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Symphony Live(ish) coming up 5/18 to 5/25

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17 minutes ago, Skid said:

Good morning all. Don't know if it was because I packed so early or because I was not as careful as usual, but had some REALLY wrinkled stuff. I must be the only one who hadn't tried before, but packing tip: Do not leave home without Downy Wrinkle Releaser. That stuff is amazing.

Kind of a late start today, but we are off to breakfast and then the top tier event at 10.:30

I agree with Downy. It stays packed in the luggage.

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Sea day, clouds, coolish..yet a lot of activities are not too crowded at all. No lines at either Flowrider, short lines at Ultimate Abyss, zip line and rock walls.Mini golf was pretty crowded, a socce

At the gate waiting for our 3PM boarding for flight to Miami. We are TSA precheck, but for the 2nd consecutive time my wife was stopped for a random check. The agent, however. was soooo nice. She aske

Wait, this guy is the CD?!? 😁 Have a great cruise! Looking forward to the updates!

Posted Images

Breakfast at Park Cafe was really nice. 

Cloudy and cool right now. But better than sunny and NOT being on a cruise!

Good news...Stopped in Johnny Rockets just to ask and milk shakes ARE included in the Refreshment package with no cover charge or requirement to buy anything.

Met our cabin steward this morning. Super nice!

Nothing but cooperation, smiles and great service so far. 

Other than muster. Have not yet seen CD Mike or AM Katy.

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Top tier event included a preview of the Hiro Aquatheater show. Impressive.


Then met CD Mike on the promenade..we spoke for quite a few minutes...nice guy. 6'3 and way taller making his way around on his segway. Among other things, looking forward to Quest on night 6 and 80's night on night 4. I forgot to ask about Love & Marriage which we always enjoy.


Least importantly, and from what I've read here I'm in the minority in this blog group, I like the new cups...easy to carry with the handle and straw is obviously better than the paper ones now in use.


Wife is at solarium with sister and friend. I am going exploring...gotta work off the money DW just spent on a bracelet 🤣

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Sea day, clouds, coolish..yet a lot of activities are not too crowded at all. No lines at either Flowrider, short lines at Ultimate Abyss, zip line and rock walls.Mini golf was pretty crowded, a soccer games going on at the basketball court, ping pong tables in use. 

Many empty tables at Windjammer at 12:30, many at window view.  But a huge line at El Loco Fresh.20190519_121430-580x1031.thumb.jpg.2be4922fd736b755351fab1d0b4cfade.jpg20190519_121439-580x1031.thumb.jpg.ede57717b78a1b68977bc494f4e624d7.jpg20190519_121639-580x1031.thumb.jpg.9767ec4e70bcd3ae2011698fa84f4519.jpg20190519_121757-580x1031.thumb.jpg.4f2ed4dbe504d9b4754cb84f122dbe53.jpg20190519_121559-580x1031.thumb.jpg.4ea53fd559c1daf26b1e14193285e5d7.jpg20190519_121122-580x1031.thumb.jpg.558bb53f9fe339b7ef8d5acf8d95cb14.jpg

THIS is what I call a ship's model


And this is a Piano Staircase that lights up and plays as you hit each step



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9 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Of course he's nice, he's Canadian you know.  And from Ontario I'm pretty sure.  Hubby will be happy to have another Leafs fan on board with him in July.

@Lovetocruise2002I'm with you though...hopefully Pens back next year! Hey, what's with that Caps guy here anyway?! Just kidding @Andrew72681.....or am I? hehe.

7 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Yea...that's not going to work for me.  Note to self...visit on a port day.

May try that on Tuesday.

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1 hour ago, Skid said:

This highlights the fact that you should make your reservations for as early in your cruise as possible. If you make a reservation for later days and it gets cancelled, there would be no time left to reschedule and you'd miss it.

^^^ +1 on that point!

29 minutes ago, Skid said:

Will post about Wonderland with some pictures probably tomorrow. It was OK but:

1. I am glad we didn't pay any more than we did ($40 BOGO) and

2. I remember @WAAAYTOOO saying a while back that she would not do it again. I agree 100%.

Definitely a one time thing.

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Beautiful looking, service ok but not great, food is unique but "small bites" is an understatement and portions are small. Two levels, bar upstairs, dining on lower level. It was somewhat of an experience because of the way things are served i.e. smoking under glass, melting a chocolate dessert globe with hot caramel, the Mad Hatter (who just came over to chat a while) etc. but I guess maybe our expectations were too high. Not unhappy we tried it, but would not do it again. Best part of it was making the blank menu appear by painting it with water. 





Server chooses your appetizer and dessert, you choose your entree.


Citrus Seas Shhh...Sorry didn't get a pic of the Crispy Crab Cones (they were really tiny anyway)


Center is the bird's nest, top is potted shrimp, bottom I don't remember 


Entree...Short rib and halibut


Dessert...not listed on menu and don't remember the names. The chocolate one is what came in a ball. The server poured hot caramel over it to melt it before I got that picture. The other is a berry something with coconut.



It looks like a lot of food but really wasn't. We were in and out in an hour.

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17 hours ago, Skid said:

@Lovetocruise2002I'm with you though...hopefully Pens back next year! Hey, what's with that Caps guy here anyway?! Just kidding @Andrew72681.....or am I? hehe.

May try that on Tuesday.

Hahaha, @Matt must have installed the Yinz translator API to the message boards just for you and @Lovetocruise2002

Maybe the plumber on our floor this week was secretly a Penguins fan, no hot water one day, no cold water another, and leaky room the other. 

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No problem at all getting seats in Windjammer for breakfast this morning.

Although we weren't there last night, here is MDR nite 2 menu


And tonight's nite 3 MDR menu


We'll be eating at 150 Central Park tonight.

Today is another sea day. I'm still exploring. DW, SIL and friend are at the pool. I'm sure DW will be sneaking away to check out the watch "sale"...ya know, like the RCL cruise "sales"😀

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