venues cost extra, you'll pay less at Hideaway Beach, "The Hideaway Beach entry fee will be less than what you see at Coco Beach Club now."

Ms. Diaz-Gonzalez described the differences between the experiences, "Coco Beach Club is a lot more relaxed. It's about this luxury of being on the beach."

"The food is a lot more upscale. It's a more serene beach...But it really is about listening to the sound of of water and really relaxing on the beach."

"Think of Hideaway Beach it's a much more party atmosphere. It's a lively beach. There's music at all times. That's why you see a lot more bars there. So we expect it to be a much more active experience than what you get at Coco Beach Club."

Royal Caribbean reveals adults-only beach expansion in The Bahamas featuring in-water hammocks, cabanas and more

14 Sep 2023

Royal Caribbean's new adults-only beach at its private island in The Bahamas looks to create the ultimate kid-free escape.

Hideaway Beach Club render

Hideaway Beach will be located on the western side of Perfect Day at CocoCay, behind Thrill Waterpark.

After months of keeping the details under wrap, Royal Caribbean posted details about the area to book on its Cruise Planner site.

Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley thinks the new expansion will offer a compelling new way to enjoy a day at its private island, "Hideaway Beach is a completely new vibe and experience that vacationers are looking for on Perfect Day at CocoCay."

"Everything from its hidden-like location to the exclusive beach and pools to the private cabanas is designed for adults who want a day just for them."

Royal Caribbean Associate Vice President of Private Destination Development, Claudia Diaz-Gonzalez, indicated the space can accommodate between 1,500 and 2,000 guests.

No specific day has been given when it will open, but Royal Caribbean did say it will open in January 2024 in tandem with the launch of Icon of the Seas.

Pricing & What's included

Hideaway Beach Club render

Like most Royal Caribbean's extra add-on options, there is variable pricing for the club.

Only guests that are 18 years old or older are allowed to enter.

For the inaugural Icon of the Seas sailing, access to Hideaway Beach will cost extra, with prices shown on the Cruise Planner site of $70.99 when pre-purchased . It says the onboard price will be $79.00.

Hideaway Beach Club render
  • Icon of the Seas February 24, 2024 sailing, admission price is $52.99 per person ($59 onboard price).
  • Wonder of the Seas March 17, 2024 sailing, admission price is $43.99 per person ($49 onboard price).
  • Icon of the Seas June 29, 2024 sailing, admission price is $79.99 per person ($89 onboard price).
  • Utopia of the Seas July 22, 2024 sailing, admission price is $70.99 per person ($79 onboard price).

There are also cabanas you can purchase, which includes admission to the area.

Hideaway Beach layout

Royal Caribbean seems to have mimicked the pricing strategy for the nearby Coco Beach Club, which also charges an admission cost to enter.

Hideaway Beach Club render

Once inside Hideaway Beach, guests will find a large temperature-controlled freshwater pool, semi-circle beach, and reserved cabana area.

Hideaway Beach Club render
Hideaway Beach Club render

There will be complimentary in-water hammocks, resort-style loungers, and umbrellas to keep you made in the shade. A DJ will also be featured here to provide a party vibe.

Hideaway Beach Club render

Food and Drink

Hideaway Beach Club render

There are seven bars, including a beach bar and a new venue, known as On The Rocks.

Hideaway Beach Club render

On the Rocks

This al fresco bar along the rocky shore serves up live music, TVs to watch live sports, games like pool and shuffleboard, and memorable ocean views along with refreshing drinks like frozen margaritas and mai tais.

Hideaway Bar

The swim-up bar at Hideaway Pool has with two levels, so that guests can take their drinks poolside or without leaving the water.

Slice of Paradise

This all-new rustic pizza haven with a bar and complimentary food includes fresh-from-the-oven pizzas.

Hideaway Beach Club render

Snack Shack

A staple on Perfect Day at CocoCay, this new location offers the popular menu’s complimentary chicken sandwiches, burgers, fried mozzarella sticks, fresh salads and more, as well as shaded seating, and Adirondack chairs and tables on the sand.


There are two types of cabanas you could rent in Hideaway Beach.

Hideout Cabanas

Hideaway Beach Club render

The Hideout Cabanas are located in area known as, "The Hideout", and it's where you can bring up to 8 guests with you to enjoy a private cabana. Should you have a larger party, there is a charge of $50 per person, plus an additional cost for a Hideaway Beach Full Day Pass, for a maximum of 2 additional people.

Each poolside cabana has in-water loungers, outdoor shower access, Bluetooth speaker, floating beach mats, resort-style seating, a cooler, sink, mini fridge, charging outlets, ceiling fans, and private lockable storage space.

You'll also get access to the infinity plunge pool, exclusively for The Hideout guests.

Hideaway Beach Club render

Cabana guests can enjoy bottle service, along with complimentary food from the Snack Shack or Slice of Paradise.

Hideaway Cabana

Hideaway Beach Club render

Slightly cheaper are the Hideaway Cabana, which does not have access to The Hideout  plunge pool.

A Hideaway Cabana also includes entry to Hideaway Beach for up to 8 adults. Extra passes are $50 per person, plus an additional cost for a Hideaway Beach Full Day Pass, for a maximum of 2 additional people.

Your Hideaway Cabana includes unlimited supply of bottled water, private lockable storage, sink and mini fridge, cooler, ceiling fan, charging outlets, resort-style seating, and floating beach mats.

Cabana guests can enjoy bottle service, along with complimentary food from the Snack Shack or Slice of Paradise.

The Hideout

Hideout cabanas

This nook at one end of Hideaway Beach is meant to offer an exclusive, elevated experience.

In one of 10 Hideout Cabanas, those looking for a more VIP, chill vibe can kick back at a heated infinity-edge plunge pool – exclusive to The Hideout guests – and enjoy the convenience of perks like cabana attendant service, in-water loungers, an outdoor shower and resort-style seating.

Photos reveal progress Royal Caribbean has made building new adults-only expansion

11 Sep 2023

Work on a new adults-only area at Perfect Day at CocoCay indicate a great deal of progress is being made.

Hideaway Beach construction

While visiting Royal Caribbean's private island on Saturday, I had a chance to take photos of the construction progress on the Hideaway Beach area.

Hideaway Beach will be a new area reserved exclusively for adults, although that's about all the details we know.

Back in September 2021, Royal Caribbean announced that they would be building a new adults-only area.

Hideaway Beach from the ship

Hideaway Beach was the first expansion of Perfect Day at CocoCay since Royal Caribbean launched the luxurious Coco Beach Club in 2020. 

Walking onto Perfect Day at CocoCay, it's apparent work is being done to add a new path to take guests to Hideaway Beach.

Hideaway Beach construction

When guests walk to the Arrival Plaza, there are color coded pathways to make it easier to navigate to which area of the island someone wants to go.  It appears as the new path for Hideaway Beach will follow the coast and go around Thrill Waterpark and the tram area.

