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"Top 8 things repeat cruisers seem to say all the time"

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Enjoyable blog.  My opinion, the diverse fleet operated RCG has the answers to all the repeat cruisers wishes.  There are smaller ships which offer a little more elegance in the partner lines like Azamara and Silversea.   While there are not "no kids" cruises, Celebrity tends to be a more adult demographic as it doesn't have the big deck toys to serve as a draw.  Those who want a floating resort have Oasis and Q class.    If you've become tired with MDR cuisine on your primary line, try one of the other family lines.  The great thing, perks of your status can be reapplied on the sister line.   Sorry  note that the mask tan lines won't be fixed by any line in the near future.   Just a thought.

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13 hours ago, Koepper said:

I should become diamond in 2021 also, but one has to have goals and dreams. Pinnacle or Bust!!!

Everyone's delayed in C&A progression until we're back on the water.  Which is why I don't think the "double points" promotion will really skew anything.   It's used to get booking deposits, it's available over a short period of time, and highly probable those cruises still won't occur unless the world situation improves.   We may have to cruise from Europe of Asia (if they'll let us in), because I don't see things leaning forward in the US-Caribbean, or Alaskan markets.  Would have expected to read about an RCG "Crew Only" test cruise being scheduled by now as a primer prior to the discussed the crew + volunteers (TBD) practice runs.

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