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Royal Caribbean clarifies why they're restricting access to loyalty and suite lounges on some sailings

30 Oct 2023

Royal Caribbean wants to make it clear why top-tier members aren't allowed inside loyalty lounges on some cruises.


Royal Caribbean members have reported incidents on certain sailings when Diamond members haven't been allowed in the Crown Lounge, which is a dedicated space for top-tier members.

Those reports have compelled Royal Caribbean to respond to its members in a newsletter update.

Royal Caribbean sent out an email announcing that on sailings with a high number of top-tier members, Suite, & Pinnacle Club guests, access to the Crown Lounge, Suite/Concierge Lounge, Suite Sun Deck, and Coastal Kitchen will be limited. 

However, this is not a fleetwide policy change for all sailings.

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(Thanks to Royal Caribbean Blog reader OCSC Mike for the above picture of the Crown Lounge logo on Allure of the Seas)

If there are a lot of Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle Club cruisers on your next sailing, you may find that access to the Crown Lounge will be limited at certain hours of the day. 

"On sailings with a high number of top-tier members, the Crown Lounge will be reserved for Diamond Plus & Pinnacle Club members during the evening, with beverage service from 5 - 8 p.m," read the email.

"However, the lounge and its services will remain fully accessible to all Diamond and above members at all other times. This includes continental breakfast in the morning, snacks throughout the day, and entry during dedicated concierge service hours."

Lounge email

There are no changes to the number of daily drink coupons that eligible Crown & Anchor members will receive. Diamond members will still get four complimentary drinks per day, while Diamond Plus will get five and Pinnacle six. 

Diamond members unable to go to the Crown Lounge between the hours of 5 and 8 p.m. can still use these coupons at other bars throughout the ship, whether it's Boleros, Schooner Bar, etc. 

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These changes will only apply to sailings with a high number of top-tier Crown & Anchor members

At this time, Royal Caribbean is not making any other changes to its Crown & Anchor program. Additionally, the above adjustments are not permanent; they're based on the number of top-tier cruisers on each sailing. 

Possible sailings that could be impacted include but are not limited to charters, crossings, repositioning cruises, inaugurals, and President's Cruises.

Suite and Concierge Lounges, Suite Sun Deck, and Coastal Kitchen

Coastal Kitchen on Harmony of the Seas

When a sailing has a high number of Suite & Pinnacle Club guests, access to the Suite/Concierge Lounge, Suite Sun Deck, and Coastal Kitchen will be limited to guests staying in qualifying Suites, as well as to our top Pinnacle Club members onboard, based on cruise points," the email said. 

"Access will also extend to the guests in their stateroom. The number of top Pinnacle Club members granted access will vary depending on space and availability."

More members than ever

Diamond Lounge

The top tiers of Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor loyalty program have increased by 30% within the last year, according to Royal Caribbean International's CEO, Michael Bayley. 

The result has been overcrowding in loyalty and suite lounges. 

Royal Caribbean is not the only company seeing overcrowding in lounges. Recently, Delta Airlines has made changes to who can access their Sky Clubs in order to combat the issue. American Express Platinum cardholders, for instance, will no longer have unlimited annual visits. Instead, they'll be limited to ten per year. 

Rather than completely ban certain loyalty members from accessing the onboard lounges, Royal Caribbean sent out an email announcing that on sailings with a high number of top-tier members, Suite, & Pinnacle Club guests, access to the Crown Lounge, Suite/Concierge Lounge, Suite Sun Deck, and Coastal Kitchen will be limited. 

News comes just weeks after Royal Caribbean announced that the Diamond Lounge will be renamed

Courtney Brant, Director of Loyalty for Royal Caribbean announced that "...over the next few weeks, the Diamond Lounge — beloved by our Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members — is being specially renamed as the Crown Lounge across our fleet."

When this change was announced, Royal Caribbean Blog readers had numerous theories as to why they were implementing this fleetwide change.

"Seems like a no brainer to me that this is the first step to ultimately removing Diamonds from having lounge access," wrote Margaret

Serenade and Mariner of the Seas docked in Cozumel

Reader Rackham said, "I'm speculating that with the name change, Diamond access could be determined on a cruise-to-cruise basis depending on how many Diamond and up C&A members are aboard." 

While just a theory at the time, his prediction ended up becoming reality within a month! 

It is important to keep in mind that Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle Club members will still have access to the Crown Lounge on every sailing.

If the lounge ends up being reserved for Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club passengers between the hours of 5 and 8 p.m each night, Diamond guests will still be able to access it at any other time. It may be the case that one sailing you're on sees a temporary adjustment, with the next having no restrictions whatsoever. 

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5 ways my cruising style has changed since reaching the Pinnacle tier of Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program

25 Oct 2023

Earlier this year I reached the top level of Royal Caribbean's customer loyalty program, and the added benefits have made a difference already.

Cruise ship docked in Miami

Pinnacle Club is the highest tier you can get in Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor program, which requires 700 points to reach.

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There are six tiers in the program:

  • Gold: 3 points
  • Platinum: 30 points
  • Emerald: 55 points
  • Diamond: 80 points
  • Diamond Plus: 175 points
  • Pinnacle Club: 700 points

While I don't cruise for the benefits you get from being a loyal customer, I certainly don't mind taking advantage of them.

Allure of the Seas diamond lounge

When I reached Diamond, I was blown away by how lucrative those benefits can be, and since then, it's changed my core cruising experience.

It may seem like getting to 700 cruise points is impossible, and I thought the same thing too. However, a few years later, I made it and you might get there too.

Read moreAfter 68 cruises, I'm about to reach the top tier of Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society

In considering what stands out the most about being Pinnacle, I thought about which benefits had the biggest impact on me.

Checking in early matters less now

Suite line

Getting an early check-in time is so important to be able to get to the cruise terminal sooner and subsequently board sooner, but Pinnacle status provides a major workaround.

Pinnacle Club status guests can board with the suite guests, and that means a more flexible check-in window and a shorter line too.

Because I can check-in via the suite line, it's like getting in an express lane on a highway or boarding an airplane before anyone else.

Suites entrance at Galveston terminal

I still get my check-in time, but because we can board with suite guests, I feel less pressure to try to try to get the earliest time possible.

I stopped buying internet packages

Sitting in Central Park with laptop

Pinnacle Club guests get free Wi-Fi for the length of any cruise, and that means I never have to buy it again.

I always bought internet packages because I not only have to stay connected for the purposes of this blog, but also because I enjoy being on the internet.

My wife gets the free internet perk too.

This single perk will save me hundreds of dollars per year, and with Royal Caribbean's now faster internet, it's such a lucrative benefit.

Make a point of meeting the Loyalty Ambassador

Loyalty Ambassador

As I started cruising more, I became aware of the Loyalty Ambassador's importance and at Pinnacle, it's become a regular stop on every sailing.

Crew members always work so hard to ensure guests have a good time, and the Loyalty Ambassador is no different.

I've found having the Loyalty Ambassador change your Crown and Anchor amenities is so much easier than calling in (plus I never remember to call in to do it until I get onboard).

They're also a good source of information on what's going on during the sailing, rumors, and good to know information.

I encourage anyone, regardless of loyalty status, to seek out the Loyalty Ambassador and speak to them. Even just a quick chat, you never know what you might get out of it.

I stopped (mostly) buying a drink package

Beer and cocktail at bar

Royal Caribbean provides complimentary drinks each day to its Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle guests.

Guests who are at a lower tier of Crown and Anchor Society (Gold, Platinum, or Emerald) do not qualify for the drink vouchers.

  • Diamond: 4 beverage vouchers valid all day at any bar (except Starbucks)
  • Diamond Plus: 5 beverage vouchers valid all day at any bar (except Starbucks)
  • Pinnacle: 6 beverage vouchers valid all day at any bar (except Starbucks)

At six drinks per day for both me and my wife, that's a lot of drinks.  Plus, I've also reached Prime in Casino Royale's customer loyalty program and that gets me free drinks in the casino bar.

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I have not completely cut off the drink package purchases, because if I'm sailing with a group of friends, I'll still get it. I enjoy the convenience factor of not having to think about how many drinks I have left for the day, especially when visiting Perfect Day at CocoCay.

While I mostly got the drink package at Diamond or Diamond Plus, that extra drink per day has me totally reconsidering the decision now that I'm at Pinnacle.

Eating at Coastal Kitchen

Coastal Kitchen on Icon of the Seas

On Oasis and Quantum Class ships, Pinnacle guests are able to dine at the suite restaurant, Coastal Kitchen.

With the rising prices of specialty dining, having free access to a different restaurant that feels elevated compared to the Main Dining Room is a great perk.

While it's possible reservations could be limited for Pinnacles to get into Coastal Kitchen, more often than not it can work out and I like the option being there.

Plus, Pinnacle Club members on these ships also receive a $25 dining voucher per member, per sailing to enjoy at any specialty restaurant. That's a great extra to have too!

I love having more choices, and now we have a new consideration when we go on Royal Caribbean's bigger ships.

Royal Caribbean gives its top cruisers a crystal block gift. Here's how to get one (and other freebies for cruising a lot)

05 Oct 2023

The more you cruise with Royal Caribbean the more enticing benefits you receive.

