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  1. Freedom is in Bonaire today and they haven't had any issues so far. Just watched a periscope from Cruise Life Rick and they were having a great time, no issues whatsoever.
  2. And now Princess is suspending all operations for two months. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/12/carnivals-princess-cruises-to-pause-global-ship-operations-for-60-days-over-coronavirus.html
  3. Aquarium Bar is now Boleros. They took that out a few years ago. I've been on Adventure a couple times as early as 2016 and it was gone then. Imperial Lounge is still there.
  4. Well now that you put it that way I dont either! You ruined it!!! But in all seriousness, its more for at night. If its sunny out I'd much rather be outside. But its just another nice option to have after dinner or late night.
  5. Normally you will find Jodi and I at the Schooner, but this time just look for us at Playmakers. Very excited about that.
  6. I was able to get the $250 OBC offer a year or two ago. Tried to do it again, but there was some catch each other time. Still worth trying.
  7. On Explorer last September they showed movies on the pool screen as well as the main theater a couple nights. I think they also showed movies in the On Air club.
  8. Interesting read. I always wondered why surge protectors were no good but other outlets were fine.
  9. Really fancy wines or top top top shelf liquor. Outside of that, pretty much everything else fails under that limit.
  10. Another vote for Maya Chan. Its definitely the best all inclusive day club I've been to. They arrange for the transportation as well which is another plus.
  11. Gotcha, makes sense. Probably not worth it though. Booked over a year ago and the current price is almost double what we booked it at.
  12. Anyone know how strict they are in getting something applied to a "new booking only" for house discount? A few years ago I redeemed a $250 OBC a couple months after we booked, but the only cruise I have coming up was booked over a year ago.
  13. Just listened to the preview podcast and I gotta say I'm pretty jealous about not going. Still have 136 days til my next cruise. :blink:
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