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  1. Quick question on royal up. I would assume they make their choices purely on what nets them the most additional money right? Hypothetically if I paid $2000 for an inside and someone paid $3000 for an oceanview and we both bid on a balcony upgrade but I bid $300 over his $250 I would get the room right even though the other person paid more in total. I would assume original room and original cost have no effect on who gets what right? I imagine this was answered before but I didn't see it.
  2. LIES!!! Who am I supposed to report the administrator to?
  3. $10 for everything but hibachi is my experience. We did ultimate dining on Oasis. They allowed us to do hibachi on the first day with our package which i’ve Only been able to do on Oasis (2x). My kids are 6 and 9. We did not pre pay for anything. We were charged $20 at hibachi for my son as he ate everything. They didn’t charge me anything for my daughter as she didn’t really eat much. At Izumi sushi we just used our $70 to feed everyone. At 150 they charged each kid $10. At Chops and Giovanni’s they didn’t charge us for either kid any time even though they ate. So we had
  4. @Lovetocruise2002 I think you’ll have a great time. No it’s not Royal but the beauty of the ship and the views of the oceans really are terrific.
  5. So how does the MSC Seaside stack up against Royal? Some background info: My family of 4 just returned from our weeklong spring break cruise on MSC Seaside. This is our 15th cruise, 8 with Royal and 6 with Disney. Our last 5 cruises in a row have all been Royal as Disney went from high priced to crazy priced. Additionally we really enjoy many aspects of Royal equal or better than Disney at this point. Every future booking that we currently have is on Royal so we are mostly drinking the Kool-Aid around here. I originally switched to this MSC sailing in place of an Oasis sa
  6. So I just booked Oasis for my family of 4 on the Christmas Eve sailing (5yo & 7yo). This will be our first Christmas at sea. Does anyone have any past Christmas cruise memories or good ideas on how to have a great Christmas at sea?
  7. Port Canaveral is also my closest port. I was on Sovereign about 15 years ago and Enchanment 11 years ago, had a blast on both! For sure Enchantment is a better ship than Majesty. I would like to give Majesty a try in spite of my reservations about the ship but the pricing is higher than you would think for Majesty quite often. That must mean they are doing pretty well there with sales. While I'm not cruising Disney much anymore other than resident rates, Dream is obviously head and tails about the competition for short cruises out of Port Canaveral because Disney uses it as an add on sal
  8. Cactus- Welcome to the boards here! You don't have to be a casino royale member to use the OBC, I am not. In my case I found a cruise I wanted to go on, booked it, then the next day I gave my travel agent the MyVegas redemption info and she called Casino Royale for me and they applied the $250 OBC. I don't know for sure but I'm pretty certain you can not use a free OBC on a free cruise. You can call Casino Royale directly and ask them questions but beware they don't always say the same thing from one person to the other, most is the same though. One thing about the amount of
  9. When exactly did it go onto the game? When was that magical 10 minute window? Does anyone know in general if there is a certain time of day when odds are best at finding one of these rare free cruise sailings or do they update rewards randomly? I'm surprised they don't charge more rewards points than 500,000 for a 7 day cruise. Not complaining but surprised.
  10. In my case I only use the mobile versions of the game. I selected my $250 OBC reward in the app on my phone. From there I was sent the information about the reward to my email. I forwarded that information to my travel agent and the agent had to call Casino Royale to add the on board credit AFTER I had made the cruise reservation. On the redemption form it told me that I had 16 days to use the reward. Additionally the cruise must have been booked within the last 30 days. If you make a mistake my understanding is that you can get a refund on the reward within MyVegas within the allowable
  11. So I just booked a 4 night Brilliance cruise in January 2018. I was able to use a $250 MyVegas OBC for my cruise. There are almost no restrictions of any kind with applying the OBC and I booked with my travel agent. The only issues I had are that your agent can't use a TA group booking and they have to call casino royale not the regular booking number to make it all work. Basically you make the reservation then after that your agent, or you if you don't use and agent, calls with the redemption code and you are all set. It took me about 2 months of average play to earn 100,000 points t
  12. Thanks for the input Cookingyo, let me know how it goes! My kids are 7 and 5. I was thinking after being spoiled with infinite things to do on Oasis class ships if we did a Cuba cruise I think it would be important that they enjoy the kids club as there would be many fewer options of things to do when you are sailing on a ship that could be pretty much be wedged onto the boardwalk if Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock got behind the wheel.
  13. Has anyone toured or gone into the Empress' kids clubs? It's such a small ship, how do they stack up against Freedom class or Oasis class in terms of the space and quality of each room? I would think they must be dramatically smaller. Also were these added during dry dock and are they new or were they already on the ship from the past? I was kind of surprised that they even had kids clubs but the website lists them.
  14. 150 days from today I believe! September will be my first group cruise. About how far before we sail might we find out if there will be any group excursions options? I was looking at some excursions but plan to do as much with the group as possible. Yes I know, first world problems here, worrying about being double booked with excursions on a port day of a cruise! Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the reply JL. I think I am leaning towards the beach cabana at nellie's beach. I read an old post from Matt and that seems like the best fit. Do you know if the max people allowed is 6 total people or 6 adults per cabana? Also can I split it with other people in another room if I want to?
  16. I was thinking about a bungalow or one of the two different cabana options on Nellie's beach. I'm not really a Labadee expert. We would want to have beach in front of us so we could watch the kids while we lounge. Family of 4 cruising, 2 kids 5 & 7. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  17. I considered this resort but went with the Marriott Morningstar resort in St. Thomas on my upcoming March Oasis cruise.
  18. I went ahead and booked the Marriott Morningstar Resort in St Thomas on Resortforaday.com. Hoping for a good day with the fam!
  19. My family of 4 (7yo & 4yo) are looking for an all inclusive type option in St. Thomas or St Martin for next month when we are on Oasis. Really the must haves are a nice clean beach, pool access, shade, and some food and drinks. Whether it's pay a flat rate or al la carte doesn't really matter but the pool is something we really want since we like the beach but like to take breaks in a pool. We've liked Paradise Beach in Cozumel for example. I looked at resort for a day. There was a Marriot in St. Thomas that looked okay and 1 or 2 so-so options in St. Martin. Any ideas from an
  20. Cooper, My wife and I have a 4 and 6 year old. We learned from some of our first cruises not to over do it with excursions. I want to do all the cool excursions and see ruins and climb waterfalls but especially during the summer months, the heat can be brutal and melt the kiddos. I'm not sure where you are from. We are from Florida but still it's tough sometimes, not sure how your family handles the heat and humidity but be careful there. It might seem kind of lame but we've scaled back our excursions some until the kids get a bit older. You have 6 ports in 7 days, it's not a crime to cr
  21. ...when it's lunch time and you can't believe their isn't already a new royal caribbean blog post to read since the last one you read earlier that morning.
  22. Well just got back from Paradise Beach and only the Fantasy and Getaway are here in Cozumel. I heard Allure is coming another day, not sure about Breeze. I was hoping to get some photos of Allure. I've spend 8 days at 4 Ports and I haven't seen a single Royal ship! No Friday pictures of the week for me :(.
  23. Thank you waytoo! I looked briefly on some sites but couldn't figure out what ships would actually be there and didn't won't to burn too much non voom internet. I guess I'm lucky to be worrying about such minor things. My family and I had a great time at paradise beach earlier this week and were planning to go again. 2 trips to Cozumel on one cruise is truly lucky and we have had almost no rain and no waves all cruise. I hope my car in port Canaveral and my home in Orlando is as lucky. Stay safe everyone in the effected areas.
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