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Recommended Shuttlle from Orlando Airport MCO Area to Port Canaveral

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Sorry not a direct answer to your question but offering this as an alternative.  We rented a car 1 way to drop off near the port.  We also stayed the night before at a hotel local to the airport.  But found having a car gave us a lot more freedom on where to eat and a chance to pick up any last minute items.  At the end of the cruise we used uber back to the airport.  We found the total cost close to the limo services but enjoyed having the freedom.  

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I have used Go Shuttle and Super Shuttle at several airports and they both worked great.  You can get a private vehicle.  I have an app on my phone and especially with Super Shuttle you will get a text when they have arrived or in route if they are picking you up at the hotel to take you to the airport.

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On ‎8‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 8:03 PM, princevaliantus said:

Cortrans shuttle Service is great and reliable. I use them all the time.  https://www.cortrans-shuttle.com

Thanks for this link! We were planning on using the RCCL transfer @ $75 pp roundtrip. Cortrans is almost just about half of that - and will pick us up at our hotel since we fly in the night before.

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