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  1. @twangster@JLMoran @4ensic @Orange Crush Orange Crush, Joe, I'm already on the same page. I discovered that the new Samsung S9+ (Android 8.0 "oreo") has the "Wi-Fi sharing" feature which they began offering under "Nougat" (Android 7.0). So I tested it in a Starbucks (careful to make sure the AT&T mobile network was disabled). After turning it on and connecting to the store's Wi-Fi, I was then able to connect the camera (already pointing to my FTP server's ip address) to the Samsung's "Wi-Fi extender". Stepped outside and fired off some DSLR shots. When I got home, I checked the FTP server/directory path and voila`, the pictures were there. The part that I'm nervous about though is: if I proceed on this little adventure on my upcoming 7 day Bermuda cruise and I purchase a "one" device package, will the ship's VOOM detect the camera as a second device and then I'm slammed with an "up-charge" on my bill? Twangster has already cautioned me on the inherent latency issues, step-downs, etc. The military weapons systems engineer in me says "damn the torpedoes" and push the envelope (for curiosity sake) but the practical side of me says that you, twangster and 4ensic are smarter than the average bear and that I should leave sleeping dogs lie. "Curiosity killed the cat" 😅
  2. @4ensic EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM (purchased used from a reputable shop in Manhattan). Otherwise, my toolbox is limited in that my other two lenses (new) are a 70-300 and a 28-135. I freelance for a small newspaper in NJ. Not on the President's cruise and I have a ways to go before diamond. 😁
  3. @4ensic I am former military, now FAA so I like covering airshows however being that I am also an avid sports lover (Philadelphia 76's, Eagles and Phillies) I try to cover sporting events whenever I can. Onboard, I like capturing all things engineering (ship technology, etc)
  4. @4ensic So you're recommending that while it is doable, I should save myself the headaches and just dump the photos straight to a laptop. (and thanks for the link to the previous post) 👍
  5. @JLMoran Joe, thanks a million. I recently purchased a Samsung S9+ which I "think" may allow me to do what you're suggesting but I'm not 100% sure. But what you're saying sounds reasonable.
  6. I apologize if this topic has already been discussed but I would like to know if anyone has been able to 'tether' a non smart device (WiFi) to a primary registered device on an RCCL ship? I want to purchase a single device unlimited Voom internet package and trust me, I am not trying to cheat or beat the system, however I have a high-end Canon DSLR camera with built-in WiFi transmitter (802.11b/g) typically used by professional sports photographers for magazines. The issue is that it has a multi-function screen (OS, firmware, camera functionality, network, etc) which allows for entering IP addresses, username, password and ftp server IP values for simplified yet direct internet connectivity however, it does not have a full web browser like typical mainstream smart devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). If I am not mistaken, RCCL's Voom requires the use of a device with a web browser in order to log in (like hotels offer) so it sounds like at a minimum, I would first need a smartphone to make the connection to the on-board welcome page but then my question is, if I want to use my DSLR to upload .jpeg and Raw digital pictures to my ftp server back home, can I then tether to the camera to do ftp uploads? (again the DSLR isn't as advanced in that it has no web browser, just basic WiFi/network interface) or is that considered "two" internet devices requiring a two device internet package purchase?
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