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LIVEish, 7 Days on Oasis -Halloween- (10/29/2017 or 29/10/2017 better yet October 29, 2017)


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This recap will cover for the most part yesterday and today...

In Falmouth got off the ship and explored once again the port complex area. From what I recall nothing has really changed. Disney Fantasy was in port with us.]
Any signs of Halloween were gone, exception being Guest Services. Saw the Headliner show, "The Dangerous Comedy of Wilde and James". Also noticed an Oktoberfest event going on at the Pub with games and a small food spread. Dinner was at Chops as a complementary meal for booking with a "Major Warehouse Club". For the complementary meal a bill of $0 was presented once again.
Rest of the night/early morning was hanging out with folks that I'm met.

Another perk of booking with the "Major Warehouse Club" was a cupcake decorating class, was held at 3:30. One bonus given was a cookbook.
This was the second formal night, dined in Coastal Kitchen. CK was fairly empty the entire time at dinner. Tonight the 70's night event was held. Other than that, not much more to report for either day.

I'll be more than happy to fill in any blanks.

--Nite all

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9 minutes ago, Sabrinaklai said:

That farewell party looks delicious!  Do they always have that on the Oasis class ships?  I have never seen that before.

Don't recall seeing it back in January on Oasis. Plus I don't think Harmony held one in May.

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10 minutes ago, Sabrinaklai said:

Loved looking at all the pics this week.  You have definitely motivated me to do WJ recon daily for my next cruise lol.

Thanks, glad you've liked them. May not the caliber of @twangster but it has been fun.

Never hurts to check out WJ... well other than the waistband...

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