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Mariner vs Indy?


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I got a complimentary cruise offer and have narrowed it down to either a 4-night on independence of the seas or a 5-night on mariner of the seas. Is the Indy of the of the seas worth losing that extra day? Some info to give more context: We are a group of 4 young adults that will spend most of our time at bars / restaurants / casino / hot tubs. We are leaning towards the Mariner of the seas because that gives us an extra day but I wanted to hear what some other opinions are?

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Indy (Freedom Class) is a stretched version of Mariner (Voyager class).   The ships are very similar but with the extra space on with Indy from being longer she has a dedicated Sorrento's for Pizza and a larger and better Playmakers.   Indy also has the broadway show "Grease" where as Voyager class do not have broadway shows, just Royal Caribbean original productions.

Subtle differences in some venues.  Mariner has a Bamboo Room for example.

Indy also has the new satellite technology with O3b Voom.  Voyager class do not and use the older legacy satellite technology.

I've sailed both and I'm on Indy right now.  Both are great ships.  Both will provide a similar experience overall.  

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