Crystal Block

Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor Society has a lot of perks as a way of rewarding their most loyal guests. Just like a hotel or airline loyalty program, the more you travel, the higher you move up in the ranks and more lucrative benefits that await you.

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Each night spent on a Royal Caribbean cruise will earn you one point towards your loyalty status. If you stay in a suite or cruise solo, you can earn an additional point towards your status. 


Guests are automatically enrolled into the Crown and Anchor Society after you complete your first sailing and off the bat you'll get a few discounts to use. Arguably, the best benefits wait for you once you reach Diamond status.

One highly sought after benefit are crystal blocks, because they are a sort of "mile marker" you can get as you move through the higher tiers of the program.

Not only are they a great keepsake, but they are collectable as well and many cruisers want to diversify their collection with various ships (especially their favorites).

Wonder of the Seas in Labadee

Here's a look at how to get these blocks, as well as some of the other top tier gifts you could receive.

How do you get crystal blocks?

Crystal block box

To be eligible to receive a crystal block, you have to reach 140 cruise points.

Once you reach 140 cruise points, you will receive your first crystal block delivery during your sailing. One crystal block is awarded per relationship. It will be delivered to your cabin, often on the exact night you reach the 140 points. 

How often do you get a crystal block?

Oasis of the Seas block

You will receive another free crystal block every time you earn another 70 points on top of the initial 140 points needed. To save you the trouble of doing the math, that means you will get a block at 210, 280, 350, 420, and so on points.

There is no limit as to how many blocks you are able to collect. The more you cruise, the more blocks you will have!

Crystal block with letter

If for some reason you do not receive your crystal block award and you already have 140 cruise points then you can contact Crown & Anchor’s customer service line at 800-526-9723​​. Royal Caribbean states in their terms and conditions they will only honor requests for Crystal blocks that have been verified as missing for a maximum of 12 months from the date of claim submission.

Any requests for missing blocks after the 12-month period cannot be accommodated.

Upgraded bathroom amenities

Upgraded toiletries

Higher tier cruisers will get better in-cabin toiletries waiting for them.

While other guests in a non-suite cabin receive the standard bar of soap and 2-in-1 shampoo dispenser in the shower, guests with more than 340 points will receive upgraded bathroom amenities in their stateroom upon arrival.

This can include bottled lotion, shampoo, and conditioner and it should be delivered to your cabin on embarkation day and waiting for you to use when you get into the room.

Personalized gift

Toiletry bag

Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members are able to choose from a list of complimentary gifts to receive while you are sailing.

You can update or choose your gift preference by calling the Crown & Anchor line prior to your cruise. Alternatively, you can speak to the Loyalty Ambassador onboard who can change your selection for the next sailing.

Anthem of the Seas in Spain

The list has options of wines, cheeses, chocolates, fruits, bags, and other drinks.  For three to six night sailings you will be able to choose one per household.

If you have 340-524 cruise points on 7+ night sailings you will be able to select 2 gifts and if you have 525+ cruise points you will be able to select 3 gifts on 7+ night sailings.

The toiletry bag and the tote bag are currently the only gifts you can choose that are not edible. 

Welcome water

Bottles of water

Emerald and Diamond members will receive two water bottles per person delivered on the first day of their cruise.

Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members receive three water bottles per person delivered to their cabin on the first day of their cruise. This is a nice perk to have water bottles right in your cabin when you are parched.

Free photo

Professional photos

For this freebie, you do have to go to the Photo Gallery onboard but it is worth getting a free printed photo.

Make sure to stop and have a photo taken because Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle members receive one free any size photo.

I have seen photos at $20 or more, so this perk is a great value.

Lapel pin

Pinnacle Pin

Love it or hate it Royal Caribbean gives out lapel pins to their Emerald, Diamond, and Diamond Plus members.

These pins are delivered on the following cruise after reaching new status. Pinnacle Club members get a personalized lapel pin with their name on it, these personalized pins seem to be appreciated a bit more. 

Free laundry service

Laundry bags

Whether you run out of clothes on your trip or you simply would like to return home with clean clothing, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members receive one free $34.99 bag of laundry on the day of the ship's Wash and Fold laundry promotion.

This offer only applies on sailings 5+ nights.

Add-on spa treatment


Spa treatments onboard are something nice to splurge on from time to time. Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members can receive a complimentary add-on spa treatment.  

You must book a signature spa service and then you will be able to receive a free add-on. Treatment options are a hand, foot, or scalp massage. 

Free internet access

Starlink receivers coming to Royal Caribbean

Diamond members receive 1 free day of onboard internet for one device and Diamond Plus members receive 2 free days of onboard internet for one device.

If you reach the highest status as a Pinnacle Club member, you will then get free unlimited internet access for 1 device for the length of each sailing.

Free cruise

Mariner of the Seas aft

Last but definitely not least, Pinnacle Club members receive a milestone cruise certificate valued at the rate of a 7-night balcony stateroom for 700 and 1050 cruise points.

Once you reach 1400 cruise points, you receive a milestone cruise certificate valued at the rate of a Junior Suite stateroom and also every 350 cruise points after. '

In simple words, you get a free cruise for two people. The first two free cruises are in a balcony cabin then after that, you will be able to receive a free junior suite moving forward.

Final words

Side of Navigator of the Seas

These rewards for staying loyal are enticing, and a nice bonus for enjoying a cruise vacation over and over again.

I think most people like to feel valued for their business and Royal Caribbean does a spectacular job at rewarding their loyal guests. Beyond the material benefits we covered, the crew always goes the extra mile to make it known you are a valued member of Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program. 

Planning a cruise? Start here:

Royal Caribbean to rename Diamond Lounge to Crown Lounge

29 Sep 2023

The reserved spot on all cruise ships for Royal Caribbean's top tier members is getting a new name.

The Diamond Lounge has been the name of a special room dedicated to the upper echelon of cruisers, and it appears Royal Caribbean will change the name of it.

Royal Caribbean informed guests of the change in the cruise line's monthly newsletter.

Email announcing Crown Lounge

Royal Caribbean Director of Loyalty, Courtney Brant, wrote, "I’m thrilled to announce that over the next few weeks, the Diamond Lounge — beloved by our Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members — is being specially renamed as the Crown Lounge across our fleet."

The Diamond Lounge is available for use by Crown and Anchor members who have reached Diamond, Diamond Plus or Pinnacle status.

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Crown Lounge trademark

Royal Caribbean trademarked the phrase Crown Lounge with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 21, 2023.

The description of the trademark stated, "Cruise line lounge services; providing food and drink services."

Crown Lounge logo

Along with the name, she included a new logo too.

Why the change? According to Ms. Brant, it represents what being a loyal guest means today, "This is more than just a new name — it’s a tribute to the legacy of the Royal Caribbean maritime heritage. It’s a nod to our roots, and a symbol of our dedication to our loyal guests.""

There is no indication yet when the name change will occur.

Spectrum of the Seas sunset

The renaming of Diamond Lounge to Crown Lounge does not apply to Spectrum of the Seas.

She also said there's no functional change to how the Crown Lounge will operate, "Don’t worry — access requirements aren’t changing. All members who have enjoyed the Diamond Lounge will continue to enjoy the exclusivity and comfort of your private space with delicious treats and top-notch service."

Viking Crown Lounge

If the name sounds familiar, it could be a reference to the Viking Crown Lounge, which was one of Royal Caribbean's first signature venues that separated it from other lines.

The Viking Crown Lounge was originally created in 1970 for Song of Norway, and became so popular it continued be a staple of Royal Caribbean ship design.  

Over the years, as ships grew in size, the Viking Crown Lounge grew, too, and starting with the Vision Class ships in 1995, moved from its position on the smokestacks to a nearby larger spot amidships with equally stunning views.

In addition, many (but not all) Diamond Lounges are located in the Viking Crown Lounge.

How does the Crown Lounge work?

Diamond Lounge

The Crown Lounge is a room on every Royal Caribbean cruise ship that can only be accessed by Diamond, Diamond Plus, or Pinnacle Club cruises.

There is seating to enjoy, as well as light snacks served throughout the day.  

Breakfast in the Diamond Lounge

You'll find continental breakfast served each morning. Those who prefer to have specialty coffee can enjoy cappuccinos and lattes via an automated machine all day. Each evening, you can find different nightly appetizers served. 

There is also a dedicated Diamond Lounge Concierge to help you with any sort of issues you might have onboard. These concierges can help with dining reservations, questions, tender tickets and more. 

Diamond Lounge on Navigator of the Seas

In the evening hours, drink service is provided, which guests can use their complimentary free drink vouchers while in the lounge.

Read moreHow Royal Caribbean's free drink vouchers for Diamond and higher members works

Overcrowding issues

There was no mention of something else Royal Caribbean has been wrestling with related to the Diamond Lounge: overcrowding.

Last month, Royal Caribbean’s CEO Michael Bayley asked cruisers on Facebook for their thoughts on how to tackle the issue of overcrowding in what is now known as the Crown Lounge.

The question was posed seemingly out of the blue, although it did come immediately after this year's President's Cruise when the company's most loyal cruisers congregate on a single sailing and have access to share their thoughts with Mr. Bayley.

Diamond Concierge

While the Crown Lounge has had issues with being busy for years, Mr. Bayley indicated an influx of new Diamond members has exacerbated the issue. 

