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  1. Mine has shown up in my future cruises, but it was a deposit that was transferred from another booking. No worries, they've got it all under control!
  2. For the Harmony, those sailing out of SH went on sale as the ship neared completion. I randomly booked them one day when I saw them appear.
  3. I did it again! I'm booked for the 21 April 2018 Symphony OTS Inaugural sailing according to sales. I didn't see the "pre-inaugural" sailings like Harmony had, guessing those will get posted as the ships nears completion, just the same as Harmony. So excited! And it wasn't overly costly. Something I found interesting this time, they were willing to put all 5 of us in 1 balcony room this time as one of the 5 is a baby. Never before have they been willing to do so. We of course opted for 2 connecting balconies, space principle and all. Can't wait to count this one down. T-405 days!
  4. I still need the Monarch and the Enchantment... I can then add them to the other 9 ships on my desk.... Anyone willing to help? I pay premium :-)
  5. I haven't found that they have run out of anything at all... Supply seems to be great. What is shocking to me is how much of the ship isn't complete. Water slides, kids pools, no kids menus, one of reservation doesn't pull up on any of the systems etc. not complaining, I completely expect growing pains (as I would expect everyone on the ship to understand) but I would hate for this to be my first taste of RCI.... On a side note, Anna Maria, the loyalty ambassador was awesome... She's emailed navigator so that we will make Get our Diamond for our sailing on Monday!!! Side side note.... Ultimate Abyss was awesome!! The glass platform was a bit terrifying for someone who hates heights, but it was a thrilling time. Side side side note, I think the quality of chops on this trip was hands down the best of the 5-6 or so other trips. Side side side side note, Grease was good. So good that it held the attention of my 4 yo... Side side side side side note, wow what a concentration of Pennacle club... 23 on this sailing. At the top tier event the Lotalty Ambassador mentioned how many C&A nights on board and it equaled something crazy like 426 years at sea....
  6. More and more things not ready.... Having a great time, but boy are they not ready for guests....
  7. She's everything we hoped for.... A few minor glitches today, but nothing that isn't to be expected for the first passenger cruise. Clean, sleek interior. Crew is excited to be here, drinks are flowing and already I feel I've eaten my weight. I'll randomly post thoughts as the trip goes on... B2B on the Harmony and then headed to the Navigator... Stay tuned folks!
  8. OBC = On Board Credit.. Usually given as part of a promotion or by a Travel Agent.
  9. We went on the Allure with our daughter when she was 8 months old and no issues.. I would assume Harmony would be the same.. I'll be on the Harmony with you next week.... Can't wait.
  10. No corkage fee...
  11. I don't know if I should be terrified or excited... 10 days till I try it out tho....
  12. My hero! I will print the page out and present it when checking in.
  13. So after about 45 mins on the phone, most of it on hold while they contacted the resolutions dept, the outcome is this... Since we will not be leaving the holding area between the B2B, and are not going thru customs twice, we are only allowed to bring on the norm for the first trip, so in our case 4 bottles. Interesting response.. Not sure I like it, and not sure if I am brave enough to test it.....
  14. We've got two cabins for both sailings ;)..... I'm going to call Royal tonight to see what they have to say... Not that what they say on the phone means anything dockside... .
  15. Anyone have experience bringing wine on a B2B? We are 12 days away from Harmony and are doing her first two sailings B2B. We have the same two cabins for both sailings, so technically can bring 8 bottles between the two trips, and are wondering how they will handle this at check in...Has anyone gone thru this? I know it is likely to all depend on the local pier employees, but they should be following some sort of guidance.
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