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  1. @FlowBro Ty Can You Take Some pictures of the Windjammer and Johnny Rockets
  2. Love This Blog @FlowBro Ty. Cant Wait To See You On Harmony
  3. Twangster Fan

    Anyone On Harmony Sep. 15 2019

    Yep I Will Also Be On That Sailing
  4. Looking @ And Looks Like The Oasis Is Going To Be Docked In PC Late Tonight. Also Found This Video On Youtube About The Washy Washy Song
  5. Also Did You Notice That They Painted The Pier Brown/Gray.
  6. That Looks New. Was Just There In October And That Was Not There.
  7. Twangster Fan

    Navigator Dry Dock Poll

    It Has Started
  8. If They Touch @FlowBro Ty Flowrider He Will Have A Nice Phone Call With Mr. Bayley
  9. Well This Is Way To Early To Ask This But....... Would You Please Take Some Photos Of The Mini Golf And The Arcade.
  10. Following Have A Great Time On Symphony
  11. Well Now @Matt Favorite Ship Is The Brilliance.....Or Is It
  12. Twangster Fan

    Nassau Safety Alert & Advisement

    Look At This ! Captain warns of crime in Bahamas - Royal Caribbean Bahamas warning
  13. Thanks For This Great Blog Sabrina. Hope You Make It Home Safely.