There was no mention in the announcement of any policy shifts to account for the matter that Mr. Bayley raised.

6 ways you should change how you cruise once you hit Diamond in Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program

25 Sep 2023

Some of the best benefits Royal Caribbean gives its most loyal customers begin at the Diamond tier.

Royal Caribbean's customer loyalty program, the Crown and Anchor Society, has a few different tiers with great benefits. However, the Diamond tier is noticeably the most sought-after tier to reach, and for good reasons.

Once you reach 80 cruise points with Royal Caribbean you will be at the Diamond tier and this is when the well-worth loyalty benefits begin, and there are a variety of different ways to enhance your cruise once you hit Diamond status.

No need to worry about enrolling in the loyalty program since you are automatically enrolled when you start cruising with Royal Caribbean and will accrue cruise points.

Re-think buying the drink package 

Toasted Marshmallow Old Fashioned

While a Royal Caribbean drink package can be a good value and an amazing treat, sometimes as a Diamond member it may not make sense to purchase the drink package.

Royal Caribbean offers four complimentary drinks each day to each Diamond member up to $14 each. This is a big savings, especially if you are cruising with your partner then it can add up to $112 of free drinks each day of your cruise.

A pro tip is for each guest of drinking age to bring a bottle of wine or champagne from home onboard to have at dinner. On embarkation day, each guest is allowed to bring one sealed 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne.

Diamond Club sign

Also, being Diamond status you get a complimentary non-alcoholic specialty coffee beverage (excludes Starbucks) when you buy a specialty restaurant dinner. This is a nice bonus since those delicious lattes can be pricy nowadays, at sea and on land! Another nice benefit is access to the Diamond Lounge's fresh brewed coffee and cappuccinos. I enjoy a nice cappuccino over the standard free coffee guests can get in other areas onboard. 

It is worth noting to make sure to ask your waiter to add your Diamond drink vouchers when ordering your free drinks. This also applies to any loyalty discount you use.

Cafe Promenade menu on Wonder of the Seas

More savings on drinks as Diamond status are two 50% off vouchers for the purchase of any glass of wine, beer, or soda and the one time per sailing 20% percent voucher off any glass of wine, beer, or soda.

After all of these savings, I find myself buying the rest of my drinks with my SeaPass card and I actually save money skipping the drink package, that way I can spend the saved money on an excursion or a cooking class instead. But of course, if you are drinking enough each day, the deluxe drinking package can be a good value for you. 

Take advantage of balcony and suite discounts


Being Diamond tier you get a greater discount on balcony and suite cabins. This may sway your decision on booking an inside cabin vs a balcony cabin.

You can save up to $125 on 3-5 night sailings, $225 on 6-9 night sailings, and $325 on 10+ night sailings.

To get the best deal book your cruise more than 6 months in advance, the savings drop when you sail within 6 months of your booking date.

Attend exclusive events 

Top Tier party

There are a couple of onboard events you can attend as a Diamond member. These include a top tier event on sailings 5 nights or more for Platinum loyalty tier (30 cruise points) and above and a nightly happy hour in the Diamond lounge exclusively for Diamond guests which has light appetizers and a social ambiance.

The Diamond Lounge is also open during the day so you can go in and enjoy a coffee or tea at any time. In the lounge, there is a Diamond Concierge to assist with any special needs or requests during your sailing, which can be helpful when lines are long at guest services.

Top Tier party

At the top tier event, you will get a speech from the Captain, Hotel Director, and Cruise Director, while enjoying a complimentary glass of champagne. They recognize new Pinnacle members and top cruisers onboard.

Also on sailings 5 nights or more, there is an Up Close & Personal with Our Entertainment Family Event. These events are something new to try onboard and I recommend checking it out if you haven't yet. 

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Make sure to get a photo

I always make sure to stop at a photo opportunity onboard or at a port to let the talented photographers take a photo since Diamond members receive a complimentary photo from your existing printed photo selection.

This perk is another per person perk so if you are with your partner you will get two free photos. Prices can be $20 or more for certain photo sizes so this also can be great savings if you are looking for photos to take home.

Use the ship internet

Starlink on Royal Caribbean

Diamond guests get one free day of Voom internet or price equivalent discount on any onboard internet package for one device.

With this, you have a day to connect with family back home or check in. It is nice to have this on a sea day so you get one full day of access.

Use free casino credits

Casino on Royal Caribbean

I am not a huge gambler, but I sure will take a free $6 in free play credits for the casino on the ship.

You can use this at the slot machines and it cannot be used towards table games. You never know - you could turn that $6 into $200!

Read moreI gambled enough in Royal Caribbean's casino to get free drinks and a cruise

Youth Benefits

Ben & Jerry's ice cream

If you have children with you, they share the same tier as you, as their parent until they turn 18. Most Diamond perks are aimed at adults but there are a few perks your kids can get that will save you money. These perks include:

  • 50% off one scoop of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on ships that feature Ben & Jerry's onboard. Valid twice per sailing.
  • 4 free daily non-alcoholic drinks up to $14 (excludes Starbucks)
  • 1 free day of SURF+STREAM internet
  • Buy one get one free movie rental in your stateroom

Bottom line

Royal Caribbean logo on the side of the ship

There are more Diamond benefits you can take advantage of but these are some great highlights that can enhance your Royal Caribbean cruise!

If you are someone who sticks with Royal Caribbean exclusively then it is achievable to reach Diamond status. You need to reach 80 cruise points to get to the Diamond tier, you get one point for every night you sail in a regular stateroom and two points for each night in a suite.  

Mariner of the Seas in Nassau

If you do the quick math, if you take a seven-night cruise once a year in a cabin that isn't a suite, it will take you 12 years to reach Diamond. Of course, if you book a suite it will be half the time since you get double cruise points.

Being a Diamond member makes cruising on Royal Caribbean even more appealing with the great perks that come along with the status. Diamond Plus is the next loyalty tier to reach above Diamond needing 175 cruise points and the benefits become even greater.

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I've taken 23 cruises with Royal Caribbean and reached a top-tier loyalty status at just 17 years old. Here’s why I love cruising with them.

16 Sep 2023

With my longest Royal Caribbean cruise being nine nights and my shortest cruise being three nights, I've spent a total of 118 nights onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship so far, reaching Diamond status in Crown and Anchor Society at the age of 17, and I enjoyed every moment of my time onboard.


While I have tried other cruise lines, Royal Caribbean is overall the best cruise line in my opinion, and it is backed by the many awards they have received! My first sailing on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship was on the wonderful Oasis of the Seas in 2012 when I was 12 years old. Boy was it amazing, I had never seen anything like it! With Oasis being my first Royal Caribbean cruise, I sure was wowed.

I have been on the smallest ship in the fleet to the biggest ship and each ship has something special about it. 

Read more: Royal Caribbean ships by size

How long did it take to reach Diamond status?

Deanna sunset photo

Though my parents were the ones taking me on these Royal Caribbean ships as I was under the age of 18, at just 17 years old I was already at the top of their loyalty status being a Diamond member by reaching my own 80 total nights on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Read moreI reached Diamond status with Royal Caribbean: here's why this loyalty tier matters

From 2013 to 2019 I went on around 2 to 4 cruises each year, helping me climb to Diamond status in just five years of cruising with Royal Caribbean.

Then in 2020, Covid came around and I needed to pause my adventures. My love for cruising with Royal did not end there, I continue to cruise with Royal anytime I have the chance to.

Having Diamond level benefits definitely contributes to my loyalty and continued frequent cruises with Royal Caribbean, along with the delicious food, an abundance of entertainment, and amazing customer service!

Read moreMy top 5 favorite Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club perks

Cruising on Royal Caribbean is also truly a compelling cost-efficient way to travel. You’re getting authentic experiences traveling to different cities and getting to see more of the world, rather than traveling by airplane to one location and still having to budget for transportation costs to hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and also factoring in any other cost a land vacation may not include like food and room accommodations. 

Cost-efficient Travel

Oasis of the Seas in Port Canaveral

One thing I have noticed is many people do not realize how great of a value cruising can be compared to a land vacation, it can be way less expensive.

Living in Florida does help with my overall cost since I live within driving distance of multiple ports but I still have to factor in gas and the pricey port garage parking that is usually $25-28 nightly.

On a cruise, you are going to a variety of different ports, getting an immersive experience, food, room, and entertainment, all for one cost. Oftentimes, I have friends ask me “How do you travel so much?” or “How have you been to so many countries, you must have spent loads of money?”  But it's simply cruising, it can be much more affordable than flying from city to city and trying to see the world that way.

With cruising you get to see multiple ports and sometimes stay overnight but you always have a sufficient amount of time to explore the port you are in. In my experience, booking a Royal Caribbean cruise is usually the price of what I would spend on just hotel accommodations during a land vacation.

Loyalty Program

Diamond Club sign

After your first time onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, you are automatically enrolled into their loyalty program, which is called the Crown & Anchor Society, you earn one cruise point for every night you sail.

There are six different tiers, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Diamond plus, and Pinnacle Club. Cruising loyalty status is for a lifetime so once you hit Diamond with 80 nights being the minimum to obtain Diamond status, you will now forever be Diamond status or higher. This is a great loyalty program for benefits.

