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On 1/30/2015 at 10:02 AM, Matt said:

I've never had issues with any of RC's bedding.  But I do think I prefer a hard mattress over a soft one so perhaps I never really noticed.


One thing to consider is Voyager was just refurbished so in theory, she should have new bedding.  Perhaps that would be more ideal for you?

Hello, I know this is an older thread, but here goes. My husband and I just came back from a 7 day cruise on the Harmony of the Seas. I LOVED the firm bed. I know mattress comfort is incredibly subjective and what works for one won't for another. I realized by the 2nd day that I wasn't waking up with the same neck and back pain I have at home! We had an ocean balcony stateroom. We spoke w/RC today as we want to buy a "duplicate" of that bed and were told that the beds in the balcony rooms are different from the non-balcony rooms. Does that sound right?

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13 hours ago, iamjohnbamber said:

I wonder if you can bring your own mattress top to put under the bottom sheet?  Worth asking... 

Bedding on Majesty was on the firmer side but still very comfortable. 


If you can pack it in your luggage you can, my mother has done it the last two cruises she went on.

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We have done 13 cruises , with several different lines. Last year we did our first Royal Caribbean on Navigator. Although we loved so much about the ship and experience, the rock hard bed was a deal breaker for us! We asked for an egg crate topper but we were told that they will not supply them for sanitary reasons , and gave us two mattress covers to roll up instead to soften the bed. They were an improvement but lumpy and  still did not provide the cushion needed. The only answer would be to bring your own cover , but we feel that the cruise is expensive enough that the ship should provide a comfortable mattress . When I returned home, I went on line and found tons of complaints about these rock hard mattresses that are also on their newest ships!!( same supplier) ( but apparently a new one ) . Royal will lose a lot of senior customers with deep pockets over these horrible beds. We were sad as we really found so much that we liked but on a holiday you want rest . Those mattresses are so hard that you could actually end up in pain from sleeping on them .

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I have noticed the hard mattresses, too.  Last year on Liberty we were in an Owner's Suite and the mattress was so hard I could barely stand it.  The attendant put 2 comforters on it and it helped at first but once they got "compacted" it was just another hard layer.  We're back on LIB in August and I suspect it will be the same.  No, I am not bringing my own mattress topper.

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