Hideaway Beach construction

Walls prevent guests from getting close to the construction, so instead I took photos from the top deck of Independence of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean hasn't released any kind of previews of what the area will look like, nor what amenities will be available. 

Hideaway Beach construction

It appears they have carved out a beach area that is rather large. We do know that in a past earnings call, Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley indicated the new area will increase the island's capacity by 3,000 guests.

Hideaway Beach construction

Zooming in closer we can see one large building being built close to the shore.

Hideaway Beach construction
Hideaway Beach construction

There's also concrete structures along the outer edge of the lagoon.

Hideaway Beach construction

Opposite the building closest to shore is another large building, along with other structures in various stages of construction.

Hideaway Beach construction

If you're wondering when Hideaway Beach might open, it's also not clear.

Royal Caribbean has promised Hideaway Beach will be ready by the time Icon of the Seas begins sailing, which will take place in late January 2024.

Beyond that, it's anyone's guess at this point when the expansion might be ready before then, if at all.

Utopia of the Seas at CocoCay

Perfect Day at CocoCay has been a home run for Royal Caribbean because of the high ratings its customers have given it, along with additional revenue it generates.

The combination of passenger-approved things to do, coupled with extra cost add-ons that have been quite profitable has resulted in a win-win for passengers and cruise line.

"Hideaway Beach will make perfect day at CocoCay even more perfect with an entirely new experience expanding capacity to the island," said Royal Caribbean Group CEO Jason Liberty during the company's first-quarter earnings call in 2023.

41 Perfect Day at CocoCay tips and secrets (2023)

20 Aug 2023

A cruise to CocoCay means a day filled with sun, beach, and lots of ways to enjoy this private island.

Perfect Day at CocoCay is reserved exclusively for use by Royal Caribbean cruise ships, and it's a very impressive place for anyone to go to and enjoy, no matter how many times you visit.

Royal Caribbean sought to deliver the ideal private island experience with its expansive offerings at CocoCay. There's multiple beaches to choose from, a water park, giant freshwater pool, beach club, zip line, and much more.

Odds are your Caribbean cruise will make a stop at CocoCay, so how do you best take advantage of your time there? We came up with the absolute best advice for anyone to maximize their visit.

Before you hit the beach, pool, or slides, here is everything you need to know about Perfect Day at CocoCay!

1. What is Perfect Day at CocoCay?

CocoCay is Royal Caribbean's private island in the Bahamas, which means only Royal Caribbean cruise ships can go there.

Just like any port your cruise ship will visit, your ship docks there and it is up to you if you want to get off and visit.

There is no cost to walk around and explore the island, and much of the offerings are complimentary, such as the beaches, pool, and food.

Freedom of the Seas in CocoCay

Basically, the island is one enormous shore excursion run by Royal Caribbean that you do not have to spend any extra money (although you certainly can in some cases) to enjoy a fun day at the beach.

You might be wondering what the appeal is of visiting a cruise line operated island in lieu of a Caribbean country, and the answer is everything that you can do here.

Unlike other Caribbean islands, there are lots of activities centrally located within a short walk off the ship. From swimming, to the beach, to waterpark, and plenty of food, you've got everything in close proximity and run by Royal Caribbean to ensure there is consistency with the experience across the board.

Wonder of the Seas in CocoCay

Perfect Day at CocoCay is almost an extension of the cruise ship experience, making it easy for cruise ship passengers to enjoy without the "middle man" of shore excursion and outside vendors you would have to navigate on another island.

2. What's new at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

You might be wondering what is the difference between Perfect Day at CocoCay and the "old" CocoCay, if you happened to visit that in years past.

In 2019, Royal Caribbean expanded and refurbished the entire island. To say there’s a lot more to do now would be an understatement.

Guests can now choose among a great variety of activities, including:

  • Multiple beaches
  • CocoCay water park (extra admission cost)
  • Freshwater pool
  • Zip line (extra admission cost)
  • Private beach club (extra admission cost)
  • Various dining options (nearly all included)

In 2023, Royal Caribbean will add a new adults-only area at Hideaway Beach.

In short, there are many more choices of how to spend your day.

3. What should you bring to Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Since Royal Caribbean operates the island, there is a bit less to have to bring than to a regular cruise port.

The most important things you should bring to the CocoCay are:

  • SeaPass card
  • Cash: Tipping cabana attendants requires cash.
  • Sunscreen
  • Closed-toe shoes: If you are going on the zip line, these will be needed.
  • Beach towels: You can get these from the ship.  If you are in a cabana or Coco Beach Club, towels are provided for you.
Two cruise ships at CocoCay

It's also a good idea to bring sunglasses, hats, and wear a rashguard to protect yourself from the sun. Most of the year, the sun will be shining and the last thing you want to do is bring home a sunburn from your time there.

Don't forget anything special you may need for kids, such as baby supplies.

I also recommend a good beach bag to carry everything with you on and off the island. 

4. Your drink package works at Perfect Day at CocoCay

Oasis Lagoon pool

If you purchase a Royal Caribbean drink package for your cruise, you can use the drink package benefits while at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

This means if you have the Deluxe Beverage Package, you can enjoy unlimited alcoholic beverages, along with bottled water, sodas and more. Likewise, the Royal Refreshment and Soda Package benefits extend to Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Perfect Day at CocoCay October 2021 photo update | Royal Caribbean Blog

Just like on the ship, souvenir cups or drinks served in pineapples/coconuts are not included with your drink package benefits.  If you have the Deluxe Beverage Package, you can get a discount on the souvenir cup.  Or you can ask for the drink in a regular cup to pay no additional charge.

If you are a Diamond, Diamond Plus, or Pinnacle Club guest, your daily drink vouchers are accepted at CocoCay as well!

5. Your Voom package works at Perfect Day at CocoCay

If you have a Voom internet package, you will have internet connectivity at Perfect Day at CocoCay.  

WiFi coverage extends across the island, which means you can stay connected and share photos or videos with friends back home.  Heck, you can even post updates on our message boards!

6. Best times for shortest water slide lines

Thrill Waterpark is home to Perfect Day at CocoCay's incredible water slides, and as you might imagine, a lot of cruisers are going to want to try them all. 

While lines for the slides are usually quite manageable, here are the best times to try the slides to have a minimal wait:

  • Before 11am
  • After 3pm

7. Secret menu item at Snack Shack

Snack Shack serves up some great food, but they also have a menu item that is not listed on the printed menu.

If you ask nicely, you can get a chicken parmigiana sandwich that is essentially a cross between the crispy chicken sandwich, mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce.

8. Prebook to save money

Whether you want to visit Thrill Waterpark, go for a ride on the Up, Up & Away helium balloon, snorkel or pretty much anything else that will cost extra at Perfect Day at CocoCay, be sure to pre-book it before your cruise.

Royal Caribbean regularly discounts activities and add-ons you can enjoy while at CocoCay, and this means money saved compared to waiting to reserve it once onboard.

