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  1. In my humble opinion, a gratuity that is mandatory is not a gratuity. What are we gratuitous for? Paying the extra 18%? This is just a tax levied by RCCL and kept by RCCL.
  2. Why aren't they doing an European itinerary for inaugural? I thought that was normal routine. I'll have to miss it. bummer.
  3. I just booked Freedom for September 2020. The key is shown as well as drink prices and restaurant prices. Even a lot of shore excursions are shown. I'm sure things will change within the next 391 days though.
  4. Doesn't real Mexican food come from Mexico?😉
  5. Rule of thumb - If you transitions glasses go dark, put on the sun screen. There is no protection. If they stay clear, GENERALLY safe. Back after a long hiatus.
  6. Einstein defines insanity as "doing the same thing many times expecting a different outcome". RCCL forces us to be insane in this instance.
  7. These are the outlets on Vision from Feb 2017. The first one is below the dressing table. The last one was under the bed. Both US and 220v European are provided.
  8. I am american. I live in Scotland (North Ayrshire). I have been here for 18 years. I sailed out of Harwich a couple years ago and found the British population onboard the ship very overwhelming. I sucked it up because, after all, I am in their country. I would never put down and call names to the people of the host nation. That is just bad diplomacy. Regarding the "Welcome home all Americans" banner: it was in America, in the Nation's Capital of America. If they can't say it, then there is something wrong with the country. I am retired US Navy, and I am often appalled at the way the UK treats their service members, both active and veterans. (I know that All Americans does not mean servicemen and women, but just go with me on this). Open your mind and see how other countries act and see if it can be used in your own country. Maybe if everyone did that, it would be a better world. Remember, it is an American company, sailing from America. It is going to cater towards the majority of their guests from that location, Americans. I've heard that cruises from Galveston are heavy on the Country music. They're Texans after all.
  9. From Cruise118's Ts&Cs: "£1 deposit is limited to first 1,000 bookings only. Remaining deposit is required if you do cancel your cruise, the remaining balance will be taken on the 29th June 2018." "Customer must sign up to a Direct Debit payment schedule in order to qualify for £1 deposit." They have your bank details so they can get that £300pp.
  10. I had watched the price of my cruise on the Symphony daily since I booked. I saw the price for the same balcony stateroom jump or drop by as much as 32% in one day. 23/01/2018 £1,190.00 24/01/2018 £949.00 -25.40% 25/01/2018 £1,189.00 20.19% 26/01/2018 £1,239.00 4.04% 29/01/2018 £949.00 -30.56% 30/01/2018 £999.00 5.01% 31/01/2018 £1,189.00 15.98% 01/02/2018 £949.00 -25.29% The price varies on a daily basis so the only comparison that can be made is at the same time on the same day. (all the tracking was of no use to me though, as re-pricing isn't allowed in the UK.)
  11. I just came off Symphony on Saturday. I still have a hold on my credit card of £333. The charges for the on-board account have been charged and the additional £333 is tied up until the bank releases it. Can your debit card support such an issue? If it can, then use the debit card if your want.
  12. C6DF6 is the right number. C6FD6 seems to be the wrong one.
  13. I just got off Symphony of the Seas last week. What a lovely ship. I was looking over my balcony one day and noticed the numbering of the life boats below. Life boat #2 has a number C6DF6, Lifeboat #4 has C6FD6, and Lifeboat #6 goes back to C6DF6. (in case you missed it, it is the reversal of DF/FD in the numbers) Is this just the OCD in me? I wonder if even the captain has noticed this discrepancy. What do you think?
  14. The cantilevered hot tubs on Oasis aren't in the Solarium. They are just outside the doors to the Solarium so anyone can use them.
  15. Didn't RC recently recruit a team of people to sit in their corporate headquarters and test their website development? Did they not get any takers, or did these people not know what they were doing, or did RC just not listen to them? Seems this should have been fully tested before they flipped the switch. They at least made it LOOK like they were trying to do the right thing.
  16. Can someone please verify that the MyVegas rewards can be used in the UK as well? I have been racking up points (260k so far) in preparation for my next booking but have this fear that the UK market will be left out of this promo like so many others by RCCL.
  17. Yes, it amounts to about £24. Odd that they quote 2 different currencies in one photo. I hadn't noticed that one. I guess I should stop complaining about it all now. After all, I'm still going on a cruise. Right? Enjoy your cruises.
  18. This one is what my cruise planner is showing: Different prices for different people. My sailing is 21 April on Symphony. Is that yours as well?
  19. And again: I guess they aren't counting on people tracking daily price changes as I am doing. The total amount was £116.99 at 20% off, £141.41 at 30% off, and now £161.62 at 20% off. (15 Dec 2017) This price for 7 days adds up to £116.97. (16 Dec 2017) 30% off is more than 20% off. (19 Dec 2017) 20% off is the same as 30% off. (21 Dec 2017) 20% off today is higher than than 20% off was yesterday.
  20. And they do it again: What is the normal onboard price for 2 device VOOM? GBP £20.20 is about USD $26.95. Is this actually a discount from the onboard price?
  21. I have been seeing the price of £16.67 for the 2 device Voom, showing 20% off onboard prices. As I started this thread, the total price went up with the daily price remaining the same. This morning I see they are giving 30% off onboard prices, but the daily price went up to £20.20 per day. There is nothing creative to their accounting practices. It just makes no sense in how they figure their prices.
  22. I just looked at my cruise planner. The cost of VOOM 2 device is £16.71 per day. That adds up to £116.69 for a week. Doesn't it? So why does the cruise planner show it at £141.41 (odd number by itself)? Yesterday the prices were right, and I'm sure that tomorrow they will be also. This has got to be just a sanity check by RCCL. Who is insane enough to bite?
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