Each status has its different benefits that clearly work to retain customers. For me, Diamond status does have nice perks, being Diamond you get four complimentary drinks daily, Diamond Lounge access, one free day of the internet for your device, one complimentary photo from your existing printed photograph collection, and many more benefits.

Read more11 of our favorite under-the-radar Crown & Anchor perks 

With my early wanderlust, I needed traveling to be obtainable and the way you can get on a ship for one price and stop at multiple different ports is perfect for me as a excited traveler! 

Important of the crew members

Guest service crew members

At a young age, I learned what great customer service looks like going on these Royal Caribbean cruises, the entire staff is always extremely hospitable. Often times traveling to other resorts or on other cruise lines, it can be hard to compare the fantastic service Royal Caribbean provides to each and every one of their guest.

I can say that the great staff has remained consistent, no matter how tired the staff is, they will always keep a smile on their face.

Fun fact, this actually also inspired my college degree in hospitality management. Throughout my last couple years of high school, I was mostly done with my coursework, so I was able to switch to online school and cruise quite often which influenced my pick in hospitality management as a course of study for college since I felt so passionate about it.

Food & Entertainment


Food has a special place in my heart, and Royal Caribbean has some great food.

Cruises can get the stereotype of food quality being subpar, but it genuinely tastes similar to land food nowadays with a wide variety of options for everyone. If you love food like me, I would recommend trying out the specialty restaurants onboard Royal Caribbean.

You can get delicious food at restaurants like Chops Grille, Giovanni’s, and Izumi onboard. My favorite is the classic Chops Grille, they provide a perfect steakhouse setting at sea while feeling like you are at a classic American steakhouse.

If you’re looking to save money, the food in the main dining room is still great. Royal Caribbean also has great entertainment, from Broadway musicals like Cats to ice-skating, and even divers at Royal Caribbean's dazzling AquaTheater. Along with the included karaoke, comedy shows, and gameshows they have onboard you will not find yourself bored on these ships.

Growing up, I went on at least one Royal Caribbean cruise each year starting at the age 12.

I absolutely loved it from the start! Royal Caribbean cruises get this stereotype of “old people” being the only age demographic onboard but this couldn’t be further from the truth! It is a diverse mix of all generations and I recommend it to all travelers, young, middle-aged, or older. There is truly something to do for everyone.

I recommend ignoring all the stereotypes and scares you may hear about cruising and take your first cruise with Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean cruises are more like a floating city. Cruises, in general, are not so disconnected from technology anymore and the WiFi on Royal Caribbean is rocket speed compared to what it was ten years ago, so no need to worry about that.  

I have never felt cramped on a cruise, there are plenty of areas, if not your cabin to watch the beautiful open ocean onboard. For me, living in Florida makes cruising with Royal even easier, being just a drive away from multiple cruise ports makes cruising the most enjoyable and convenient way to travel. 

Royal Caribbean CEO wants to address overcrowding in customer loyalty lounge

11 Aug 2023

One of the most popular Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society benefits looks like it may be in need of a refresh.

Michael Bayley wants to know what to do with the Diamond Lounge

Royal Caribbean is apparently looking to address overcrowding in its customer loyalty lounges, based on a recent social media post.

Royal Caribbean’s CEO Michael Bayley posted on Facebook the following question, which provided some interesting insight.

“So! I’ve been hearing from a lot of our guests about overcrowding in our Diamond lounges and in the Suite lounge.   It makes sense since our Top Tiers have grown by 30% last year alone! Capacity limitations is a tough one.  What do you think we should do?”

Michael Bayley post

As you can imagine, the post has already prompted hundreds of responses from his followers. Some provided real solutions while others took this as an opportunity to reflect on changes that have taken place within the Crown and Anchor program.   

If you’re one of Royal Caribbean’s top tier loyalty members, you have probably noticed significantly more people heading to loyalty lounges onboard your cruises.

Read more11 of our favorite under-the-radar Crown & Anchor perks

Crown and Anchor members who have reached Diamond, Diamond Plus or Pinnacle status have access to Royal Caribbean’s loyalty lounges onboard its cruise ships. These loyalty lounges typically consist of a Diamond Lounge, available for Diamond members and above.

Diamond Club sign

The overcrowding in loyalty lounges onboard Royal Caribbean ships has been an issue for a while, with more cruisers achieving Diamond status or higher.

As Mr. Bayley indicated, an influx of new Diamond members has exacerbated the overcrowding problem. So, what really created this problem and what is the solution for overcrowding in the loyalty lounges?  

Increase of top-tier members

Under the radar Crown and Anchor perks

As Mr. Bayley shared himself, there has been an estimated 30% increase in the top tiers of the Crown and Anchor program last year. 

This influx of new top-tier members can likely be attributed to Royal Caribbean’s post-pandemic strategy of offering double loyalty points for sailings. During the post-pandemic cruising restart, Royal Caribbean offered a lucrative promotion where loyalty members could earn double Crown and Anchor points for all itineraries.

This meant if you sailed on a 7-night itinerary in a standard cabin, instead of earning 7 Crown and Anchor points, you would earn 14 points. Couple this with staying in a suite or cruising solo, and it was pretty easy to rack-up your points.

Offering double points made it very feasible for loyal Royal Caribbean cruisers to earn top-tier status. Many took advantage of this promotion throughout 2021 and 2022. The strategy made sense operationally for Royal Caribbean to lure back loyal cruisers post-pandemic while the general public might have maintained some hesitancy towards cruising.  

This promotion was obviously very enticing for those looking to bump their Royal Caribbean status.

For example, our own Royal Caribbean Blog videographer, Jenna, earned Diamond Plus status within one year of cruising with the double points promotion. Her first Royal Caribbean cruise was in 2021. Comparatively, I have been cruising with Royal Caribbean since 2005 and I have the same Diamond Plus status as Jenna. 

Read moreI reached Diamond status with Royal Caribbean: here's why this loyalty tier matters

The double points promotion ended in December 2022, although only cruises booked in 2021 for the following year qualified. Undoubtedly, this had a major contribution to the lounge overcrowding because of the influx of new top-tier members with no place to go other than the Diamond Lounge. 

Removing the Concierge Lounge

 Suite Concierge

As some of you might remember, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members once had access to the Concierge Lounges onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships. This used to be the top-tier lounge onboard - and it was a lucrative perk once you hit Diamond Plus loyalty status.

However, in the last decade, Royal Caribbean has been focusing more on amenities and accommodations for suite guests. As cruise ships get bigger, Royal Caribbean has been designing more luxurious suites onboard and providing more lucrative benefits to suite guests.

With each new ship that Royal Caribbean built, the cruise line opted to add a Suite Lounge to replace the Concierge Lounges onboard. This meant that Diamond Plus members could only access Diamond Lounges onboard.

For a while, if you were sailing on a ship that lacked a suite lounge, Diamond Plus members still had the opportunity to visit the Concierge Lounge. But, to accommodate more suite guests, Royal Caribbean chose to first restrict access for Diamond Plus members to the Concierge Lounge. 

Concierge Club

For a few years, Diamond Plus members could only utilize the Concierge Lounge at the discretion of the loyalty director onboard each sailing. If a particular sailing had a large number of Diamond Plus members onboard, the sailing would restrict access to the Concierge Lounge.

With the influx of many new Diamond Plus members in the last two years, it was rare to gain Concierge Lounge access anyway. Starting in December 2022, Royal Caribbean revoked all access for Diamond Plus members to enjoy the Concierge Lounge.

As such, Diamond Plus members can only access the Diamond Lounge now. 

Drink Voucher Change

Prior to the pandemic, one of the biggest draws to the Diamond Lounge was receiving unlimited alcoholic beverages during happy hour. Diamond members and above could only receive complimentary drinks in the lounge during happy hour, which typically ran from 5pm to 8:30pm. 

To combat overcrowding in the lounge, Royal Caribbean made the decision to allocate daily drink vouchers onto SeaPass cards. Drink vouchers can be used at any bar onboard for nearly any drink under $15. You no longer needed to wait until happy hour to redeem these, as you could enjoy your drink vouchers at any time during the day. 

Read moreHow Royal Caribbean's free drink vouchers for Diamond and higher members works

Unanimously, this was a win-win for everyone. The vouchers were a positive change for loyalty members because it provided flexibility. Also, you could now have almost any drink you wanted rather than ordering from a set drink menu in the Diamond Lounge. 

Because of the drink vouchers, you no longer have to visit the Diamond Lounge to receive your loyalty perks. This has certainly helped with overcrowding, as it would be an absolute zoo each evening if the Diamond Lounge was the only place to receive free loyalty drinks. 

Difficulty Earning Pinnacle Status

Pinnacle logo

Another contributing factor to the overcrowding issue is the massive gap in loyalty status from Diamond Plus to Pinnacle status. Here are the thresholds to reach top-tier status with Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor status: 

  • Diamond: 80 points
  • Diamond Plus: 175 points
  • Pinnacle: 700 points

There is an obvious gap in the loyalty ladder between Diamond Plus and Pinnacle status. It only takes less than 100 points to move from Diamond to Diamond Plus, yet you need to earn more than 500 points to reach Pinnacle status from Diamond Plus. 

Because of this structure, many people get stuck in Diamond Plus status for a very long time. You could earn Diamond Plus status three times over before you reach Pinnacle Status, as it requires triple the amount of effort to get to Pinnacle from Diamond Plus. 

