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  1. Hi John Thank you so much for your review and for taking the time to do it ! It was really interesting and informative.!We are counting the days and this made it all the more exciting . We are staying 1 night in Barcelona both before and after the cruise, so we will take your tip and get to the port for 11am . We have booked trips to Monti Carlo and Monaco, Florence &Pisa and Rome all through Cruising Excursions.We were wondering about Athens , do we need a organised tour or is the port close enough to get there ourselves ? Could I ask another couple of questions ? Could I t
  2. Thanks folks ! Will take both adapters. John, it would be great to hear your experience in May , any hints and tips would be fab. Our cruise in July doesn't include Venice, We are Barcelona,Cannes, Florence & Pisa,Rome,Athens,Rhodes, Santorini ,Malta,Barcelona. Can't wait !
  3. thanks John ! Any more tips on Vision of the Seas? sailing july 18 Med Thanks .!
  4. hi Can anyone tell me if it is usa or european adaptors(for uk electronics) I require for cabin on Vision of the Seas thanks.
  5. Hi Dave , We are cruising on Vision of the Seas med and greek isles 25 th July 18. Was looking at shore excursions.Do you recommend booking with RC before cruise or will there be Independent tour companies in the ports offering the same tours. We found the last time we cruised that this was the case tours were the same but a lot cheaper ,but that was in the Carribean and I wondered if it was the same in all ports ?
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