Moreover, booking in advance assures you of a spot and protects against something selling out. It is common for the Coco Beach Club, cabanas or the water park to sell out, so book early.

You can view prices and make reservations on Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planer site.

9. There is lots to do that costs nothing extra

There is a lot of attention for the activities on Perfect Day at CocoCay that costs extra, but there is a lot of fun things to do that costs absolutely nothing extra.

First and foremost, you can walk around Perfect Day at CocoCay without paying extra.  Just like any port of call, you can walk off the ship and explore on your own.

Here is a list of things that is included with your cruise fare when you visit Perfect Day at CocoCay:

  • Splashaway Bay
  • Captain Jill's Galleon
  • Skipper's Grill
  • Chill Grill
  • Snack Shack
  • Oasis Lagoon pool (Beach  chairs, umbrellas and towels)
  • Chill Island (Beach  chairs, umbrellas and towels)
  • South Beach (Beach  chairs, umbrellas and towels)
  • Sports Courts
  • Fitness Classes
  • Freshwater showers
  • Tram service
  • Beach access wheelchairs

10. Free tram service around the island

Keep an eye out for the complimentary trams that are found around Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Beginning when you walk down the pier, you will find tram service to take you down the pier to save some steps (you will have plenty at Thrill Waterpark).

Once on the island, there is complimentary tram service that can take you all corners of Perfect Day at CocoCay. 

As a bonus, many of the trams are solar powered!

11. If you want a quiet spot, go to Chill Island

Chill Beach at Perfect Day at CocoCay

If your idea of a fun day is quiet time getting away from it all, head to Chill Island.  Chill Island is accessible via the green pathway that is towards the left side when you walk onto Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Once at Chill Island, keep to the left side of the area for pristine ocean views that has no music or the sounds of people at the pool or water park.  Instead, you will find only the sound of the ocean waves.

Perfect Day at CocoCay aerial of South Beach

Another good option for a quiet spot is South Beach.

While South Beach has a floating bar and some music playing, it gets far less crowded than anywhere else because it's a longer walk and not as obvious a place to find when walking off the ship.

The further down South Beach you walk, the less people you will find.

12. DIY Ice cream sandwiches

You will find self-serve soft serve ice cream machines at Perfect Day, along with chocolate chip cookies.  See where I am going with this?

Grab two cookies, dispense ice cream between the two and combine for an awesome dessert.

13. Keep an eye out for chickens, iguanas and birds

This is a fun tidbit, but Perfect Day at CocoCay is home to more than just beautiful views.  If you walk enough of the island, it is not uncommon to see wild chickens roaming the grounds, along with iguanas that sometimes get close to the dining areas to see if any scraps of food rolled away.

Seagulls can also be found flying around, so be sure to keep an eye on your food.

Regardless of the animal, please do not feed any of them.

14. Got kids? Don't miss the free slides

It is easy to gravitate towards Thrill Waterpark, but Royal Caribbean provides two water splash areas for kids that costs absolutely nothing extra.

Captain Jill's Galleon and Splashaway Bay are located immediately at the entrance to the island from the pier.

If you have younger kids (elementary school age or younger), you may find these areas a great fit for kids, with seating around both areas for adults to supervise.

Both of the splash zones include small slides, water cannons, geysers and more.  

Children up to 42″ and 200lbs are able to use these areas.

Given there is no cost to go here, and many of the slides in the waterpark have height requirements, families with younger children may prefer Splashaway Bay and Captain Jill's Galleon.

15. Chairs & umbrellas cost nothing extra

You don't have to worry about hustling to find a spot at CocoCay.

There are chairs and umbrellas in every region of the island, with plenty to go around. If you visited CocoCay in the past, you may recall shade being at a premium, but Royal Caribbean has added a ton more seating and umbrellas to go with it.

The only seating that truly goes quickly are the seats at the swim-up bar in Oasis Lagoon, but it is easy enough to swim up and place an order without a chair.

16. Don't miss the floating bar

Located near South Beach, Royal Caribbean operates a floating bar in the ocean.

It is less of a swim-up bar, and more of a wade-up bar, but once you get to it, you climb a short ladder to get onboard the tiki bar and enjoy drinks in the ocean.

The floating bar has a limited selection of drinks, and no blender, so plan on beers or basic mixed drinks.

17. Your SeaPass card works almost everywhere

Just like on the ship, Royal Caribbean designed Perfect Day at CocoCay to be reliant on the SeaPass card instead of cash.

Your SeaPass card will get you into Thrill Waterpark, Coco Beach Club, and any shore excursion you book. Don’t worry about losing shore excursion tickets. Everything is loaded to your SeaPass card. 

It is also how you pay for drinks or souvenirs.

18. First visit strategy

Royal Caribbean hoping to reopen Perfect Day at CocoCay soon | Royal Caribbean Blog

Is it your first time to Perfect Day at CocoCay? Here is what you should consider when planning your day.

First and foremost, get up and and out to the island as early as you can. By being ashore early, you can beat the crowds that descend later on.

Since there is so much to see and do on the island, it may make sense to try a few places out during your visit, rather than commit to just one.

Keep in mind that you can't do it all in one visit. While you can certainly knock out a few big parts of the island, don't try to visit every inch in one visit. Plan to come back again!

A good idea is start with the Oasis Lagoon pool first, and then hit the beaches after.  The pool tends to get busier as the day progresses, so going to Oasis Lagoon earlier means you can enjoy more of the space without as many people.

Once you get your fill of the pool, decide on a beach to visit, or perhaps beach hop to get a sense of what each offers.

Chill Island and South Beach are the two most popular beaches. Chill Island is closer to more activities (and the ship), so if mobility is an issue, it may be a better choice.

Thrill Waterpark and the Coco Beach Club are extra cost options, and if you elect to book one of them, plan on spending most of your day there. If you do book one of these, be very certain to get onto the island as early as you can to maximize your time.

I would not recommend booking Thrill Waterpark and Coco Beach Club for the same day, because there is not enough time to enjoy both options.

19. There is no breakfast on CocoCay

I advocate getting off the ship as early as you can to take advantage of your time there, but make sure you grab something to eat on the ship first.

There is no breakfast option on the island, and food does not open up until the lunch offerings begin later in the morning.

The Coco Beach Club is the one exception, and offers coffee and pastries to its guests.

20. Book a Thrill waterpark cabana if your family is going to the waterpark

Whether or not you should book a CocoCay cabana for the day is a tough decision usually, unless you are going to the waterpark.

If you have at least 3 or 4 people that want to buy admission to Thrill Waterpark, you should take a hard look at the Thrill Waterpark cabanas.

Not only does a Thrill Waterpark cabana offer a relaxing and private spot for your family to enjoy, but it includes admission to the waterpark for up to 6 guests into the waterpark.

If you have 4-6 guests, then the decision becomes a near slam dunk to get the cabana, in my opinion, because the extra cost of the cabana will be substantially less since you were going to pay for the waterpark passes.

