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  1. Kelz

    Costa Maya

    Can anyone give any suggestions as to what beach club is good? Last time we tried Yaya Beach and was so unimpressed with it. Mainly because they blocked off most of the water because of the seaweed. We just want lounge chairs, shade, and good food like fresh fried fish. All inclusive is ideal but not necessary. Also a beach where vendors aren’t coming up to you every 2 minutes. Thank you!
  2. Can the coffee card be used on our next cruise if we don’t use it the punch card?
  3. Do they have white night on Harmony of the Seas?
  4. So my daughter is 5 years old. She’s a pretty lazy walker or hasn’t walked for long periods of time. We really don’t want to bring a stroller on the ship and when we head to the beach. What do you all advise? How long of a walk is it to get off of the ship and to get to a taxi and to a beach? Is it worth the hassle or should I just tell her to suck it up and walk! Lol
  5. Can I bring this on the ship or is this one prohibited?
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