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Vitamin Water?

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My son will, no doubt, be maxing out his DBP every day.  His non alcoholic go to drink is Coke 🙄🙄.  He has had issues in the past with dehydration as he won’t drink water.  He WILL drink XXX Vitamin Water though.  Any chance of having it on board?

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6 minutes ago, Pattycruise said:

When are you sailing?  I’m cruising Sunday I can try to remember to look.

you CAN carry bottles, cans of water/soda onboard….I’m not sure what size bottles those come in, if it will be the specs 

Thank you!  We are on Harmony in March.  I did think the freestyle machines might have it.  I kind of remember Powerade there, not great but better than nothing I suppose.  I’d rather not schlep it with but that could be possible.

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