21. Will it be too cold if I am visiting in December, January, or February?

Generally speaking, the tropics do not experience the same kind of winter temperature swings found further north.  It remains mostly temperate, if not warm, throughout the winter months.

That being said, cold fronts can certainly make their way down to the Bahamas, and it is not unheard of for the temperature to drop into 70s at times.

The good news is the ocean temperature does not change much, and will remain warmer for longer periods of time after the air temperatures drop.  

Oasis Lagoon can be on chillier side during winter months, but one person's "cold" is another person's "you just have to get used to it".

I have found CocoCay to be more than enjoyable in the winter months, including the swimming options. If you are coming from somewhere that has snow during winter, CocoCay in December through February will feel divine.

22. Is it worth it to rent a cabana?

If you can afford it, a cabana rental is a great way to splurge during your day.

Cabanas offer privacy, shade, fantastic waiter service, and a "home base" for your family during your day. Your cabana attendant will bring you complimentary food throughout the day, as well as take drink orders.

Of course, cabanas have an extra cost and they are not cheap.  Not to mention you may feel a sense of obligation to stay in the cabana to "get your money's worth".

The reason to book a cabana is for the privacy and service it provides.  There is plenty of umbrellas and shade around the island, so don't worry about that.   

The more people you have, the more compelling a cabana is to book. If you have 6-8 guests, the price per person makes the choice far more reasonable.  If you can split the cost between two families, then you really have a great value.

23. Where should you eat at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

One of the unheralded improvements Royal Caribbean made to CocoCay is the upgraded dining choices.

The days of only having burgers and hot dogs are gone (although you can get them still), and there is a wide variety of complimentary food on the island.

The two main areas to eat are Chill Grill and the Snack Shack.

Chill Grill is like the island's Windjammer, with the most variety of food  to pick from, along with shaded seating nearby. You will find salads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and much more.  Chill Grill is also where to go to get soft serve ice cream.

Skipper’s Grill is centrally located and very similar to Chill Grill.

The Snack Shack offers more grab-and-go choices, such as chicken sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, burgers, and even a light Greek salad. Snack Shack is the only restaurant inside Thrill Waterpark.

The Coco Beach Club has its own restaurant and you will not find burgers, hot dogs and other typical island fare here.  Instead, there is lobster, steak, grilled fish, ceviche, babaganoush and plenty more to enjoy.

Moreover, you can order unlimited entrees at the Coco Beach Club restaurant, so feel free to try a couple of dishes while you are there.

Captain Jack's is an extra cost restaurant near the pier, which has wings and fries. Unless you are craving chicken wings and would be disappointed not to get them, you can skip this.

24. Day beds at Coco Beach Club go very quickly

If you bought admission to the Coco Beach Club, plan to get there as early as you can for prime seating.

There are a handful of day beds and in-pool loungers at the infinity pool that are available to whomever claims them first.

While there are plenty of beach lounge chairs and umbrellas to go around, seating around the pool goes very quickly.  So if you want one, plan to arrive early.

25. You can get fresh towels on the island

Bringing pool towels to use on Perfect Day at CocoCay is what most people do, but don't feel like you need to stick with the same towels all day.

There are towel stations strategically located around the island for you to go to and exchange your wet towel for a fresh one.  This is really helpful for kids who love to use their towels early and often.

If you bought admission to the Coco Beach Club, they have their own branded towels, so don't bother bringing one off the ship.

26. No rash guards on slides

Something you should know about is the lifeguards are pretty strict about not wearing rash guards while going down the water slides in Thrill Waterpark.

You can certainly take off the rash guard and hold it as you go down, and then put it back on, but in my experience I had to do this every time I went down a slide without a raft in the water park.

Why? Because rash guards (or shirts) cause drag on the slide, and can slow you down to the point you could actually stop.

27. You can snorkel at CocoCay

Whether you bring your own snorkel equipment or rent gear from Royal Caribbean, there is a spot for snorkeling.

You can use your own snorkel gear and not have to pay anything to access the snorkel area.  Alternatively, you can rent gear on the island.

There is even a lifeguard on a platform near the deeper part of the snorkeling area, and you will see plenty of marine life, including fish, stingrays and perhaps even a sea turtle.  

There is a plane wreck under water, which attracts marine life too.

28. Excursions available too

If you want to mix in some fun excursions to your day in the sun, you can find a few interesting choices.

The two most popular add-ons are the zip-line and Up, Up & Away Helium Balloon Ride.

The Up, Up & Away Helium Balloon Ride takes you up to 450 feet above the island on a tethered balloon.  Not only are the views amazing, but it provides the best photos while visiting.

The Perfect Day CocoCay Zipline takes you across three zip lines around the island, and it is a really fun experience, perfect for anyone that has never zip-lined before.

Keep in mind you need to be at least 48 inches tall, and weigh between 75 lbs and 275 lbs to go on the zip line.

There are also a few other excursions you can book:

  • Jet ski rental
  • Floating beach mat rental
  • Scuba diving
  • Kayak rentals

29. Water slide height restrictions

Before you book a pass to Thrill Waterpark, you should know about the minimum height and maximum weight restrictions to ensure there are no unexpected surprises later.

Daredevil's Peak® waterslide135 feet48 inches minimum300 lbs.
Dueling Demons waterslides75 feet 48 inches minimum300 lbs.
Screeching Serpent waterslide50 feet 48 inches minimum300 lbs.
Green Mamba waterslide50 feet 48 inches minimum300 lbs.
Manta Raycers waterslides25 feet40 inches minimum300 lbs.
The Slingshot waterslide60 feet 48 inches minimum or 42 inches with swim vest and supervising adult companionMax single person: 300 lbs.
Total raft weight limit: 550 lbs.
The Twister waterslide60 feet48 inches minimum or 42 inches with swim vest and supervising adult companionMax single person: 300 lbs.
Total raft weight limit: 400 lbs.
Splash Speedway waterslides40 feet 42 inches minimum 300 lbs.
Adventure PoolN/AGuests under 42 inches  must wear a swim vest at all timesN/A
Wave PoolN/AGuests under 42 inches  must wear a swim vest at all timesN/A

30. Lost? Look for signs

While Royal Caribbean provides you with a nice Perfect Day at CocoCay map in your cabin before your visit, I think you can leave the map in the room.

There are lots of signs throughout CocoCay to tell you where to go, and navigating is a lot easier than you might imagine.

When you get to the Arrivals Plaza, the pathways are color coded:

  • Light green: Chill Island
  • Orange: Oasis Lagoon, Coco Beach Club
  • Light blue: Thrill Waterpark

As you walk around the island, there are directional signs you can refer to as well to get your bearings. In addition, the Royal Caribbean app has a map you can refer to while on the island.

You can also hop on one of the free trams for a tour!

31. Free lockers you can use

Cococay lockers

Need somewhere to put your stuff? There are free lockers to use around Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Lockers can be found near the entrance to Thrill Waterpark and zip lines, Chill Island (north and south), and near the  helium balloon.

 Lockers are first come, first serve.  

