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VOOM needed for both cruisers?

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My fiancee and I are taking the 9 day Hawaii/Vancouver cruise on May 2. I am thinking about getting VOOM (19.99 currently) of the Key (24.99). My question is I would think one device would be enough to have internet access with. Is it possible to get VOOM for just one of us or does it need to be purchased for both. If it's both, I would probably just get the Key for another 5$ each per day. Thanks!

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That's not a bad delta between Voom and The Key, you might consider it at that price point if any of the other benefits speak to you @Jeff Barber

Otherwise if you indeed want Voom for both, you could get a multiple device plan where the second would be something less than the $19.99 and that is better than getting 2 individual Voom plans.

Enjoy your cruise, I have Hawaii Vancouver on my retirement calendar.  Can't get here soon enough!

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I cruise often with my 26-year-old son and one internet package is good for the both of us.  Unless you are both going to be on it at the same time all the time you only need one.  The only time I wish I had two is when we are setting around not wanting to talk and just want to surf the internet.  The nice thing, only having one makes us talk more during those times. 

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