Why visit the Diamond Lounge?

The Diamond Lounge is more than just a spot to grab free drinks. Each evening, you can find different nightly appetizers served. If you’re sailing on an older ship with limited dining options (like my last cruise on Jewel of the Seas), then grabbing a snack here in the early evening can be really nice if you have later dining. 

In addition, you can find continental breakfast served in the Diamond Lounge each morning. Those who prefer to have specialty coffee can enjoy cappuccinos and lattes in the Diamond Lounge all day, which is one of my favorite perks. 

Breakfast in the Diamond Lounge

There is also a dedicated Diamond Lounge Concierge to help you with any sort of issues you might have onboard. These concierges can help with dining reservations, questions, tender tickets and more. 

Diamond Concierge

The Diamond Lounge can also be a quiet space to retreat during the day, as this is often not when the lounges are crowded. Most of the overcrowding happens in the mornings and evenings. I’ve heard of some loyalty members heading to the Diamond Lounge on older ships because it provides panoramic views and a quiet space to relax. 

Finally, there is a sense of community in the Diamond Lounge. You are often surrounded by other travelers and loyal cruisers, making it easy to strike up a conversation with those you have things in common with. Many enjoy meeting others in the Diamond Lounge, as it provides a more intimate place to mingle with others. 

Ideas to combat overcrowding

Radiance of the Seas concierge lounge

The overcrowding in loyalty lounges is a product of other decisions made by Royal Caribbean. While it seems as though the pandemic exasperated the issue, the overcrowding issue has been building for a while. To start, many loyalty members are stuck in Diamond Plus status for a very long time. In fact, I’ve been a Diamond Plus member for OVER a decade, and that’s with multiple Royal Caribbean cruises each year.

One of the most popular suggestions on Michael Bayley’s Facebook post was needing another loyalty tier between Diamond Plus and Pinnacle status.

Another status could help break up the massive amount of Diamond Plus members that are currently enrolled in the loyalty program. With another status, Royal Caribbean could reevaluate the benefits for each tier as well during the restructure process.

Adding an additional loyalty status could even prove to be profitable for Royal Caribbean. Once Crown and Anchor member reach Diamond Plus, some feel they will never reach Pinnacle status, especially for older cruisers. This leads many to try out other cruise lines because they have already reached their most attainable status with Royal Caribbean.

It seems unlikely that Royal Caribbean will allocate more space on its ships for loyalty lounges. This has been apparent for quite some time, as the location and size of the Diamond Lounge continues to be less than exceptional. 

Another common suggestion was to limit the Diamond lounge to only Diamond Plus members.

Depending on the breakdown between Diamond and Diamond Plus, limiting the lounge to just Diamond Plus members would certainly alleviate some of the crowding. In addition, Pinnacle members able to still access the Suite Lounges onboard, so limiting Pinnacles to just one lounge could help with overcrowding as well. 

Many responses praised Royal Caribbean for creating the drink voucher policy, which has been wildly popular among cruisers. Having more flexibility each day of your cruise is one of the most enticing perks of Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor Society, in my opinion. 

Do you think overcrowding is an issue? If so, what do you think could help with the overcrowding?

After 68 cruises, I'm about to reach the top tier of Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society: here’s what being a Pinnacle member means

24 Apr 2023

After 17 years of cruising with Royal Caribbean, I'm less than two cruises away from reaching the highest tier of the cruise line's customer loyalty program.

Matt turning Pinnacle

There are 6 levels of the Crown and Anchor Society, but the very top level requires a great deal of dedication to a single cruise line to achieve.

Pinnacle Club status (henceforth referred to simply as "Pinnacle") means you accrue 700 points in Crown and Anchor Society.

I didn't have a goal when I first started to reach Pinnacle, but the more I cruised, the more apparent it became I would reach it sooner than I expected.

Sunrise at sea

When I sail on the June 16, 2023 cruises on Navigator of the Seas, I should hit lucky number 700 early in that sailing.

Most cruisers will never get close to the 700 points needed, but if they do, there is a slew of new amenities and benefits, along with a distinct culture to Royal Caribbean's upper echelon of cruisers.

Reaching 700 points

I was never one to cruise more in order to attain a higher loyalty program status. 

Unlike the airline industry that places a great deal of emphasis on attaining status (primarily driven by business travelers), some of the best benefits for cruisers are when you get to the upper-middle tiers. However, Pinnacle status shares some similarities with the airline programs in terms of offering the most perks at the top.

I got into cruising because I liked the idea of visiting different ports, and the benefits I received along the way sweetened the experience.

Balcony smooth seas

I remember thinking about how lucrative it was to get to Platinum status and be eligible for a balcony discount.  Then I thought when I became a Diamond member and getting complimentary drinks every day of my cruise was just about the best I could hope to achieve.

It's a long way from Diamond Plus at 175 points to the 700 threshold for Pinnacle.  Two factors catapulted me significantly faster to 700 than I thought would otherwise.

First and foremost, I live in Florida, and that means I have access to year-round cruises without the additional cost of airfare. 

Oasis of the Seas in Port Canaveral

Florida is the cruising capital of the world because of all the cruise ships based here, and being able to drive to your cruise (especially when there's a cruise deal) enables far more cruising than living anywhere else.

I live in the Orlando area, and that puts four different Royal Caribbean home ports less than 4 hours of driving away.  Two of them are just about an hour away.

Compounding my Florida residency is of course the fact I've been working on as my full time job.

Being able to "cruise for a living" meant I started going on many more cruises than I ever did when I had my former day job.  Similar to how retirees have the time to cruise a lot, I didn't have to balance vacation time needs. 

Of course, having a wife and two school-aged kids means I'm not sailing every week by any means.  It's a struggle to balance the school schedule, especially considering how much I love going with my kids on sailings around the world.

And in case you're thinking I get to cruise for free from various media cruise giveaways from Royal Caribbean, there are very few free cruises given to me (maybe twice per year), and most importantly, I receive zero Crown and Anchor points for media cruises.

But if there's one factor that got me to Pinnacle faster than living in Florida or even working on this blog, it was the double points promotion.

From 2020 through the end of 2022, Royal Caribbean offered double the normal amount of loyalty points for cruises booked during the cruise industry shutdown.

It was a strategy by the cruise line to spur new bookings at a time when many people were hesitant to book cruises on sailings they weren't sure were actually going to sail due to the uncertainty related to the industry's return to service.

Ship docked in Caribbean

Going on week-long cruises and getting 28 points per sailing (sailing in a suite or solo multiplied by 2) moves you up the ladder a heck of a lot faster.

Everyone in Crown and Anchor Society benefitted from the double points, and it certainly accelerated my points trajectory.

Why reaching Pinnacle means something

Side of Navigator of the Seas

When I got to Diamond Plus status (175 points), I thought I had reached the mountain top of Royal Caribbean status for what was realistic for me, and I was content being there because I didn't truly grasp the value of getting to Pinnacle.

The more you cruise, the more friends you'll make along the way, and I've gotten to known many wonderful people that were already Pinnacle members or turned Pinnacle later.

Everyone has a story how they attained what seemed like the impossible: seven hundred points!

Pinnacle Pin

In speaking with them and observing other cruisers, it's clear being a Pinnacle is more than just a different color on your SetSail pass or an extra free drink every day.

Royal Caribbean itself places a ton of emphasis on its top tier cruisers. In short, they want other cruisers and crew members to know someone is a Pinnacle compared to any other Crown and Anchor status.

Pinnacles get gold SeaPass cards, are able to check-in with the suite guests, get mentioned at Top Tier events onboard, and receive a gold lapel nametag to wear around the ship.

Pinnacle certificate

While I personally don't care for the badge as something I want to wear, it's incredible how much emphasis the Pinnacle program gets from the company.

I think any customer wants to feel valued, whether at a sandwich shop, car dealership, or on a cruise ship. Certainly most companies talk about how much they love their customers, but Royal Caribbean backs it up with action.

Beyond the added benefits listed later in this article, it's more than lip service. When policies are amended, the cruise line often makes special stipulations just for Pinnacle Club members.

Ship tendering

In my observations, it seems Pinnacles also get a lot of officers onboard speaking to them to not only get to know these people, but take care of concerns they may have. 

I don't want it to seem like Pinnacles get everything they want and the cruise line is perfect in their handling, but Pinnacles get more attention than any other tier.  I can appreciate that Royal Caribbean cares beyond form letters and freebies.

The extras you get with Pinnacle status

Pinnacle logo

In case you're wondering what extras you can expect if you reach 700 points, here's a breakdown of the benefits Royal Caribbean lists for its Pinnacle guests.

  • Flexible arrival
  • Personalized lapel pin for Pinnacle Club
  • Pinnacle Club SeaPass Card with exclusive privileges
  • Daily breakfast at a specialty restaurant
  • Exclusive nightly pinnacle club event
  • Milestone cruise certificate valued at the prevailing rate of a 7-night balcony stateroom for 700 and 1050 cruise points
  • Milestone cruise certificate valued at the prevailing rate of a Junior Suite stateroom for 1,400 and every 350 cruise points thereafter
  • Bigger discount on Balcony & Suite staterooms compared to a Diamond Plus member
Serenade and Mariner of the Seas docked in Cozumel

The free cruises for continuing past 700 points is a really nice option that adds a tremendous amount of value.

