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  1. I'm taking a 14 day Spanish transatlantic cruise on Odyssey of the Seas net year and was wondering if anyone knew which nights the formal nights would be? I'd like to make sure I'm in the restaurant(s) I'd like to be for them.
  2. I was wondering if RC would mind if I went to Sorrento's and grabbed a slice of pizza and then took it over to the nearby pub and got myself a beer? (Or vice versa) They are so close to each other (from what I can see on the deck plans), and they go so well together. Or best to have one at a time?
  3. I was wondering about the casino on Anthem. I've only been on one cruise and never went to the casino (on Oasis) Just wondered if it was using your seapass only or whether you could just walk up and use cash? Or do you need both? Just not sure how it works on a cruise ship.
  4. Just made a bid for my upcoming Anthem cruise. Never done Royal Up before and this is only my second cruise. I'm in a solo occupancy balcony cabin, and have put in a bid for a ocean view balcony. If I get it great, if not I'm still happy with my original room. My travel agent usually gets my luggage tags printed off for me, I was just wondering if I don't find out until just before the cruise, while I'm staying over at hotel pre-cruise, will my check in information be ok? I've already done online check in and If I find out just before I might not have any way of going back online to
  5. Roughly how far in advance can I expect the beverage packages to be available to book? I'm assuming that well in advance they offer sales? Not sailing till February 2020 but want to keep my eyes open in advance for a good price as we waited last time until just before sailing and the price had risen a bit from what it was on sale for. We're looking to get the deluxe beverage package again.
  6. Our cabin is 10216. In the long run we're thinking that the couch by the balcony would be for the best as there will be someone on the couch who may like to go on the balcony during the evening and it would avoid disturbing those on the bed(s). But regardless we're all just excited to be on a cruise. Hoping though that the storage/cupboard that's beside the bed doesn't get in the way of the view of the balcony while I'm laying in bed.
  7. Our cabin, an ocean view balcony room will have the sofa near the balcony instead of the bed. From the bed, will I be able to see out the balcony or will the cupboard/closet be in the way?
  8. Had a fantastic time on my first cruise ever on Oasis of the Seas and it was fantastic. Thought it would be ages before I could get on another but next ne is booked although its just over a year away, at least I know when next one will be. This time we'll be gold on Crown & Anchor. I can't remember exactly the order though. I'm assuming that since gold is where you start, we'll be second last to be called to board?
  9. Thanks. Got my cruise and cabin all booked. I was worried I was too late to get dinner reservations but relieved that I haven't missed it if they aren't opened up yet.
  10. When do reservations open up for booking on a cruise? Its like 6 or 7 months till the cruise (first time) and it says that I can't book. Too early? When should I look?
  11. Was just reading the post about the new mobile app RC is creating that likely released this year. Does this mean more ships will have the bands like they show in the photos on the post? Or is that just for the upcoming new ships? Just wondering as it mentions 'being on 20% of RC's ships by end of the year (lousy at math lol not sure if thats just the new ships or including some of the others) Will be on Oasis later this year (for first cruise ever)
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