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    packercruising got a reaction from dejagatkins in More Newbie Confusion   
    Your vacation, your choice! Or your wife's choice. :)
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    packercruising got a reaction from EmersonNZ in More Newbie Confusion   
    Your vacation, your choice! Or your wife's choice. :)
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    packercruising got a reaction from DocLC in Doing the Diamond Dance   
    Alright!  Congrats. We will be 4 points away after our Allure cruise. You got some bragging rights now. :)
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    packercruising reacted to DDemuth in Easy come, easy go...   
    After taking a few deep breaths, I just paid the first semester college tuition for our youngest daughter, and she moves in on Monday.   It could have been Gold to Diamond in a year (just kidding), but really, I can't think of a better use of the funds.  We're empty-nesters now, and I'm not sure the better half is really happy about that.  She's not sure what she'll do,... and that's why I booked a week on Oasis this Fall.  The plan is to inform her about the cruise next Tuesday.... ;)
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    packercruising got a reaction from tdcackler in More Newbie Confusion   
    Absolutely! I wish I had a beer for every time we changed our plans once we were on the ship. :)
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    packercruising got a reaction from jeffd99 in More Newbie Confusion   
    Your vacation, your choice! Or your wife's choice. :)
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    packercruising reacted to arebee in Rookie   
    I know what you mean about the dogs.  I could almost get an inside room for the price of boarding our two dogs...
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    packercruising got a reaction from gina_e123 in Rookie   
    Don't suppose that would work with dogs. :) It would almost be cheaper to bring them with them have them watched.
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    packercruising got a reaction from gina_e123 in Vision leaving the fleet?   
    Alas poor Vision, I knew her well. We did B2B 11 day cruises on Vision to Norwegian Fjords and Baltic. That is a nice ship. Don't listen to rumors. :)
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    packercruising reacted to gina_e123 in Vision leaving the fleet?   
    ah vision....my 1irst true love...there are more ships in the sea I suppose...onward and upward, but such fond memories :rolleyes:
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    packercruising reacted to RickB in Luggage tags   
    Just to be safe... we bought some luggage tags from Amazon to protect the paper tags. We've used them on several cruises.
    Cruisetags, NARROW Cruise Ship Luggage Tags (8 Pack)  I think they are about $10 for 8 
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    packercruising got a reaction from CruisingKat(Kathy) in Land Vacation, Daily Review Key West.   
    We have been to Key West 3 times as a cruise itinerary and it rained twice. :) There are several good thriller authors that base their stories in Key West.
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    packercruising reacted to GrandPa in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    15 or 20 minutes talking with a couple of people in the pool.  Had she said "oh, sorry" or something I wouldn't had hard feelings.  It was the way she threw the towel down.  Ha ha though, after she left, I got out and gave my chair to someone else looking for one.
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    packercruising got a reaction from gina_e123 in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    What Gina said. I would fold the towel up and put it under the chair.
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    packercruising got a reaction from Jeff in Disembarkation   
    The quickest way to get off the ship, is if you can carry your own luggage off. Possible delays have already been mentioned. If we were doing it, I would aim for 8:30. Then if you can get off by 8:00 you are ahead of the game. Good luck and have a great cruise!
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    packercruising got a reaction from CruisingKat(Kathy) in Land Vacation, Daily Review Key West.   
    Still need to watch your scopes. Thanks for thinking of us!
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    packercruising reacted to Matt in Change in Itinerary direction   
    Most private tours I have worked with have had a refund policy if the ship cannot dock there on the scheduled date.
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    packercruising reacted to CruisingKat(Kathy) in Land Vacation, Daily Review Key West.   
    Day 1, Key West Fl, 8/2/16
    Hey all
    Thought I would give a little review of each of my Days here in Key West, since our Lovely Royal Caribbean Ships happen to Visit this location.
    One Advantage with this Land vacation, Vs Cruise Ship. I have time to see many things over several Days, vs 1 Day from a Cruise Ship. (Still would rather be on a Cruise though) (shhh don't tell my Husband) 😮
    We are staying at the Doubletree Hilton, Grand Key Resort. Hubby got a fairly good deal with Priceline.
    We started out this morning to look for a good place to Grab Breakfast, since there is no Windjammer or solarium bistro here. We Drove our own Car to venture out.
    First stop was a Ihop near the Hotel. We walked in and thought wow it is very hot in here. The waitress proceeded to tell us that there was no AC. We made the decsion to search elsewhere to have Breakfast, which suited my Daughter just fine, since she is a vegan, and not a lot on their menu for that lifestyle choice of diet. Our next stop was a Denny's Downtown, on Duval Street. Had a great Breakfast. Spotted one of the Key West Roosters after Breakfast. He was so very Cute!!!
