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  1. My wife and I are doing this itinerary in Nov of this year. Rather than suggest excursions, here is a list of what we plan to do, which might give you some additional ideas and options. Hope that this helps. St Maarten - 12 meter regatta. https://www.12metre.com/ Sail a authentic America's cup yacht and engage in an actual race following to Cup rules. One can take an active part in trimming the sails, etc., or just sit back and let your other sailmates do the work. We've done this before in Cozumel and really enjoyed the experience. Available as an RCCI excursion. St Kitts - our choice is a Couples Massage and relax on the ship. But the Island tours that have already been suggested are very nice and received great reviews. Antigua - A foody excursion. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147243-d1739072-Reviews-Nicole_s_Table-St_John_s_Saint_John_Parish_Antigua_Antigua_and_Barbuda.html We chose the seafood option, but all look interesting. Not been here before, but the company has received outstanding reviews. Independent operator. St. Lucia - We have booked Spencer Ambrose to visit Soufriere and the Pitons. http://spencerambrose.com/ Still deciding if we want to visit the volcanic mud baths or just spend some beach time on Jalousie Beach. Being beach folk, you may be interested in the latter option. Independent operator. Barbados - Mount Gay rum tour. Available as an RCCI excursion. According to the description, RCCI offers the extended tour which is not available through independent booking on the date that we dock. San Juan - We have a late flight out of SJ, so we booked the RCCL excursion that allows 4 hrs to explore Old SJ prior to departure with luggage transfer and transport to the airport. Seemed like a god way to wind down from the cruise.
  2. You have the right to remain in your stateroom and keep your wallet closed and secure. Anything you say or do can and will be used by RCI to increase your cruise fare or onboard expenses. You have the right to a mathematician. If you cannot afford a mathematician, RCI will provide one for you because we know math; really, we do.... really . Do you understand the rights you have just paid for? With these rights in mind, do you wish to sign on the dotted line and sail with us? ? ?
  3. So that's what I've been doing wrong.... ?
  4. Did this last November on Oasis. Rental was for the entire week.
  5. Given the damage to the azipods, can Oasis even do the TA on her own power? Or is this a TA tow to Cadiz? And looking forward, with Freeport having the only dock, now damaged, that is capable of handling an Oasis class ship (and barely at that, from my understanding), is it really wise to plan to have 6 Oasis class ships plying the Caribbean in 3-4- years? Also, what we haven't heard is how serious the damage is with the dock?
  6. Agree. Two rooms, especially adjoining would be our preference if there is no difference in price. We've done this before and it has worked well.
  7. Don't you work for a living?....., No don't answer that. I want your job.... ?
  8. The demand for former Navy pilots just increased dramatically; who else would be qualified to land a turboprop in the 38-40 passenger range on the top of a pitchy cruise ship? And given the expertise of this pilot cohort, refueling can simply be done in flight. The qualifications needed are described here: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/air-force-enlisted-job-descriptions-3344241 Want to enlist?
  9. We finished the bottle on one occasion and took the remains with us on the other.
  10. On Oasis in Nov 2018, we brought our bottles of carry on wine for both nights that we dined in 150CP. Corkage was never mentioned and bottles were opened without questions and served without extra charge. Charging corkage is inconsistently applied, consistent with the prior replies that you have received.
  11. Perhaps I should have added an appropriate emogi? More evidence that @twangster is really a bot... ?
  12. Aachh!! What happened to the rest of the ship? I mean, the aft balconies and all?
  13. My wife and I have done this several times using Alamo. We typically do a one-way rental from MCO to the port and usually drop the car off at Mullet Road about 10AM, then take the free shuttle to the terminal. Never waited more than 10-15min for a shuttle; they handle luggage. At the terminal, hand your bags to a porter and off you go. Easy peasy.
  14. No guarantees there either. We were on a Capt Bob boat tour in Nov 2018 and stopped at a very nice beach just prior to our stop at Maho. As we were idling towards the beach, one female tour participant at the bow exclaimed "that man isn't wearing any clothes!" And indeed he wasn't, and probably 70 years old at that. Several ladies on the beach were also topless. So maybe not as frequently as the French beaches but topless/nudity does occur all over St Martin/Maarten. It's a different culture so just grin and bear it; or put on some reflective sunglasses and just grin...
  15. You folks have got it all wrong. What is special is that the inaugural sailing is that it will feature Homer Simpson. Homer's Odessey. The highlight will be Homer himself competing in the Sexiest Man competition. homer-simpson.htm
  16. We're booked on a Southern Caribbean itinerary; San Juan, St Maarten, St Kitts, Antigua. St Lucia, Barbados, SJU for later this year and had a couple of questions. First, what are the formal nights on this itinerary? And is formal attire on Freedom in the Southern Caribbean adhered to more or less than say Oasis class sailings on their Eastern or Western itineraries? Also, anybody know if RCCL's tux rental program is available on this itinerary? We've used before on Oasis class. Second, what are Sabors options on a meal plan? The online menu seems to list many "starter or appetizer" options, such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and platos chiquitos. The entrees seems to be the Fuertes dishes. Will we be able to chose multiple starters but only one Fuertes? Not quite sure that I understand how this works. Finally, any suggestions for a quiet bar for a before dinner martini/manhattan? Thanks.
  17. Really doesn't look like much significant progress on the pier since we were there on Enchantment last July. I wouldn't be surprised if it's summer 2019 before it is completed. And given that the pier is probably required to bring materials in for the main construction on the island, … well...
  18. Yeah, two free drinks of seawater... That article made the rounds about a year ago. Funny piece. I must say though, that the cannon deck is the highlight of the "all access" tour...
  19. Our cruise on Freedom in November just dropped $400 with the new promotion. ?
  20. Funny, that's the same thing my employer said when I inquired about health insurance.... I told him I was diamond but he was not impressed. Must be a Disney cruiser...
  21. So does being a Diamond on this site allow me 3 free drinks in the D Lounge? Or a balcony discount? C'mon Matt, show us the money... ?… ?
  22. In my opinion, Sorrento's is acceptable pizza. Good for a snack or a quick "on the go" dinner. Don't expect gourmet pizza, but I also wouldn't describe it as "marinara on cardboard". Like most food items, it's a subjective judgement and my tastes might not be in line with yours or others. Try it and let us know what you think.
  23. To be honest, if I was in a suite for this sailing, my reaction would be "Fine! Let them eat cake." But only after I confirmed with the Captain that there was no guillotine on board... ?
  24. In another thread that asked the same question, someone recommended a virgin Rum & Coke and a virgin screwdriver. Made me smile. As for me, I Iike my drinks a bit more experienced but my wife enjoys a virgin pina colada.
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