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  1. I hate to break this to you but the food on the ship isn't free either. And I don't mean the specialty restaurants. It's all included in your fare. Now as to your question about percentage of fee food at Coco Cay, I think it's only the chicken wings at the one restaurant/bar. So my rough guess is 1%? And you must have forgotten all the added cost activities at the old Coco Cay. An hour on the inflatable water toys cost more than a day at the new water park. Back on topic: I think they eventually will refresh Labadee. And it seems with the South Pacific island they announced th
  2. Do we have any idea of many of these tours they had/are impacted?
  3. Correct me if I misunderstood but from the limited details in the press release this sounded different than private destination like Perfect Day or Labadee. It sounds to me like the ships will still dock at the port but this Royal owned beach will be an option for guests. There will be less "lock-in" of guests than at a real private island.
  4. You can see they have already installed railings for the new sun deck.
  5. Contact Royal's special needs team to see if they can accommodate you: Call our Access Department at (866) 592-7225, or send an e-mail to [email protected] Anecdotally I used to work with the "special needs" team at a major amusement park a decade ago. We didn't allow Segway for years until one guest pushed us and we finally allowed it after he showed us how he could be safe in a crowded park. He was really cool but he was also the only person to ever ask to use one while I worked there.
  6. Can I bring two Melchior bottles on board?
  7. Yes there were two when we were there. One was constantly running back and forth to the bar for drinks and the other seemed to be "security", keeping the other guests out. Food is on your own but the buffet was quite close and they let you know when it was available.
  8. I had one last year. Booked it only for myself online. My family and I were all able to use it (4 total). Quick tip: be sure to bring the ticket from your room to the bungalow or you might have trouble claiming it. Luckily my mom remembered to bring it after I forgot. This must come up a lot because I had a letter in my room on the first day telling me to go to guest services if I had booked too many Bungalows. There was a second follow up letter later. I only ever booked just one.
  9. That seems like a fair deal to me. The Liberty has the $12 drinks vs the $13 on the Allure so the packages are comparable in price. Its around the amount you can get from the Cruise Planner if you watch for the biggest price drops. Reading between the lines, I think these Day 1 BOGO deals are a result of poor sales after they raised the on-board prices at the start of 2019. All the sales people they have wandering around the port and ships trying to sell packages were probably getting laughed out of the room when they said it was $70-$90+ per person per day. There was probably a huge drop
  10. I think most of the prices being shown are near full price. Royal just came off that week long planner sale at the start of August so not many people are getting the low rates right now. For example my October Mariner 4 night went up from $49 during the sale to $65 now. They didn't jack up the regular price this week. It is just not being discounted. If your sailing is still far out keep looking for the price to drop again. It likely will.
  11. You beat me to it. This is a US Government program. Here is some more information : https://www.cbp.gov/travel/biometrics
  12. It's $38 right now for our Mariner 4 day in October. We are sharing with Grandeur that day too.
  13. It will be busy. If you can buy the Express passes (works on all the rides except the new Hagrid coaster) it might be worth it but without them I wouldn't try.
  14. MSC (the shipping company that owns the cruise line) was founded in Italy in 1970 but moved to Geneva in 1978. Lauro Lines (the line that became MSC Cruises) was also Italian but it was purchased by MSC in the 80s and is now based in Geneva too.
  15. It's also a different country with different labor and material costs.
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