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20% off on Alcohol Packages and 30% off Voom

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For others' reference:  I went ahead and just purchased my beverage package, which will be the "Premium" and the cost ended up being $49/day or $404.74/week including 18% gratuity.     Per my notes, I expected the price to be $477.59/wk (or $57.82/day + 18% gratuity).   Whether real or not, I'll tell myself that I just saved $70 - woohoo!


So, either I had it wrong before, or there really is a discount.  Either way, I'm locked in now.   Hopefully if there is (another) discount RC will honor it when I get onboard.  For now, I'm going to gamble with my daughter's soda only beverage package and get that one onboard.    Hopefully I've done (and am doing) the right thing.  It's only money, right???  

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Following up on this thread post cruise (was on a week ago).  I did repurchase the Premium package and it was $404 including gratuities ($49/day or $343 for week plus $64 for 18% gratuities).   My sister-in-law waited because she wanted to apply her onboard credit towards this purchase but she unfortunately was charged either $467 or $477 (honestly I forgot) but it was definitely more.  At first we thought it was because she was in port and they were including a special tax (we had read somewhere that someone was charged a Florida resort tax or something like that) while in port.  So she decided to wait and purchase later in the evening after we left port and it was still the same price.  It wasn't advertised very well but it looks like there had been a sale and luckily I was able to take advantage of it.   Personally, if the price is okay and you don't plan to use your onboard credit toward drink packages, I'd prepurchase before cruise.  Makes life simpler.  


I did wait, though, to purchase my daughter's Royal Refreshment (soda) package until we got onboard so she could have access to the soda cup immediately and not have to wait until we were able to get into our cabin.   My cup was in the cabin waiting for me, but I didn't need it for my beverages.  :-)

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