32. Is Perfect Day at CocoCay accessible?

Yes, most of the island is accessible, although there are af ew exceptions.

  • Oasis Lagoon freshwater pool and the infinity pool at Coco Beach Club have pool lifts
  • Wave Pool in Thrill Waterpark is wheelchair accessible
  • In Thrill Waterpark, the towers to the slides have stairs
  • The tower to the Zip Line has stairs
  • Accessible trams are available on regular rotation throughout the island

33. Do the helium balloon ride early in the day

The weather changes a lot, especially at CocoCay, so if you want to ride the Up, Up & Away Helium Balloon Ride, plan to ride it early.

Depending on the winds, the balloon may only go up part of the way, and in general, winds are calmest in the morning.

Your best strategy for taking a ride up with best chance at it not being delayed/cancelled is to book it as early in the morning as you can.  

Royal Caribbean will shut it down if the winds are not favorable, and there's no guarantee it will reopen later.

34. Looking for a party?

If your idea of fun is a drink in hand, splashing around with some tunes, head to the Oasis Lagoon pool.

Near the swim up bar is a DJ that plays plenty of pumping music to enjoy.  There are even in-water tables and coves to enjoy it from.

If the music is too much for you, either end of the pool is sufficiently far away from the DJ.

You can even hear music underwater in the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, which is a neat feature.

35. Want live music?

If you prefer live music, head to Captain Jack's, where there is usually a live guitarist performing for part of the day.

The bar even has rope swing seats you can enjoy, and the whole area is covered, which means lots and lots of shade.

36. Try the Coco Loco

The official drink of Perfect Day at CocoCay is known as the Coco Loco, and it is really tasty.

The Coco Loco is the kind of frozen concoction that is sure to put a smile on just about anyone's face.

It comes with rum, but you can get non-alcoholic version as well for the kids.

37. Life jackets are available for no cost

If your child does not know how to swim, or just is not a very strong swimmer, swim vests are available to use throughout the island.

38. Drones are not allowed

While an aerial shot of the island would be pretty darn sweet, Royal Caribbean prohibits the use of drones at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

You are allowed to bring a drone on the ship to use in other ports, but drones are not to be operated onboard the ship at any time, nor on Royal Caribbean’s private destinations: Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas or Labadee, Haiti.

39. Some people actually live on the island

Nearly all of the supplies and personnel you see around CocoCay come from your cruise ship, but there is a contingent of Royal Caribbean employees that live there.

Before the cruise industry shutdown, Royal Caribbean had up to 375 employees living on CocoCay.  That number likely changed with there not being cruises operating, but there are dormitories on the eastern end of the island, where crew return to after a day working on the island.

You can see these buildings from the top of the water slide towers, or if you go up on the zip line.  They are located behind Thrill Waterpark.

40. Perfect Day at CocoCay Fun facts

Impress your friends and family with these fun facts about CocoCay!

  • Daredevil's Peak at 135 feet high it's the tallest waterslide in North America.
  • There are 6,000 lounge chairs on the island
  • There are 12,000 umbrellas dot the island
  • Thrill Waterpark has the biggest wave pool in the Caribbean
  • Thrill Waterpark also has 13 waterslides – the most anywhere in the Caribbean
  • Upgrading the island to Perfect Day at CocoCay cost Royal Caribbean over $250 million.

41. A new adults-only area is opening in 2024


The next phase of CocoCay will open in January 2024 when the Hideaway Beach Club opens.

It will be located to the right of the water park (when standing at the entrance to Perfect Day at CocoCay).

We don't have a lot details yet, but the area will be reserved exclusively for adults. No word yet what age constitutes an adult.

In addition, there will be no cost to go to Hideaway Beach, although it's expected there will be add-on extras that will cost extra.

10 genius things cruise ship passengers brought to Royal Caribbean's private island to make it even better

18 Aug 2023

When docked at Royal Caribbean's private island in The Bahamas, crew members both ashore and onboard will work to make sure that your day is, in fact, perfect, but it doesn't hurt to come prepared with a few items that can help elevate your experience at this one-of-a-kind destination. 

Perfect Day at CocoCay as seen from cruise ship at pier

Perfect Day at Cococay is designed to be a place anyone can go and have a wonderful time, but are there ways to further enhance your day there?

Past cruisers who are part of the Facebook group "Coco Cay - The Perfect Day" shared some things they brought with them or wish they had while they were there. 

Here are 10 genius things you should bring to Royal Caribbean's private island to make it even better.

Please note that we have linked some items on Amazon, which contains an affiliate link. This affiliate link costs you absolutely nothing extra, but Royal Caribbean Blog makes a small commission if you purchase it. 

Inflatable floats from Amazon


Sure, you can rent $20 mats through Royal Caribbean. Wouldn't it be smarter to just bring your own, though? Not only are they a better investment, as you can use them when docked in other ports of call, during the summer at the pool, or on future trips, but they are also more stylish. 

Nicole Fedoryka wrote, "Used at 4 different places on our cruise last month. Easy to blow up and let air out..."


The key is to make sure that they are inflatable, though. You do not want them to take up too much space in your luggage before you get on the ship. You should also refrain from using them in the ship's pools, as they are already limited in space. 

On Amazon, a 4-pack of inflatable mesh floats is only $21.99. If you want, you can also research inflatable tube floats, if you'd rather sit in a donut-shaped float. 

Baby powder


Did you know that baby powder makes sand fall off of your feet? That's what Debby Smith advised everyone to bring with them ashore. 

Don't put it on before you go in the water, though. Smith recommended applying it after you've finished hanging out in the ocean. 

View of cruise ship at CocoCay

Kate Zingarelli seconded this item: "[It] also makes getting dressed after swimming easier. After you take off your swimsuit, powder the sticky not quite dry areas. Clothes go on smoothly. Great for helping kids get dressed." 

This is a common household item that many have in a drawer or cabinet in their bathroom already. If you don't, though, a bottle is less than $5 on Amazon

Towel clips


Towel clips should be on any upcoming cruiser's packing list. They are great for sea days when there might be a steady breeze blowing throughout the pool deck. 

Being able to use them at CocoCay is just another reason as to why you should get them! They will be useful in keeping your towels secure while you take a refreshing swim, use the restroom, or grab a bite to eat. 

Wonder of the Seas in CocoCay

Marshall Upright wrote, "Towel clips to hold the towel on the chair. Amazon 16 for $9." 

You might not need 16, though. If you are a family of four, eight clips will most likely do the job! Plus, at $5.99 smaller pack is even cheaper than $9. 

SPF lip balm


Sunscreen is usually not an overlooked item when packing for a cruise to the Caribbean or Bahamas. I'll admit, though, that I don't think I have ever packed SPF lip balm!

With how easily I burn, this is something that I am going to start making sure is at the top of my life. 

Infinity pool

Unfortunately, Facebook user Katie Foster learned this lesson the hard way, as her lips got burnt on a recent cruise. 


