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  1. Thanks so much everyone for your replies. That was so helpful. We decided to cancel our cruise and rebooked using the FCC for Xmas 2021. It was just too much of a gamble.
  2. Hello, I just posted about this but doesn’t look like it went through. I am really hoping someone can help me. do you think the Symphony cruise in March of 2021 will go? Or do you think RCL will cancel March cruises? thank you very much!!
  3. Thanks so much everyone for your replies. game of chicken is right- RCL didn’t cancel our March break cruise this year until the day before!! I would love to use our credit to book a Christmas cruise for next year but I think it’s a gamble that our whole family will be vaccinated by then. If we DO book a Christmas cruise for next year, and that ends up being the case, and we have to cancel as a result- do we essentially lose all our money at that point? One more problem I can see is we somehow manage to get a longer time to use our cruise credit and then RCL goes bankrupt in the interim.
  4. Hi! Your family and mine are in exact same boat and we are from Canada too. One possible strategy is move your FCC credit to a cruise in March. My thinking is it will likely not sail, and you might then have an option for a refund or at least a longer credit. You could still cancel the March cruise just before sailing (I think it’s 24 or 48 hours?) and get your full FCC back so I don’t think there is anything to lose. What do others think?
  5. Hello everyone, I am need to RCL and need help. Our family had a 7 night Symphony cruise booked this past March (2020). We cancelled it just after the CDC issued their advisory but just before RCL cancelled the cruise (meaning we could qualify only for a FCC credit and not a refund). We already had the same cruise booked for March of 2020. My question is this. RCL is now asking us for our final payment for our March cruise. I am fairly sure it won’t go. Even if it does- we are not willing to go. I am thinking of taking a bit of a gamble and applying our current FCC credit to pay off th
  6. Hello there everyone! I booked our first RCL cruise for March of 2019 a few weeks ago. We've taken Disney cruises in the past, but that was a few years ago (before you had to sell one of your kidneys to afford one!). We are very excited to try RCL and here is my question. I see that RCL cruises are already available to book for March of 2020. That worries me, as I'd like to book that now but with the non-refundable $1000 deposit, it's a bit of a gamble (what if we don't like the cruise as much as we had hoped, which I don't think will happen, but still). My question is: will we st
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