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  1. Book it now, and then check back every couple of weeks until your cruise. If you see the price drop, cancel and rebook. You can do this as many times as you like until a couple days before your cruise. They charge your card right away, but also refund it back as soon as you cancel. I've seen drink packages as low as $45, which is what I paid for my upcoming October cruise. It's just really random whenever the discounts will magically appear & don't count on an email showing up and letting you know. You have to check yourself. It's a strange game Royal Caribbean plays.
  2. We try to get there by 10:30am - 11am and usually walk right on, lowly Gold status. Seems like most of the crowd arrives after noon-1pm.
  3. Same prices we saw on the Allure in March. We only used the pressings for one formal night dinner and everything came back on time and in great shape, wrinkle free. The rest of the time we just used the "hang it up in the bathroom during a shower" trick and everything turned out fine. I roll my clothes rather than folding them and it makes a big difference in both space-efficiency in the suitcase and minimizing wrinkles. We really didn't miss having access to an iron.
  4. Did they run out of steaks or something? Every Royal Caribbean Cruise I've been on has had at least a New York Strip option every night in the main dining room. I've never looked for gluten free desserts, but there was always at least something sugar-free offered, or did they run out of those too?
  5. A good rule of thumb is 3x to 4x the price on land, so the 40% discount brings you down around double the land price.
  6. Keep checking frequently. Prices will just randomly drop, there's not a lot of rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes the announced sales apply, sometimes it's just suddenly $45 for no particular reason with no fanfare.
  7. I think the kids who grew up w/ Shrek & Madagascar are hitting their teens now, and it doesn't seem like the newer stuff is hitting that kind of popularity with the kids today (how to train your dragon, trolls . . .whatever else they have.) It's hard to compete with The Mouse on characters.
  8. It's neither expressly allowed nor expressly forbidden, and ethically I think it falls well within "reasonable use." There's no indication Royal Caribbean has a problem with it or they're making any effort to prevent this sort of thing. There's about zero chance they'd decide to hit you with an upcharge without communicating a policy change in writing well beforehand. You should be fine. Worst case, your camera just won't connect to the FTP server.
  9. On Allure, the show reservations are kinda like fast passes at Disney. They scan your card at the door and only let in the people with reservations. Everybody else has to line up as standby. About 10 or 15 minutes before the show, the people with the card readers leave and let everybody waiting in line pour in. If you don't get there early, your reservation won't matter and you'll be back in gen pop.
  10. If you can't reserve the specific restaurants and times in advance, then find the dinner reservation stand as soon as you get aboard the ship. When I was on the Allure in March, we boarded on deck 5, turned left and found the reservation stand right in front of the Bow & Stern Pub. We did the 4-night deal and originally booked Chops, Gio's, 150 and Samba but wound up dropping Samba for a second visit to Chops. We really enjoyed all three and it was hard to pick which one to repeat. Chops only won because the availability worked best with our other plans. Definitely go to Gio's & 150 as the first two, and either repeat the one you like best or book Chops. I wouldn't waste the reservation on any of the other choices.
  11. Current Floridian and former North-Carolinian here (I lived in the area in '96 when Bertha & Fran hit in the same year). Stay safe and stay smart, sounds like you've got the essentials covered. Just remember that the most dangerous part of a hurricane is after it has passed. Don't be in a hurry to run around outside, and when you do, be mindful about walking under any branches or other dangling objects that haven't quite finished falling to the ground. Treat all power lines as live, and don't be breaking out the chainsaws and ladders and climbing on the roof for the first time in 20 years. Hopefully you don't get any damage and keep power the whole time or get it back very quickly. Good luck!
  12. Try it on dry land before you go. Head over to a McDonald's or someplace with a free captive wifi portal and see if you can connect your phone and get it to share the connection with your camera. Otherwise, order a travel router if you want direct connectivity. That said, you should be able to use the S9+ to pull images off the camera and shrink & upload them that way. Connect it with a USB-C to USB-A "OTG" adapter and the phone will be able to read files off the camera. It's a bit tedious, but if you're only sending up a few images & don't feel like bringing a laptop, it'll work. A laptop's going to give you the most flexibility & is probably your best bet.