Whether CocoCay is your first or last stop, it is important to protect your skin at every port. If they get swollen, you won't enjoy yourself as much. 

Full-face snorkel mask


"I really debated getting [a mask], said Bill Wyszomirski, "but oh boy was I glad I did. I must've told my wife 4 times afterwards that I was so glad we had our won stuff. Don't regret it one bit." 

Full-face masks mean that you do not have to mess with a breathing tube or goggles; it is just a single piece of equipment!

If you're someone who loves capturing vacation memories, this one is great because it has a GoPro attachment.

While equipment can be rented while ashore, purchasing your own means that it can be used at other points during your vacation or on next year's trip! Like the inflatable beach mats, they are a better deal.

Locking privacy pouch


Like SPF lip balm, this is another item that I wish I had thought about sooner! As someone who travels solo on cruises pretty frequently, I am always worried about my belongings. 

"...we can leave our phones and purse while we [are] in the water or [go] to grab food/drinks," commented Shaunna Pion. 

Upon during some research, I found that there are some bags that just lock without any sort of attachment to secure to your beach chair. 

I stumbled upon a water-resistant pouch with a security tether for only $26.99. It's perfect to protect your phone, cash, SeaPass card, and more. 

Liquid band-aids


Packing your own first-aid supplies is crucial for any trip. It is always smart to have band-aids on hand, especially when you are off the ship visiting a foreign country. 

One commenter reminisced on a time in which she wished she had liquid bandages after her son got injured. Brandi Leigh said that even though she had regular band-aids, she wished that she had liquid ones because standard band-aids kept falling off in the water, and the salt water stung his wound. 

Utopia of the Seas at CocoCay

Thankfully, another cruisers onboard had a tube of liquid bandage that she shared, so they could get back to having the best trip possible!

Liquid bandages do not actually adhere to the skin like traditional ones. Instead, the glue-like substance forms a touch protective barrier to seal out water, dirt, and germs. 

A spray fan


The Bahamas can get hot, like hot. The last time I was in CocoCay was over the week of the 4th of July. I was sitting in a shaded area of Chill Island sweating at 10 in the morning! 

Jenna Sprehe says that she had a spray fan to cool down while on the island. 

beach chairs

Even though the ocean and pool are always steps away, sometimes you just want a little mist while eating or reading a book on the beach! You don't always want to submerge yourself in the water. 

Many of them, like this $15 one from Amazon, do require batteries, though! Once you purchase it, you may find yourself needing it again in the future, like at the beach, a ballgame, camping, or waiting in line at a theme park. 

Collapsible folding wagon


If you're flying, you probably will not have the space for this, but those who live within driving distance should consider bring a collapsable folding wagon to CocoCay with them. 

LS McGallagher said, "Saw several people w fold up wagons (like we use for sports games) to lug stuff on/off boat. Seemed like a good idea if you have a lot of stuff."

Chill Island beach at Perfect Day at CocoCay

Even though you will not have to worry about bringing your own beach chairs or umbrellas, there's still a lot of beach stuff that you might want to bring ashore with you. 

You will need towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a change for clothing for sure. What about beach toys? Inflatable mats? Snorkel masks? Things can take up room in a standard backpack or beach bag pretty quickly. 

Water shoes


If you are a first-time cruiser, you should come prepared for hot surfaces on the ship, especially on sunny days at sea. "Pool decks are hot," wrote Tina Kupfer-Fisher.

When docked, though, your water shoes can protect your feet on the pier, sand, and pathways when navigating the island. 


If you are spending the day in South Beach, for instance, you will have to walk to the Chill Grill for lunch, unless you are okay with the limited offerings at the Snack Shack. At 12:00pm and 1:00pm, you will not want to be barefoot! 

Don't worry, flip-flops will work just fine if you don't have water shoes. They just tend to be more secure and slip-proof. 

Your really dumb Perfect Day at CocoCay questions answered

21 Jul 2023

Perfect Day at CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas, and it’s a favorite port among cruisers. With white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and thrilling activities like a waterpark and zip line, visiting the island is truly a perfect way to spend the day.

Ships docked at CocoCay

Around two million passengers visit CocoCay each year, many of whom are visiting for the first time. Unsurprisingly, these first-timers have plenty of questions about the island, from questions about what’s included to how they should spend their day.

We hear many of the same questions over and over again here at Royal Caribbean Blog—we wanted to answer them in one place. While not "dumb" questions, knowing the answers to these commonly asked questions should better help you plan your day on the island.

Let's jump in to answer your really "dumb" Perfect Day at CocoCay questions.

Where is Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Perfect Day at CocoCay is an island located in the Berry Islands chain of the Bahamas. The island is 140 miles east of Miami and 64 miles north of Nassau.

CocoCay’s location makes it a quick hop away from Florida, which is why it’s such a popular port visit on 3 and 4-night cruise itineraries.

Because CocoCay is located further north than most other cruise ports in the Caribbean, the weather can be chillier than some cruisers expect in the winter months. Water temperatures in the ocean and pools may be cold from November to February, although weather conditions can change from day to day, with some days sunny and warm and others windy and cold.

For the majority of the year, however, weather at Perfect Day at CocoCay is pleasantly warm with a gentle breeze.

How do you pronounce CocoCay?

If there’s one topic that’s controversial among Royal Caribbean cruisers, it’s how to pronounce Perfect Day at CocoCay.

With Bahamian pronunciation, CocoCay is pronounced Coco-KEY. A cay is a low elevation landmass formed on top of a coral reef, and CocoCay is a cay.

Nonetheless, many cruisers refer to the island as Coco-CAY, as it rhymes with Perfect Day. Making matters more confusing is that Royal Caribbean’s signature CocoCay song, which plays as guests arrive at the island, pronounces the island Coco-CAY as well.

Technically, there’s no wrong way to pronounce the island, but the correct Bahamian pronunciation is Coco-KEY.

Do you have to pay to go to Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Admission to Perfect Day at CocoCay is included in your cruise fare. While some activities cost extra on the island, such as the waterpark and Coco Beach Club, the majority of the island is accessible to all guests at no extra cost.

Related: Coco Beach Club: cost, tips & review

You can easily spend a whole day on the island without spending anything extra. Most visitors spend their day at one of the island’s white sand beaches or at the spacious Oasis Lagoon pool. Families with kids may enjoy spending time at Splashaway Bay, an aqua park with slides, water sprayers, and splash pads.

Participating in extra-cost activities can be fun, but it's not necessary in order to have an enjoyable day.

Is there food at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

There are several food venues at Perfect Day at CocoCay, most of which are included in your cruise fare.

Snack Shack is a popular grab and go spot on the island, and there are three locations. Snack Shack is best known for their crispy chicken sandwich, and other items include mozzarella sticks, burgers, hot dogs, and salads.

In addition to Snack Shack are two large buffets: Chill Grill and Skipper’s Grill. Both buffets serve the same food, which includes tacos, sandwiches, salads, french fries, and dessert.

