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LIVEish, 7 Days on Oasis -Halloween- (10/29/2017 or 29/10/2017 better yet October 29, 2017)

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Well, think they already know about the issue...

Putting the fruit bowl to good use...

What a wonderful sight!

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Just now, CGTLH said:

Good part about a room on 14. Two flights of stairs up for WJ or one for the pool deck area.

Line of thought... never made it over to the Solarium and that area.

Earlier you mentioned some Flowrider noise.  Was that an issue over the cruise?  

Would you book the same Aqua Suite Theater cabin again or look for a lower one?

Appreciate your blog and opinions.

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15 minutes ago, twangster said:

Earlier you mentioned some Flowrider noise.  Was that an issue over the cruise?  

Would you book the same Aqua Suite Theater cabin again or look for a lower one?

Appreciate your blog and opinions.

Depends on how annoyed you can be with noise. When they Flowrider was running the noise was along the lines of a dull drone. Want to say it was a pump and the noise was a touch louder and different than the fan for the ac.

Would I book it again, sure at the price point it was. When booked it was cheaper than a Grand Suite. Would I pay a premium, no.

Other thing is balcony space is very limited. The living room side (Aqua Theater) has no seating and very narrow. Bedroom side I'm guessong is no bigger than a JS (will get first hand on a JS in January). What does make the room nice is the more modern "Anthem/Harmony" decor.

Only major con, the tub. Very high step up and would be a challenge if over 5' 10". The real kicker is making the transition from tub to floor.

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5 hours ago, Matt said:

Thank you for sharing your live blog with us.  Another great live blog that I really enjoyed reading everyday!

Thanks, still need to finish the last bit. Reality came a bit faster than expected. Never got the chance for a Friday and Saturday write up, plus departure details...

Just saying this had to been the fastest suite departure. Plus no customs form, just verbally asked if anything had to be declared. Think from meeting point to curb was less than 10 minutes.

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OK, been promising to finish this off...


Today's port of call was Cozumel. Our neighbor for the day was Liberty, other piers had ships from Carnival, MSC, and NCL. Total count in port was 7.

Took a cab to the downtown and did some roaming around and do the tourist thing. Had lunch at Palmeras, not bad. Got the chicken fajitas, lime soup, and one liter of bottled water. Total wound up being 346 pesos, after credit card conversion rate total was $18.24 USD. If you let them do the conversion it would have been 17 pesos to the dollar. After lunch, went over to Coz Roasting Company and got a spiced iced coffee. Cost was 60 pesos, conversion rate posted was 16 pesos to the dollar. Gave them a $10 and got $6 back.

Did some more window shopping, checked in why my Mexican government tax refund for a purchase back in December hadn't been processed in 45 days, told to wait another 50 days. Finally walked to where MSC and NCL were docked and took a cab back to the ship. Did a last bit of walking around before heading back to the ship.

One fun bit if no one noticed it. Oasis was turned the other way. Most pictures you see has her pointed the other way.

Did the normal nightly routine before the Quest (did a scope of the entire event). Then continued the nightly routine before calling it an early morning.



Woke up to that bitter moment knowing this was the last day on board. Today was a jammed packed morning (that and it never helps the late wake up). Had the Oasis Thank You and Farewell Celebration on the boardwalk. After snagging a few things to take back headed off to lunch. Lunch was at Johnny Rockets, TA comp. Headed over to the Captain's Corner before heading back to the room for a nap. Two hours later headed for a few beverages at various bars (curse of wanting to give a few crew memebrs a final visit). Met some folks from eary in the cruise and gave them a suite tour. After that, did a quick WJ scout before dinner. Had a final dinner in CK, o e of my favorite menus. Tuna was done just the way I liked it. Also had to get the lamb shank.

Back to the room to finish packing before heading off for some final beverages, have some Ben and Jerry's (TA perk), and take some pictures. Got the clue to leave the Champagne Bar when they started to wash everything down. Did notice the hot item at Sorrentos was a vegetarian calzone, not the meat one previously seen during the week.



Woke up, final last bits of packing the small bag (charging cords and such). Had a quick bite for breakfast, stuff grabbed the previous morning. Headed down to the Champagne Bar for 8:30 for the escorted off. Personally, don't think it was needed. The timing was between groups and the lines heading off were very minimal. Only benifit was being able to take the escaltor vs ramp. Once in the luggage hall suite folks have a dedicated lane, plus it didn't look too bad in the normal line. Did a verbal declaration for customs and off to catch a shuttle/cab back to the hotel. Think from ship to hotel was maybe 30-45 minutes.

Finally on the road heading home and starting the final countdown for January. Back to Oasis for the same exact route, Jr. Suite unless a last minute upgrade occurs.

Any questions, I'll be more than happy to fill in the gaps.

Should have the Compasses ready for Matt to post in the next few days. Just need to stop being lazy and scan them.

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On 10/31/2017 at 9:18 PM, twangster said:

I've done Halloween twice on another line and it paled in comparison to Oasis in your scopes.  Loved your costume!  What a hoot.  Great idea!

Maybe one day a GC.  Tough for @Matt with kids in school though.  


If someone can convince @Matt GC 2020 Halloween I'd consider letting my kids skip school too 🙂

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