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  1. They port right downtown. You can easily walk to the train station for the local train to Ercolano or jump on a hop-on-hop-off bus right at the port. We've done the H-on H-off bus tour and then walked all over ending up at the museum for a self guided visit and then a walk back to the ship. On our second visit we took the local train to Ercolano for a self guided visit and on the return, walked around town a bit.
  2. Last March, we rented a car and went exploring for a few hours. We ended up on the beach and had lunch in a great Cuban restaurant. We even took leftovers for dinner on the plane! We're going to do it again this coming March. I reserved a car online for pickup at the airport. We took an Uber from the port to the rental car center. Then dropped the car back there and took the shuttle/tram to the airport. It worked very well!
  3. Yes you can! There is a standard portion of the dinner menu that's the same every night. It includes steak. I've seen it on the last 3 RCI cruises.
  4. We've purchased the card on our last 3 cruises. It was always one punch per drink regardless of the size. I have heard people tak8ng about getting "charged" 2 punches for the bigger coffee which is a rip off. I sent a letter to the CEO last week asking for a company wide decision. If it's one punch per drink, it's a great deal!
  5. Usually you get your cruise docs in a sepatate email. The last page of the docs has the tags. Worked that way for our last 2 cruises, Oct 2018 and Mar 2019,
  6. We hit fog in Galveston in Feb. Missed our airport shuttle and our flights. Southwest was awesome but we learned a lesson. Book a late afternoon or evening return flight!
  7. They're so close its hard to tell. Save your money.
  8. I made a color copy of the info page of our passports at a 50% reduction in size. I laminated the "cards" and take those off the ship with me, the real passport stays in the safe in the cabin. I've never had any issues using the card as ID. Others take a picture of their passport with their phone, assuming they're taking their phone off the ship.
  9. Liberty is awesome, we're going back for a second time in Feb 2017! You can all the way up to the tip of the bow. It's great for the sail away. Go to deck 4 and go forward as far as you can, go up the stairs and forward. The Tidal Wave slide is a lot of fun. It's faster than it looks. Minimum weight is 100 and max is 240 per person. As you probably experienced in Oasis, you can't do everything, but you can sure try! Enjoy!
  10. On Liiberty it's all digital. Computer monitors and facial recognition instead of rows of hard copy pictures. It worked pretty well. It was $20 for a digital picture (sent to your phone). A package with all the digitial files was $149 on board. I was offered the same package for $99 pre-cruise. I ended up with 130 images on a USB stick. Great deal!
  11. We were there in July and had a similar experience. Easy to board and super easy to leave.
  12. I had 5 cabins, each with a C&A member and each with a new cruiser "friend". My TA booked the cruise as a group so RCI said sorry, the incentive is not applicable. Their website said nothing excluding groups, just group rates, which I did not pay. 2 emails and they won't budge. Princess has the same thing. On my last Princess cruise I got $50 and the new cruiser got $50. It was simple and easy. RCI needs to look at this program and make it a true incentive that's easy to apply for.
  13. 1 - Small pack of Clorox or Lysol wipes. When you get to your cabin, wipe everything down. It's best to be extra careful. 2 - Wine or champagne. It's much easier then having to go get your luggage in the "naughty room".
  14. We're coming in on July 30 for a July 31 cruise. We're flying into Hobby. Southwest has many flights there. I found the Courtyard Mariott close to the airport has a free shuttle, breakfast and decent rates. We are a group of 12. I did some searching and comparison shopping with the various shuttle and limo services. I found one who will pick us up at the hotel and take us to the port. When we come back, they will pick us up at the port and take us to the space center for a tour and then to the airport. The total cost worked out to be about $55 per person.
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