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Techy/non controversial question about the 30 day suspension of cruises


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We were affected as well by the unfortunate events occurring with the Corona virus.  Was booked on Rhapsody on April 4th.    We were holding out on cancelling just to see what new unfolded but wasn't looking good so now its official.  But, is what it is and I appreciate the sacrifice that RC decided to take.  I really feel bad for the financial hit all the cruise industry is taking on this.

I was curious as to where they are going to dock/anchor all these ships.  I would imagine Carnival will be following soon with a 30 day or similar suspension.    Thats going to be a huge number of ships to do something with in the meantime.    Wonder how that works?   

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7 minutes ago, tonyfsu21 said:

Doubt they release the crew. I’m guessing most are home ported and crew stays on the ship for duration. I will check port Everglades in the AM and see what ships have come in.

That was a part of captain's announcement on the Oasis tonight, that the crew would remain onboard

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On 3/13/2020 at 8:14 PM, Clear Laker said:

I was wondering about that as well.  Will they do unplanned maintenance?  Will they release the crew?  It would be an interesting topic @Matt.  Probably to early to know.

I was hoping for some clarification from Royal, but thus far it seems we are dependent on crew to share what they have heard.

Thus far, I've heard crew staying put and getting paid.


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