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Oasis OTS Western Caribbean 10/21/18 To 10/28/18 Recap

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@FlowBro Ty  Hey Ty!  Thanks so much for posting this recap.  We're sailing on the Oasis this Sunday (12/09/2018) on the same itinerary.  I haven't been active on this site for quite a while due to other responsibilities so this was a great way to get up to speed on what to expect next week.  If you or @Twangster Fan would be so kind, could you expand on the boarding time?  I saw that you mentioned the Coast Guard inspection holding things up but had that not happened, was noon the earliest you could board?

We like to get to the boat a little early and were hoping for an 11-ish or even earlier boarding.  We like to beat the rush when we can.




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Keep it up and get a real camera! After getting my first DSLR I really loved learning all about photography and how to use the features of it that you could never get with a Gopro or phone. You will have a lot of fun experimenting. 

I didn't bring mine on the cruise but I use it all the time around Orlando. Both for fun and work. I'd like to get one of those new mirrorless cameras now. They're lighter and better for travel than the DSLRs. 

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Ok I Was Talking To @FlowBro Ty. And He Said That All Most All The Oasis Videos Are Out. So Here They Are.













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