  13. Never sailed Anthem, but keep checking your cruise planner frequently. I've seen the 3-night packages as low as $60. (No announced "sale" just suddenly cheaper for a couple days and then back up to the higher price). It pays to keep checking semi-obsessively, not only when there's a "sale" going on.
  14. Completely close any browser windows on all devices you've used to log in. Even if you don't have a page open, there could be a zombie process hanging on & keeping something tied up.
  15. You laugh, but she was one of the largest ships in the world through the 90s!
  16. It varies by ship and sailing, but the early MDR seating is around 6:30, late seating's around 8:30. Windjammer serves dinner from 6 - 9 . . .
  17. Just saw this when I logged in to Cruise Planner for my upcoming 10/5 sailing on the Enchantment: I do believe that is the cheapest I've ever seen it. Not sure if this is just for my ship & sailing, but check cruise planner for your upcoming cruises in case it's something more widespread.
  18. 1. I'll be on the Enchantment first weekend in October & will test it then. 2. No Internet package necessary We used it on the Allure in March and it was . . . eh. I could get the restaurant & MDR menus out of it, but our Itinerary got shuffled due to some weather issues and the app never got updated, so after the second day or so, everything was wrong--even the shipboard activities. I went back to my old school method of taking a picture of each page of the daily cruise compass in the morning to keep a "digital" copy with me on my phone.
  19. Here's the direct quote from the ADA website: The ADA recognizes psychiatric service animals, but that does not include nebulous "emotional support" animals.
  20. There will be a set policy on what they ask and how they ask it at the terminal, and they need to stick to that for all guests, or they open themselves up to charges of discriminating against the disabled & ADA violations. If a Pinnacle guest wants to lie, that's on them. All they can really do is ask the question.
  21. Service animals that have been trained to perform a task are still allowed. Providing comfort/emotional support isn't a task an animal has been trained for, that's the main distinction. Hopefully this is enough to curtail the abusers who are just ordering a vest and certificate online so they can bring Fluffy. The current laws are meant to make it easier for people with legitimate disabilities and needs to get by without being harassed and challenged constantly. Businesses aren't allowed to ask what a person's disability is or why they need a service animal, it'd be like asking somebody if they really need that wheelchair or are they just lazy. People with disabilities put up with enough crap that they shouldn't have to deal with a problem caused by selfish and overly entitled jerks.
  22. Marketing is what it is, but I don't care at all about their sales, included this or that promotions, onboard credits, BOGOs or the bizarre math they use to figure their "percent off" tags on the cruise planner. I always figure out my total cruise cost, estimate what my add-on packages will cost, and add in the gratuities, taxes, fees, and whatever else they tack on or I expect to spend and subtract perks & OBC before I book and make my decision based on that. You can't make an apples-to-apples comparison any other way. Whether they take out the OBC and remove it from the fare price or just take it away and leave the fare the same doesn't really matter to me in the end. I'm looking at the bottom line price and compare it to other cruises I've taken or other lines to decide if I'm getting a good deal or not. This might be a sneaky way to raise prices without changing the sticker price, it doesn't really bother me, because I never believed the sticker price in the first place.
  23. Refreshment package is $18 on my October sailing. Voom's down to $13.99 which is the lowest I've seen it on this trip.
  24. It doesn't always "bump" the other device off, sometimes you just can't get in until the other device is manually logged off. Best way to be sure and avoid headaches is to log out of whatever device you don't want online when you're trying to switch. Just go to "logoff.com" and it'll disconnect. I do the same. I am pathologically incapable of keeping pieces of paper. If you hand me an important paper, receipt, etc., I will usually absentmindedly throw it away. When I get the piece of paper with the Internet code, I take a picture of it with my phone and then immediately lock the slip of paper up in the safe. I can't be trusted.
  25. Orlando schools go back pretty early too. August 13th for Orange County this year, and they get out end of May.
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