Guests who purchased a day pass to the Coco Beach Club have access to the Coco Beach Club Restaurant. More refined than the island’s grab and go venues, this sit-down restaurant has a Mediterranean flare, serving items like lobster, grouper, filet mignon, and ceviche.

An additional dining venue, Captain Jack’s, serves steak fries and chicken wings, but these come at an extra cost and are priced à la carte.

How much does Thrill Waterpark cost at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Of all the excursions you can purchase at Perfect Day at CocoCay, Thrill Waterpark is among the most popular. This large waterpark has over a dozen waterslides, including the tallest slide in North America at 135 feet.

Related: Guide to Thrill Waterpark at Perfect Day at CocoCay

In addition to slides is a wave pool and an adventure pool with floating obstacles and a rock climbing wall.

There is no set price of admission to Thrill Waterpark, and the price changes from ship to ship and sailing to sailing. The price can also change from day to day, so it’s challenging to predict the cost of Thrill Waterpark.

A good estimate for admission to Thrill Waterpark is around $100 to $150 per person. If you’re interested in visiting the waterpark, we recommend making a reservation as soon as possible. If the price lowers, you can always cancel and rebook the excursion with no penalty, thus taking advantage of the lower price.

The same repricing strategy works for any add-on or excursion you purchase at Perfect Day at CocoCay. If you book the Coco Beach Club for $199 per person and later see the price drop to $150, cancel and rebook the reservation for the lower price on Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner website.

Does my drink package work at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

If you purchased a drink package for your Royal Caribbean cruise, it will work at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

One major advantage of purchasing a drink package for an itinerary that visits CocoCay is that your drink package works on the island in the same way it works onboard. Regardless of whether you purchased the alcoholic, nonalcoholic, or soda package, you can enjoy unlimited drinks while on the island.

Related: Royal Caribbean Drink Package Info, Tips, Pros & Cons

Nothing screams vacation quite like a frozen fruity cocktail on the beach, so be sure to take advantage of your drink package perks while ashore.

Do you need cash at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

CocoCay straw market

You do not need to bring cash to Perfect Day at CocoCay. All purchases including drinks, souvenirs, and extra-cost food items can be purchased using your cruise ship SeaPass card. Purchases will then be charged to your onboard account, which will charge to your credit card at the end of the cruise.

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Even the artisan market, where you can purchase souvenirs from Bahamian vendors, accepts payments via your SeaPass card until 2:30PM. If shopping after 2:30PM, you can make payment in cash.

Is there an adults-only beach at Perfect Day at CocoCay?


At the time of writing, there is no adults-only beach at Perfect Day at CocoCay, but one is under construction.

In late 2023, Hideaway Beach will open on the northern side of Perfect Day at CocoCay near Thrill Waterpark. This will be an adults-only beach that will increase the island’s capacity by 3,000 guests.

Related: Guide to Hideaway Beach at Perfect Day at CocoCay

Not many details have been released about Hideaway Beach, including whether or not the beach will be complimentary or come with an extra charge. The minimum age has not been announced either, although Royal Caribbean’s adults-only spaces are typically for those guests aged 16 and above.

How do you get around the island?

Perfect Day at CocoCay seen from ship

Perfect Day at CocoCay is a small island, and only one side of the island is developed for guests. Because of this, it’s easy to walk around the entire destination in one day on foot.

If you want quick access from one area to another, however, you can utilize the island’s free tram system. CocoCay has trams available that run in loops around the island, taking guests from beach to beach and back and forth from the ship.

You will find tram stations around the island, which are marked with signage and benches. Trams come frequently throughout the day, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to wait more than a few minutes for a tram.

Do chairs and umbrellas cost extra at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

There are thousands of beach chairs and umbrellas at Perfect Day at CocoCay and they are completely free to use. Chairs are on a first come, first serve basis. There are more than enough chairs for all guests, but the chairs closest to the water are snagged up quickly.

Most chairs also have a beach umbrella to provide shade, although some chairs do not. We recommend getting to the beach early in the day to find the best-located chairs.

In addition to beach chairs and umbrellas, there are hammocks, bean bags chairs, and other seating available on the island that is free to use.

If you want to rent a daybed or cabana, you will have to reserve a spot in advance. Prices can vary greatly depending on the type of cabana you book, so check the Cruise Planner for your particular sailing to see current pricing.

Related: Guide to CocoCay Cabanas

Does Royal Caribbean offer overnight visits to Perfect Day at CocoCay?

While some cruise lines may offer late night or overnight stays at their private destinations, Royal Caribbean does not.

The cruise line initially planned to offer overnight stays at Perfect Day at CocoCay but later decided against it. In fact, Royal Caribbean heard from guests that they preferred spending their evenings onboard after spending all day on the island.

In addition, Royal Caribbean makes more money when the ship is not docked overnight. The casino and retail stores cannot be open while a ship is docked, so those venues only make money while the ship sails.

Although the ship could theoretically sail away from the island and return the following morning, this isn’t something being offered at this time.

Where can I put my belongings while on the island?

If you’re worried about keeping your belongings and valuables safe while on the island, you can place them in a locker.

Perfect Day at CocoCay has lockers scattered around the island that are free to use. To use a locker, you’ll set a pin that will allow you to open and close the locker as you wish.

Related: Where to keep SeaPass Card, phone, and cash when on a shore excursion?

Inside the locker you can place items like your phone, wallet, camera, and other valuables. This comes in handy when you’re at the waterpark or going swimming as you won’t have to worry about whether or not your personal belongings are safe.

Check out more of your dumb cruise questions answered:

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast Episode - How to maximize your visit to Perfect Day at CocoCay

05 Jul 2023

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Tips and advice for how to get the most out of your day at Perfect Day at CocoCay!

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Celebrity Cruises redeployed ships to CocoCay because their fans wanted more Caribbean cruises

28 Jun 2023

If Celebrity Cruise's announcement that it will begin visiting Royal Caribbean's private island surprised you, you should know that the line is responding to customer demand.


Starting in April 2024, Celebrity Cruises is going to begin sailing from Florida to Royal Caribbean's private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay, to meet a need its customer base has been clamoring for.

Celebrity Beyond is being redeployed to the Caribbean in 2024 and taking over Celebrity Reflection's sailings, rather than cruising through Europe. Guests booked on the 6- and 8-night sailings on Celebrity Reflection will automatically be transferred to Beyond. 

Those booked on Celebrity Beyond have the opportunity to be transferred to another European voyage. 


Instead of making 6- and 8- night sailings, Celebrity Reflection will make shorter cruises to The Bahamas: 3-night sailings departing every Friday and 4-night cruises departing every Monday. Currently, you can find 3-night sailings on Celebrity Reflection for under $300 per person for an interior cabin. 

"...having the opportunity to now have these short 3- and 4-night itineraries answers really a demand that we have in the market to have something new, something exciting, something elevated, and something quick to be able to really experience that short and quick getaway still in the Celebrity style," said Jennifer Suarez, Associate Vice President of National Accounts and Inside Sales for Celebrity Cruises.  

