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Majesty late departure Mar 13/17

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Sorry to hear about that inconvenience.  You might consider arriving to the port a bit earlier than 5:30.  There is a bar (Grills) nearby that you can see the terminal and ship from.  Better than waiting in a hotel room.


Agreed.  Wait in comfort, and close enough by that you can get there as early as you might be able to board.  If you booked via a TA I'd also reach out to see if they're able to get RCI to do anything better in terms of compensation.


I'd keep a keen eye on social media to look out for anyone arriving earlier than that time who is able to board.

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While a late departure is truly disappointing, having it happen at Port Canaveral is probably the least of evils. I really truly enjoy all the little bars and restaurants along the Cove area. 


It doesn't look like much, but definitely check out Seafood Atlantic. It's half seafood shop, half restaurant. I once spent a wonderful afternoon there drinking a local IPA and snacking on fresh oysters and shrimp. Grill's is another huge favorite of mine, and worth stopping by for breakfast. And then of course Fishlips... 

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