After hitting the Pinnacle Club level, you’ll get an additional free cruise every time you accumulate another 350 points. That means you will get an initial free cruise after hitting 700 points, and then additional cruises at 1,050 points, 1,400 points, 1,750 points, etc.

Junior Suite on Symphony of the Seas

The free cruise is for two people, but you can bring a third and fourth guest. You'll just have to pay for their fares. 

The first two cruises are in a balcony cabin. After that, you quality for a junior suite.

If you don’t want to sail the Caribbean, you can ask for a cruise credit to use toward an itinerary somewhere else. Royal Caribbean will give you $2,400 toward the purchase of a cruise at 700 and 1,050 points, and $3,200 toward the purchase of a cruise at 1,400 points and above.

Two more cruises to go

Anthem of the Seas in Port Canaveral

With just about 20 points to go until I make Pinnacle, I find myself reflecting on the years of cruising.

If my math is right, I've taken 68 cruises so far and that means I'll reach 700 once I'm on cruise number 70, which will be Navigator of the Seas on the June 16th sailing.

If you were to ask what it feels like to reach Pinnacle, my answer would be "surreal".

Deck chairs at sunset

I never thought I would reach Pinnacle quite this soon, but in doing so, it feels like a new phase of my Royal Caribbean cruising career will open, similar to how things changed onboard when I hit Diamond.

I'm grateful to my many friends who are already Pinnacle and have shared their experiences over the years. As one of our writers is fond to say, "cruising is what you make of it" and the Crown and Anchor Society is very much the same way.

I may not take advantage of every single Pinnacle benefit, but there are a few I'm very much looking forward to, such as priority embarkation and complimentary internet access.

Sea day ocean view on Allure of the Seas

Of course, the complimentary cruises along the way will be yet another good rationale for telling my wife we "need to book another cruise."

I hope sharing my experience will provide you with context for perhaps making it to Pinnacle as well some day, and what Crown and Anchor Society offers its most loyal cruisers.

11 of our favorite under-the-radar Crown & Anchor perks

27 Mar 2023

Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society is arguably one of the best loyalty programs in the cruise industry. 

Under the radar Crown and Anchor perks

Rewarding loyal customers is a common practice not just in the cruise industry, but in the travel sector as a whole. Airlines, hotels and car rental companies all have some-sort of loyalty program that rewards customers who continue to choose their brand over and over again.

After just one cruise, you can start accumulating points towards earning status with Royal Caribbean. Typically, each night spent on a Royal Caribbean cruise will earn you one point towards your loyalty status. If you stay in a suite or cruise solo, you can earn double points towards your status. 

Below is a breakdown of the Crown and Anchor Society’s status levels, starting with the lowest tier of Gold Members.

Crown and Anchor Levels

The highest tier of membership you can reach with Royal Caribbean is dubbed the Pinnacle Club, which you achieve after earning 700 points. Loyalty can pay off in the long-run and this is especially true with Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society. As you move through the program’s totem pole of statuses, the benefits become more lucrative. 


Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program has some incredible perks that would be considered not under-the-radar benefits. In particular, top-tier members earn daily, complimentary drinks for Diamond members and above. These members also receive access to a special Diamond Lounge, which hosts nightly appetizers and daily breakfast with specialty coffees. Pinnacle Club members even receive a complimentary cruise!

Of course, these are all major perks of choosing to cruise with Royal Caribbean time and time again. But, most Royal Caribbean cruisers might not even know about all of the other perks that are available through the Crown and Anchor Society. 

Wonder of the Seas aerial photo

Here’s a list of our favorite under-the-radar perks of the Crown and Anchor Society.

Complimentary internet

Cruising with access to Wi-Fi onboard is crucial for many, especially those of us who cruise often. Internet can be expensive to purchase onboard. The Surf and Stream package, which is the fastest service onboard, starts at $25.99 per day, per device. If you want to purchase internet for a 7-day cruise, this means you’ll be spending around $180 for access to the internet throughout your voyage. 

All members of Crown and Anchor Society are eligible for complimentary discounted Internet onboard. Platinum and Emerald members will receive a 15% discount any onboard internet purchases; even Gold members (who only need 3 cruise points) can receive a 10% discount on internet purchases. 


Once you reach Diamond status, you start to receive even better benefits with complimentary internet access. Diamond guests receive one complimentary day of Surf + Stream while Diamond Plus receive two complimentary days. This can also transfer to a discount of equivalent value, from $25.99 for Diamond to $51.98 for Diamond Plus. 

Top-tier Pinnacle Club members receive free unlimited Surf and Stream internet on their cruises for the entire duration of their cruise, which amounts to huge savings on each cruise!

BOGO specialty dining

There’s plenty to eat and drink onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, but I’ve found that I am increasingly drawn to the specialty dining experiences while cruising. I enjoy the change of pace, the ambiance, the high-quality food and the impeccable service.

Giovanni's Kitchen

Crown and Anchor Society’s top-tier members can receive complimentary speciality dining onboard their cruises. Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Members each receive a BOGO deal to buy any specialty dining restaurant on the first or second night, and receive complimentary dining for the second guest. (Note, this does exclude Izumi Hibachi and Teppanyaki, Chef’s Table and Hooked Seafood). 

Considering every member receives this discount, you can save pretty big money with this complimentary BOGO offer. For example, my husband and I each have this BOGO voucher, which means we can essentially get an entire specialty dining meal comped between the two of us. 


I’ve also found that as long as you pre-pay for the specialty dining on the first or second night, the hosts will normally let you dine at a later date as long as it’s been paid for during the voucher timeframe. 

Platinum members and above can each receive a complimentary coffee beverage with a purchase of a specialty dining purchase. 

Finally, top-tier Pinnacle members receive Coastal Kitchen access and daily breakfast in a specialty dining restaurant throughout their cruise. Coastal Kitchen is designed as a top-tier dining option for suite guests, so this is a very nice benefit to receive. 

Priority access and seating for events

Royal Caribbean is known for building mega cruise ships that can hold thousands of people onboard. They don’t call ‘em the world’s biggest cruise ships for nothing!

With so many people onboard, it can sometimes be difficult to find seating at popular shows, events and entertainment offerings. Some of Royal Caribbean's biggest ships require reservations for shows, but others do not require any reservation - and events can be equally as popular. 

Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members of the Crown and Anchor are given propriety access and seating at theater shows, Ice shows and AquaTheater events. This can be a huge perk that many overlook because it doesn’t have a monetary value; however, it’s really nice to arrive to a show right on time and not worry about finding a seat.

Ice Show

I’ve even had luck with attendants allowing others in my party to sit in the section who were cruising with me but didn’t have the same status, if there were open seats. 

Exclusive events

On each Royal Caribbean cruise, you can almost always find Crown and Anchor Society hosting a Top Tier Event during the cruise. This exclusive event normally features free champagne, but I’ve also been invited to events with morning mimosas and special pastries or baked goods.

Platinum members and above will receive an invite to this exclusive event in their stateroom for a designated date, time and location of the Top Tier Event. 

On my recent Odyssey of the Seas cruise, the Top Tier Event was a special Icon of the Seas reveal, which was highly-anticipated at the time. This was an exciting event with luxurious baked goods and free drinks. 

Icon of the Seas event

Not everyone goes to these events, but it’s a nice offering that Royal Caribbean wants to recognize loyalty members on each cruise. The free alcohol is a bonus for sure! You can also usually meet the Captain or other Senior Officers during the Top Tier Event. 

If the event fits in my schedule, you can often find me there. Who doesn’t like being recognized and thanked for their loyalty?

Complimentary bottled water

While this might seem like a small perk, I always appreciate boarding my cruise and finding complimentary bottled waters waiting for me on the vanity. 

Bottled water is not free onboard, so it’s nice to have disposable bottles that can be used around the ship. I often use these to take ashore too so I don’t have to lug my personal water bottle around. 

Bottled water

In addition, I travel with LiquidIV (or equivalent hydration packets, like these Propel electrolyte packets) because I want to stay as hydrated as possible. I hate adding these packets to my personal water bottle because I am not able to wash it for a few days. It’s much easier to use bottled water to add my hydration or flavor and toss the bottle when I’m done. 

Note, we receive a small commission if you purchase from these affiliate links while it costs you nothing extra. 

Discounts on balcony staterooms

One of the best perks for booking your Royal Caribbean cruise is receiving a Crown and Anchor discount on Balcony and Suite Staterooms. Anyone with a status of Platinum or above is eligible to receive a balcony or suite discount when booking their stateroom. If booking online, you simply need to enter your Crown and Anchor number to have the discount automatically applied. 

Junior Suite Balcony

I can’t tell you how much money this has saved me over the years! I’ve been able to upgrade my inside guarantee cabin to a balcony for the same price because of this Crown and Anchor discount. A quick look at recent reservations from the last year unveil a savings of $150 on a 4-night sailing and a $326 discount on a 12-night European cruise last summer, just to name a few. 

Upon review, the discount received varies on your loyalty status and when you are booking your cruise relative to the sail date. Those who book more than 6 months in advance receive bigger discounts than those booked within 6 months of sailing.

Alaska balcony

However, I’ve also seen prices drop more significantly as a sailing gets closer and after final payments are made, which can be a good time to upgrade or book your stateroom with this discount. 