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What sailings will be offered?

Celebrity Reflection will sail 3-night and 4-night cruises from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The 3- and 4-night cruises will visit Perfect Day at CocoCay and either Nassau, Bimini, or Key West. 

Celebrity Beyond will be taking over Reflection's longer sailings that alternate between cruises to Grand Cayman, The Bahamas, Mexico, and the Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

Will All Included be active on the island?

Celebrity Beyond

When you are booking a Celebrity cruise vacation, there are two options for fares. The first is a standard rate that includes accommodation, transportation between ports, entertainment, and select food and beverages.

The second is known as "All Included," which adds the Classic Beverage Package, gratuities, and Wi-Fi to the cost of your cruise. It is meant to give passengers a more inclusive experience.  

Whether you select this rate or purchase each package individually, those docked at Perfect Day at CocoCay on a Celebrity ship will be able to utilize the benefits of their package(s). 

Which ages and demographics are sailing on Celebrity Cruises?


The ages and demographics for Celebrity sailings to the Caribbean vary based on length.

51% of guests, for instance, on 7-night cruises are 60-years-old and older. This number drops to 37% for short Caribbean cruises, while it increases to 75% on long Caribbean cruises. 

On all Caribbean cruises onboard Celebrity vessels, Baby Boomers make up the majority of guests onboard, with anywhere from 47% to 63% of all guests coming from this generation. The total percentage of Millennial and Gen Z passengers is typically no more than 25%. The lowest percentage of this age group is found on short cruises, with the total percentage around 6%. 

Celebrity Cruises logo

Moreover, the percentage of families with children is currently below 15%, regardless of the duration of the sailing. 

And while Royal Caribbean remains the best cruise line to provide the ultimate family vacation, there is a distinction between traveling for and with children. 

"...[you] are going to start to see meaningful ways in which how we show up at Celebrity Cruises to ensure that traveling with your family and with your kids in engaging, is exciting, and is active in the right way for the Celebrity clientele," said Katina Athanasiou, Senior Vice President of Sales & Services, The Americas for Celebrity Cruises. 

Will there be other ships docked at Perfect Day at CocoCay?


Due to the popularity of the island, there is a good chance that if you are sailing on Celebrity Reflection or Beyond, you will be docked beside of a Royal Caribbean ship. 

In any port of call, though, it is likely that your ship will not be the only one there. If you think about Nassau or Cozumel, you may be one of two, three, or even four ships in port that day. 


With Perfect Day at CocoCay, it is guaranteed that there will be a maximum of only two ships in port that day, and the island has been built to accommodate a high number of passengers. 

"...[This island] is specifically built for family of brands' guests, and so everything on there is very much controlled by is literally just the Royal Caribbean Group guests joining the amazing destination for an amazing day," said Suarez. 

Booking incentive

If you book a cruise onboard Celebrity Reflection or Beyond between June 27 and July 31, 2023 that departs between May 1 and September 30, 2024, you are eligible to receive double club points through Celebrity's Captain's Clubthe the cruise line’s loyalty program that provides exclusive perks and events to repeat cruisers. 

If you have yet to sail with Celebrity Cruises but have status with Royal Caribbean through their Crown & Anchor program, you may be eligible for their reciprocity program. 

Note that status matching does not extend to the highest levels for each cruise line. In other words, if you are Pinnacle with Royal Caribbean, you will not become Zenith with Celebrity. Celebrity's Elite tier is the highest level that you can match.

Celebrity announces its cruise ships will visit Royal Caribbean's private island

27 Jun 2023

Celebrity Cruises will soon offer cruises that visit Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Ship at CocoCay

Royal Caribbean International's private island has been a mega success since getting a $250 million makeover in 2019, with high guest satisfaction scores along the way.

Sister brand Celebrity wants to share that experience with its passengers.

On Tuesday, Celebrity said it will start offering weekend cruises to The Bahamas, beginning in April 2024.

Celebrity Reflection aerial

Celebrity Reflection will sail 3-night and 4-night cruises from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

3-night sailings departing Friday

  • Key West
  • CocoCay
  • Bahamas getaways (Nassau & Bimini)

4-night sailings departing Monday

  • Key West
  • Bahamas
  • CocoCay
Celebrity Beyond

In addition, Celebrity Beyond will sail from Florida year-round and offer visits to CocoCay.

Beyond is taking over Celebrity Reflection's 6 and 8 night sailings.

Guests booked on Reflection for those 6 and 8 night sailings will automatically be moved to Celebrity Beyond at a protected rate.

Celebrity Beyond, will offer a mix of six and eight-night cruises to places such as Grand Cayman, The Bahamas, Mexico, and the Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

Anyone booked on Beyond in Europe will have opportunity to move to another European cruise.

"Our customers are consistently asking for more opportunities to visit this stunning region year-round, have more weekend options so they can getaway easier, and have expressed a desire for a private island destination. By introducing this new program, we can meet this demand and offer something new and historic to all our guests,” says Laura Hodges Bethge, President of Celebrity Cruises.

"Perfect Day is a destination like no other, and we are honored to add it to our portfolio."

This will be the first time a non-Royal Caribbean International cruise ship has visited the private destination since the island was relaunched as Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Adding Perfect Day to enhance the cruise experience

If you've heard how well-received Perfect Day at CocoCay has been among the public, then Celebrity's decision to add visits there makes a lot of sense.

Perfect Day at CocoCay has a number of beaches, a water park, beach club, freshwater pool, and helium balloon, along with many other activities to choose from.

Royal Caribbean has touted the overwhelmingly positive guest feedback it has received about the island time and time again.

Royal Caribbean President and CEO Michael Bayley said earlier this year the island was a major success, "The demand for that product [Perfect Day at CocoCay] is exceptionally high."

"CocoCay is the number one destination that Royal Caribbean goes to in the world out of 100 global destinations, because it’s a curated experience designed and built to deliver a high-level experience to the customer."

Chill Island with ship in background

Royal Caribbean Group CEO Jason Liberty talked in May 2023 about how lucrative it's been for the company, "While demand has been strong across all products and markets, we continue to see exceptional strength from the North American consumer. This strength, in combination with the incredible perfect day at CocoCay has resulted in record yields for our Caribbean sailings."

All of that positive feedback had to be enticing to offer Celebrity Cruise guests as well.

More adult experiences coming


If you're thinking a day at CocoCay might not be a good fit for Celebrity's "modern luxury" vibe, keep in mind a major addition is coming.

The new adults-only Hideaway Beach is opening in early 2024.

Beach at Chill Island

This will be a new expansion to Perfect Day at CocoCay that offers an area of the island exclusively for the mature crowd.

Royal Caribbean has not announced yet what exactly you'll be able to experience at Hideaway Beach, but the new area is coming to coincide with the launch of Icon of the Seas in January 2024.

The addition of Celebrity Cruises visiting the island along with the new adults-only area opening seems to be perfect timing.

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