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Royal Caribbean to rename Diamond Lounge to Crown Lounge

29 Sep 2023
Matt Hochberg

The reserved spot on all cruise ships for Royal Caribbean's top tier members is getting a new name.

The Diamond Lounge has been the name of a special room dedicated to the upper echelon of cruisers, and it appears Royal Caribbean will change the name of it.

Royal Caribbean informed guests of the change in the cruise line's monthly newsletter.

Email announcing Crown Lounge

Royal Caribbean Director of Loyalty, Courtney Brant, wrote, "I’m thrilled to announce that over the next few weeks, the Diamond Lounge — beloved by our Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members — is being specially renamed as the Crown Lounge across our fleet."

The Diamond Lounge is available for use by Crown and Anchor members who have reached Diamond, Diamond Plus or Pinnacle status.

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Crown Lounge trademark

Royal Caribbean trademarked the phrase Crown Lounge with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 21, 2023.

The description of the trademark stated, "Cruise line lounge services; providing food and drink services."

Crown Lounge logo

Along with the name, she included a new logo too.

Why the change? According to Ms. Brant, it represents what being a loyal guest means today, "This is more than just a new name — it’s a tribute to the legacy of the Royal Caribbean maritime heritage. It’s a nod to our roots, and a symbol of our dedication to our loyal guests.""

There is no indication yet when the name change will occur.

Spectrum of the Seas sunset

The renaming of Diamond Lounge to Crown Lounge does not apply to Spectrum of the Seas.

She also said there's no functional change to how the Crown Lounge will operate, "Don’t worry — access requirements aren’t changing. All members who have enjoyed the Diamond Lounge will continue to enjoy the exclusivity and comfort of your private space with delicious treats and top-notch service."

Viking Crown Lounge

If the name sounds familiar, it could be a reference to the Viking Crown Lounge, which was one of Royal Caribbean's first signature venues that separated it from other lines.

The Viking Crown Lounge was originally created in 1970 for Song of Norway, and became so popular it continued be a staple of Royal Caribbean ship design.  

Over the years, as ships grew in size, the Viking Crown Lounge grew, too, and starting with the Vision Class ships in 1995, moved from its position on the smokestacks to a nearby larger spot amidships with equally stunning views.

In addition, many (but not all) Diamond Lounges are located in the Viking Crown Lounge.

How does the Crown Lounge work?

Diamond Lounge

The Crown Lounge is a room on every Royal Caribbean cruise ship that can only be accessed by Diamond, Diamond Plus, or Pinnacle Club cruises.

There is seating to enjoy, as well as light snacks served throughout the day.  

Breakfast in the Diamond Lounge

You'll find continental breakfast served each morning. Those who prefer to have specialty coffee can enjoy cappuccinos and lattes via an automated machine all day. Each evening, you can find different nightly appetizers served. 

There is also a dedicated Diamond Lounge Concierge to help you with any sort of issues you might have onboard. These concierges can help with dining reservations, questions, tender tickets and more. 

Diamond Lounge on Navigator of the Seas

In the evening hours, drink service is provided, which guests can use their complimentary free drink vouchers while in the lounge.

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Overcrowding issues

There was no mention of something else Royal Caribbean has been wrestling with related to the Diamond Lounge: overcrowding.

Last month, Royal Caribbean’s CEO Michael Bayley asked cruisers on Facebook for their thoughts on how to tackle the issue of overcrowding in what is now known as the Crown Lounge.

The question was posed seemingly out of the blue, although it did come immediately after this year's President's Cruise when the company's most loyal cruisers congregate on a single sailing and have access to share their thoughts with Mr. Bayley.

Diamond Concierge

While the Crown Lounge has had issues with being busy for years, Mr. Bayley indicated an influx of new Diamond members has exacerbated the issue. 

There was no mention in the announcement of any policy shifts to account for the matter that Mr. Bayley raised.

Matt started Royal Caribbean Blog in 2010 as a place to share his passion for all things Royal Caribbean with readers. He oversees all the writers at Royal Caribbean Blog, and writes a great deal of content on a daily basis.  He has become one of the foremost expert on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Over the years, he has reached Pinnacle Club status with Royal Caribbean's customer loyalty program.

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