In fact, I just upgraded from an inside guarantee to a balcony guarantee for just $300, which is the lowest price I’ve been able to lock-in for an upcoming Iceland cruise. For a scenic cruise, I think this is totally worth it and the balcony discount saved us $326. 

Dedicated Loyalty Service Desk

Waiting on the phone or holding for hours is not a great experience for anyone. When Royal Caribbean runs certain sales and promotions, the call center can get very busy, which can make it difficult to get ahold of anyone. 

Odyssey of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members can call (800) 526-9723 to reach the dedicated line for Crown and Anchor members. Those outside of the US and Canada should call (541) 285-9723. 

The desk is not open 24/7, so be sure to call during business hours: M-F from 9am-10PM EST and weekends from 9am - 8pm EST.

Just recently, I tried to call on a Sunday evening to upgrade my inside stateroom to a balcony, as I mentioned above. It was a 2-hour wait so I gave up. Two days later, the sale returned and I called during business hours to the dedicated loyalty desk. The entire call took 8 minutes and I had already made the payment to upgrade and received confirmation. This is a HUGE timesaver and benefit that might fly under most peoples' radar. 

Status Match Program

If you’re a member of Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society, you can also receive some pretty awesome status match perks with other cruise lines and travel companies. 

Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor members can receive reciprocity benefits with sister-brand Celebrity Cruises. Those with a status of Platinum or above will receive status match when sailing on Celebrity cruise ships. 

For example, as a Diamond Plus member, I just sailed on Celebrity for the first time and received Elite-level benefits, which included free drinks, discounted internet, free laundry, and more. I absolutely loved my first Celebrity cruise experience and receiving benefits was a huge perk for the onboard experience. 

There are other companies that will provide some level of reciprocity with your Crown and Anchor status as well. Most notable, your Crown and Anchor status will be matched at MGM Rewards. Emerald and above will receive Gold status at MGM while lower tiers will also receive some status perks. Simply visit an MGM Rewards desk at any MGM Rewards destination to validate your status. 

Finally, all of Crown and Anchor Society members can receive Hertz Gold Plus Reward points as well. For the purposes of this article, I followed instructions through Royal Caribbean’s website and entered information on Hertz’s website to sign up. The link from Royal Caribbean pre-populated a few fields during the sign-up process.

Hertz Gold Rewards includes Skip the Counter and E-Return access, which can save time at the airport. You will earn points with rentals and receive Ultimate Choice benefits.

Complimentary Photos

While phones are becoming very sophisticated with picture-taking capabilities, there’s a hint of nostalgia when it comes to taking and purchasing cruise photos. Personally, I love getting the welcome abroad picture which has the sail dates, itinerary and ship because it’s a great memory keepsake. 

Diamond members and above each receive a complimentary photo of any size during every single cruise. The 8x10 pictures are upwards of $25 onboard now. I always pick out a picture on the last day of the cruise (or two pictures if I am sailing with my husband who also gets a free picture).

Family Photo

Gold through Emerald members receive a discount on photos in which buying 1 photo earned a 50% discount on a second photo. 

With so many cruise pictures, I decided to get this photo album where I can keep all of the cruise pictures in an orderly fashion (this one fits up to 8x10 photographs). I was running out of space to hang up all of the photos; and let’s be honest, some of those cruise pictures are NOT wall worthy!

This photo album has sticky pages, so I can simply place the printed cruise photos in there without needing to tape or glue anything. I know I won’t have time to scrapbook these days, but it really is a nice keepsake to have all of your cruise photos in an easy album.

You also have an option to download the digital file of your photo, which can often make more sense than lugging home a physical photo. 

Single Supplement Reduced Cruise Fare

If you’re someone who cruises solo, paying double occupancy can be a huge blow to your budget. Royal Caribbean provides top-tier loyalty members with discounts for reduced cruise fares for single supplement rates.

Diamond Plus members with 340+ points and Pinnacle members can received a reduced rate for solo cruising from 200% to 150%. For solo cruisers, this can amount to big savings!

Complimentary and Discounted Laundry 

It can be tough living out of a suitcase, especially if you’ve traveling for a while. Royal Caribbean does not offer any self-service laundry options; instead, you have to send in your laundry to be washed and folded by crew members. Platinum and above members receive anywhere from $5 to $10 discounts on wash and gold laundry for sailings 5+ nights or longer.

Laundry bags

Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members can receive one free $34.99 wash and gold bag on cruises longer than 5+ nights. This is a super nice perk, especially on those longer itineraries where you desperately need some clean clothes.

My husband even likes to send out his laundry towards the end of the cruise so he can bring home a bag of clean clothes, meaning we don’t have to wash them when we get home. He simply places the clean clothes in a separate packing cube from the dirty clothes, which our future selves are always grateful for. 

I used my Royal Caribbean loyalty perks on Celebrity Cruises. Here's how it saved me a lot of money

23 Mar 2023

I think Royal Caribbean has arguably one of the best loyalty programs in the cruising industry.

Celebrity Silhouette

The Crown & Anchor Society is the cruise line's program that rewards cruisers for showing loyalty to Royal Caribbean. After just one cruise, you can start earning points towards different tiers of status with the cruise line. 

As someone who has cruised almost exclusively with Royal Caribbean for my entire life, I am currently a Diamond Plus member of the Crown and Anchor Society. Reaching this status a few years ago, the program’s lucrative benefits are a huge selling point when I look to book future cruises. 

Notably, the complimentary daily drink vouchers are a huge perk of having Diamond Plus status. I receive five daily drink vouchers each day of my cruise; for my husband and I, this saves us hundreds to thousands of dollars on each cruise. 

Drink Voucher

We also enjoy discounted internet, free laundry service, a complimentary photo, BOGO specialty dining and more as Diamond Plus members.

Although I love cruising with Royal Caribbean, I was been eager to try sailing on sister-brand Celebrity Cruises for quite some time; however, I wasn’t sure if the onboard experience would feel lackluster without some of the lucrative benefits that I’m used to receiving on Royal Caribbean. 

Celebrity Silhouette

Because Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises are owned by the same parent company, the two cruise lines actually have a status reciprocity program. Celebrity’s Loyalty Match program allows cruisers to receive comparable benefits from Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Program when sailing on Celebrity cruise ships. 

On my recent 4-night spring break sailing, I used my Royal Caribbean loyalty perks onboard Celebrity Silhouette for the first time - and it saved me a lot of money. This was my first cruise with Celebrity, so I didn't know what to expect. 

Here’s how the programs compared and how much money the benefits saved me. 

To start, Elite status is the highest tier of Celebrity's loyalty program, Captain’s Club, that you can receive through the reciprocity program. 

Royal Caribbean’s three highest tiers of loyalty - Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle - can only receive Elite member status on Celebrity Cruises through the reciprocity program. To reach Elite Plus or Zenith status, you must earn points by sailing on Celebrity’s cruise ships and earning the status. 

Similarly, Captain’s Club highest members - Elite Plus and Zenith - can only receive Diamond status when sailing on Royal Caribbean cruises.

It's important to note that Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises each have their own points structure. To reach the next tier with Celebrity, I would need to earn at least 750 Captain’s Club points on my own; however, I’d continue to receive Elite-level benefits through reciprocity until then. 

Below is a breakdown of how Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor status translates to Captain’s Club status with the reciprocity status match program. 

Captain's Club Reciprocity

Technically, I boarded Celebrity Silhouette as an Elite member with 0 Captain’s Club points, as I had not sailed on a Celebrity Cruise before.

When booking this cruise, I wanted to make sure I received the benefits I was entitled to. Enrollment in Celebrity’s loyalty program, Captain’s Club, was seamless. 

Anyone who is in enrolled in either Royal Caribbean’s or Celebrity’s loyalty programs will automatically receive benefits while sailing on either cruise line. 

Celebrity’s website states that anyone in Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor program that is not enrolled in Celebrity’s Captain’s Club program should confirm enrollment before booking their cruise. I decided to call the Loyalty Service Desk to make sure I was enrolled in Captain’s Club before booking my first Celebrity cruise. 

Celebrity Beyond

Calling Celebrity Cruises was easy and they quickly confirmed my enrollment in the program. The agent also provided me with my Captain’s Club number at this time. Investigating further, I actually found the Captain’s Club number on Royal Caribbean’s website under Profile -> My Loyalty. I believe this is automatically populated, but I would suggest confirming your Captain’s Club number before booking your cruise. 

Celebrity Beyond

I provided the Captain’s Club numbers for both me and my sister when booking the Celebrity Cruise through our MEI travel agent. I was able to login to Celebrity’s travel portal and it showed my Elite status in the profile already. 

Celebrity Status

Once we boarded Celebrity Silhouette for our weekend cruise, we found an info sheet in the cabin with information about our Captain’s Club Elite membership benefits. 

Although the benefits are not necessarily one to one, we were pretty pleased with the Elite benefits that were listed on the sheet. It was a relief to see the Elite status on my SeaPass card and knowing that my benefits transferred correctly. 

Elite Status

Most importantly, I was happy to see on the benefit list that we would still receive complimentary drinks through Celebrity’s happy hour for Captain’s Club members! In addition, we were invited to join Captain’s Club Coffee Lounge everyday from 8am to 10am in Tuscan Restaurant. This was described as a coffeehouse style breakfast with snacks and pastries. 