    Next stop the Navy Base MWR ITT office(Place to get Discounted Attraction Tickets, at a Military Rate)
    We know we want to snorkle, so purchased a snorkle excursion for Thursday,(Weather looks good that day)for $30.00 a person. Next on and off trolley tickets, for $16.00 per person, good for two full Days. We will use that Wednesday & Thursday.
    Next we headed to base Exchange and Commasary to get essentials while we are here in Key West(like water proof Case for my IPhone, so I can Periscope from the water. VERY IMPORANT!!! 😉 Headed back to hotel for a rest.
    After a little rest at the Hotel, at about 3pm, we decided to take advantage of the Free Shuttle, the hotel offers, to go back into Town. Parking in town in very Difficult to find, and Expensive!!! Usually $4.00 a hr, to park Downtown.
    Being that we are major Cat lovers, seeing the Earnest Hemmingway house, and Cats, was a must Do!!!
    It was very Hot walk to get there, from the Shuttie drop off point, about .08 of a mile walk, but well worth it!!!!
    Very informative. I do recommend seeing this if you come here on a Cruise.
    Next we walked to the Southern most point in the Continental USA, was 'cool to see that.
    It was still very hot, it was a mile walk back, to where we wanted to be, we decided to hire a Pedi Cab, bartered to take us where we wanted to go, for $25.00, which I was thankful, along with Hubby, that we did not have to walk a mile back in the Heat.
    It was close to Dinner time. Having watched Michael Pooles Periscope's, and Live Blog, when he was on the Brillance of the seas, when it came to Key West, I knew Exactly where I wanted to go..... SLOPPY JOES, of Course!!!
    Great live music, and I had a sloppy Joe, was very Yummy!
    Next was trip to Ron Jon Surf Shop!! I am a major Fan of the Ron Jon surf Shops. I never miss a oppturnity to visit one, if there is one, where I happen to be!!!
    Next Stop was Mallory Square, to see the Street performers, and catch the Sunset for a scope. The Street performers were Awesome!!! The Sunset was a bust this evening, storms were moving in. I got what I could. My husband and I both Agreed, going back each evening, until we get the Right sunset for pictures, and a Scope.
    We made it back to the Shuttle pickup point in just the Nick of time, before the Rain Down pour got us. We still got wet, but not as bad, if we had to walk back in the rain.
    We are back in our comfy Hotel, tomorrow most likely sleeping in, and later on Beach Trip, and going back downtown for more exploring of Key West.
    I would have included some pictures in this review, but unfortunately, when I tried to attach them to post. stated they could not be uploaded, because the files were too large. 😞
    I did some Periscoping today as well, and if you did not catch them live, you can watch the replays.
    Periscope name, cruisingkat.
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    packercruising reacted to Matt in Transpacific repositioning cruise   
    YOLO Book it!
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    packercruising reacted to gina_e123 in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    I wouldn't disturb lounges with towels accompanied by personal belongings, but
    half hour should be plenty of time for a stand alone towel I think...
    where would you then place said extracted towel....do ya have ta take it back to the turn-in station fer the hog?
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    packercruising reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Should I be concerned? Travel agent question   
    Why not ask the agent for an updated confirmation/receipt.
    Every time Michelle makes a payment for me she sends me a new confirmation that shows the amount paid and the balance due.
    There's no reason why this agent should do the same.  If he hesitates in doing this, then I would DEFINITELY go straight to Royal and insist on getting a receipt from SOMEONE.
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    packercruising reacted to DocLC in Questions from a Newbie   
    Can't explain that one. Perhaps we should encourage more people to become Insiders to support a software upgrade.
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    packercruising got a reaction from coneyraven in Drink Packages   
    I always take the wife's card and get two drinks. You may see posts from people that say they only have one drink card and are able to get drinks for their spouse also, with it. That is stealing and I hope they get caught. RCI has to pass the loss on to somebody. As far was how long between drinks, I think it depends on the bartender. Actually so does having only one card with you if the bartender knows your spouse also has one. It is absolutely amazing how some servers remember you after meeting you only once or twice. Funny how they are the ones that seem to get the extra tips. :)
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    packercruising reacted to wsyrob in Drink Packages   
    On Majesty a couple of weeks ago the servers brought me a bucket of ice and 3 beers at a time out by the pool. My wife had a drink package and was having frozen drinks. If they know you aren't sharing your package they will work with you.
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    packercruising reacted to L454S in Alaskan Cruises   
    Done the first week September sailings in Alaska (round trip and one way) 3 times and loved the cruises and the savings. It was a bunch cheaper for the balcony cabins whether on RCI or Princess and NO.....it's not cold !!!!!
    Don't tell anybody though...........
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