The info sheet also stated that there would be a Captain’s Club Celebration on the final night of the cruise. This invitation said we could join the exclusive event for live music, drinks and special appearances from the Captain and Senior Officers.

Finally, we were invited to a Private Departure Lounge during disembarkation from 7:30am - 9am in Tuscan Restaurant. 

One of the first things I always do when I board a cruise ship is purchase internet for the entire voyage with my loyalty discount. 

Although disconnecting on a cruise is so relaxing, I simply need to have internet for my remote jobs. The flexibility of being able to work anywhere is incredible, but I do need to have high-speed internet purchased when I sail on a cruise to ensure I keep up with work when necessary. 

I am still holding out hope for the day that Internet is free on cruises, especially considering I can get free high-speed internet at almost anywhere these days!

On Royal Caribbean, as a Diamond Plus member, I receive two free days of Internet onboard or a $50 discount for the entire voyage. For this reason, I usually wait to purchase my Wi-Fi until I am onboard shorter cruises to ensure I get my discount, unless I can get a better price in the Cruise Planner beforehand. 

For a 4-night cruise, it’s usually around $51.98 for me to have high-speed internet on Royal Caribbean, as it’s priced at $25.99 per day. 

Unlike Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises provides a percentage discount on Wi-Fi packages; sadly, high-speed internet is more expensive at $35 each day. As Elite members, we received a 30% discount on our Internet package, which I purchased on the first day. 

Unfortunately, high-speed Internet on Celebrity was almost double what it would cost on a 4-night Royal Caribbean cruise! I received a $42 discount, but it was still nearly $100 for the duration of the 4-night voyage. 

Shockingly, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises have the exact same Wi-Fi coverage through satellite-provider Starlink. 

In this sense, the price discrepancy between the two cruise lines is quite confusing for me. I was paying nearly double for the exact same provider coverage.

Starlink receivers coming to Royal Caribbean

On a longer voyage, the 30% discount would be more sizable (in dollars) than the static $51.98 discount received on Royal Caribbean; however, the increased cost of $10 more each day on Celebrity will likely wash out any major savings when comparing the two. 

For example, a recent 12-night cruise on Royal Caribbean cost me $259.90 for the high-speed service with a savings of $51.98. On Celebrity Cruises, the same Internet would cost me $294 with a savings of $126. Although the savings is more, the overall cost of Internet is still higher. 

I’ve actually wished that Royal Caribbean would provide a bigger discount on longer cruises for top-tier loyalty members. When I take a 12-night cruise, it would be great to receive a 30%-50% discount on internet service, although any discount is still awesome. 

Technically, you have the potential to save a lot more money with Celebrity’s Captain’s Club internet discounts, but the increased cost of coverage needs to be taken into consideration. The internet coverage was consistent with what I’ve experienced on Royal Caribbean cruises, which is expected since the provider is the same. 

Another great perk on our Celebrity cruise that saved us a lot of money was the nightly happy hour with complimentary cocktails. 

Paying for cocktails and alcohol on a cruise can get very expensive. Not to mention, drink packages can nearly double the cost of your cruise and you have to drink around 5 cocktails each day to breakeven. 

Celebrity does not offer the easy-to-use drink vouchers like Royal Caribbean for loyalty perks. Instead, the cruise line has a nightly happy hour that serves complimentary drinks from 5pm-7pm.

This is very reminiscent of Royal Caribbean’s old happy hour in the Diamond and Concierge lounge, which was phased out after the pandemic and replaced with daily drink vouchers.

The happy hour was not limited just to a certain lounge. We were able to enjoy complimentary drinks from a set menu throughout the cruise at almost every bar, except the Craft Social and World Class Bar. 

Sunset bar

On the set menu for happy hour, you could choose from a variety of simple cocktails and liquors. The bars specifically set out the menu each evening from 5pm-7pm. Throughout the cruise happy hours, we probably enjoyed 10-12 cocktails between the two of us. 

At a minimum, this saved us at least $100-$120 on our cruise! You can have unlimited cocktails during happy hour, so I will definitely choose a later dining time on my future Celebrity Cruise to take advantage of this happy hour. 

Sunset Bar

My sister and I enjoyed multiple cocktails each evening during happy hour and most enjoyed Sunset Bar. On our final evening, we sipped on a fruity concoction from the bartender while listening to live music while we sailed away from Nassau and back to Miami. 

Sunset Bar

Oddly, the first day of the cruise was excluded from the Captain's Club happy hour, which was a bit of a bummer.

During the first day of our cruise on Celebrity Silhouette, we were bummed to find out that there was no happy hour for Captain’s Club members that evening. 

The flyer in our cabin specifically stated that the Captain’s Club Cocktail Hour was excluded on embarkation day for whatever reason. Excluding embarkation day isn’t a huge deal, but when compared to Royal Caribbean’s daily voucher allowance that starts on the first day, it is notable. 

On a longer sailing, it also isn’t that big of a deal; however, we were only sailing on a 4-night cruise, so that meant we had only three evenings to take advantage of our benefits, so it was a bit more restrictive in that sense.

Instead, we purchased martinis at the famous Martini Bar on the first night of the cruise while we watched the bartenders perform impressive tricks with the martini glasses.

The martinis were not cheap, as they were $17 each including gratuities. We decided just to have one drink in anticipation of our happy hour kicking in the following evening. We loved the atmosphere of the Martini Bar and enjoyed the DJ playing music throughout the evening. 

Each morning, we could choose to dine at Tuscan Grill for Captain’s Club coffeehouse breakfast, which included cocktails and specialty coffees.

On the third morning of our cruise on Celebrity Silhouette, we decided to try out the Captain’s Club breakfast to see what was offered. This was located in Tuscan Restaurant, which is a specialty dining venue. 

I was thrilled to see I could get my morning latte during the coffeehouse breakfast - and even more excited to see mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Marys on the menu. The breakfast menu was small with simple offerings like pastries, oatmeal and bagels. 

Receiving a free morning latte saved me $7 - something I wish I had known on the first morning of the cruise. I paid for my specialty coffee the first two mornings in the buffet and could have come here instead.

While I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for a mimosa on this morning, I was excited to see complimentary morning cocktails on the menu. Theoretically, I could have drank way more for free each day on this Celebrity cruise compared to my 5 drink vouchers on Royal Caribbean.

Between the unlimited cocktails, complimentary specialty coffee in the lounge and the nightly happy hours with cocktails, there would be absolutely no need for a drink package on Celebrity for me. 

On the final day, we enjoyed complimentary access to the Persian Garden thermal spa with our Elite status. 

One of the coolest perks with our Elite benefits was complimentary access to the Persian Garden thermal spa. We were able to access the thermal spa during one port day of the cruise as Elite members. We opted to do this on the final day of our cruise while we were docked in Nassau.

When I asked how much a daily pass during a port day would cost to the thermal spa, we were told it’s normally $39.95. 

For the two of us, this was a savings of $80! Whether we would actually pay this much to enjoy the thermal spa is up in the air, but I absolutely loved the ambiance and experience. We relaxed in the warm thermal chairs while also trying the different showers, saunas and steam rooms.

To my knowledge, this is not something offered on Royal Caribbean; but, it’s a perk that I really did enjoy on my Celebrity Cruise. 

As Elite members, we also could have received other benefits such as a free scoop of gelato, complimentary laundry, discounts on photos and more.

Elite members receive a slew of benefits onboard Celebrity cruise ships, including some that we didn't even have time to pursue. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling my best on the final evening so we didn’t make it to the Captain’s Club exclusive event. I wish this had been hosted on another evening so we could see what it’s all about, but we will save that for a future Celebrity cruise!

Since this was a short 4-night sailing, we didn’t utilize all of the Elite benefits that we were afforded. We had to squeeze in as much as we could! On a weekend getaway, it’s not necessary for me to do laundry most of the time. We also didn’t take a singe professional photo, and this is not something I would pay for even with a 40% discount. 

I was also very satisfied with the complimentary dessert offerings in the buffet and dining room that I never craved gelato from Cafe al Bacio; however, my sister did receive her free scoop on the last day and felt it was the same quality as we were served in the buffet. 


Although Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises do not offer identical benefits, it’s still worthwhile to enjoy the reciprocity perks.

The most important loyalty benefits that I receive on Royal Caribbean include the discounted internet and complimentary daily drinks. I also enjoy the BOGO specialty dining and free professional photo, although these are not make-or-break benefits for me.

Most notably, our biggest savings came from not having to pay for cocktails or specialty coffee - other than our martinis on the first night. We loved the nightly happy hours hosted throughout the ship and appreciated the flexibility of going to almost any bar onboard. 

Additionally, receiving a 30% discount on Internet was appreciated, although the cost of internet was unexplainably more expensive. 

We also enjoyed our complimentary visit to the thermal spa during the ship’s visit to Nassau. Since we’d been to Nassau many times, enjoying the spa was a great way to enjoy our afternoon and do something more relaxing onboard the ship.

Overall, I was pleased with the Elite benefits on my Celebrity Silhouette cruise - and it saved us a lot of money. The savings would certainly compound on a longer Celebrity cruise with the reciprocity status matching, which is something to keep in mind. 

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