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  1. Hi! Does anyone know if the Bring A Friend Reward is applicable when mye friend (1 cruise, Gold level) is bringing me (0 cruises, no level) on a cruise? It definitely would have been if I booked my own stateroom, but we're sharing. Does she only get OBC for each stateroom extra that RCI sell, not each extra person onboard? We were not able to put in our info in the Bring A Friend online form, but we don't know if that is because of the joint booking ref. number or some other problem. Can anyone advice us on if there would be any use in contacting RCI directly? :) Our Best, Nina & Camilla
  2. Thank you! I do know about the planning timeline, I was just unsure since most of the blog is directed towards the Caribbean market, and thought it might be different for sailing the Mediterranean due to when the ships leave port and such. I will be patient. Sort of. It's kind of great to see that someone is envios, because I'm pretty envoius of the ones that are living in the US and can tak a short cruise out of a nearby port anytime they want :) Some day, I will get on a Caribbean cruise! I've realised the weather probably will be sort of OK at best, but I will get to see a whole bunch of new countries:) The Itinerary
  3. Ah. That would be an explanation. I'm too eager as I am a first time cruiser. I couldn't find such info in my bookings. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info. It was as I expected, but also maybe as feared. I'm travelling with a friend, and she will then have just been on a weeks vacation to Venice, so that's also a part of why we are flying in the same day. And some day, I will go to Venice myself, I'm sure. I'm very much looking forward to the sailaway, as we have an aft balcony. There will be a lot of pretty sights on that cruise! (Oct. 17th).
  5. I was almost kind of bummed out to find that they will refurbish Rhapsody in Dec. 16, since I'm sailing on October. I'm wondering what upgrades the ship will have, that we will miss out on! Does anyone have a clue? It's TBA still. On a different note: Should I be able to book specialty restaurants and Wi-FI package on my Cruise Planner now for October? Or is there a time where booking opens? I can access the drinks package and the excursions, but not this. It says that I can try again onboard. I just wanted to see the Wi-Fi prices and maybe book a restaurant as a birthday gift.
  6. We are taking the risk of landing at our port of embarkation on the morning of the cruise, due to costly hotel fares in Venice. We are landing at 11.20 AM, and the ship sails at 5 PM. I think they mentioned that we would have to have our flight land before 2 PM to make it. I've since been in touch with Royal Caribbean and booked a transfer from the airport in Venice to the cruise port. Does anyone know how this transfer is organized? Will we have to wait until they've filled a whole bus of people (let's say that it will take a couple of hours), or will they cater to us personally (smaller car) or our flight time? I would much rather see Venice for 1 hour (even though very short amout of time) than wait in the airport for 1 hour or more.
  7. Any chance of it being introduced fleetwide? I've heard you say it's only supposed to be on the ships sailing in the US, but then again - the Jewel is returning to Europe again this summer. It's a small machine, though (at least the ones that are not built in). They might even take it off before the TA. I'm going on my first cruise ever (Rhapsody in Oct.) and will probably will purchase the Royal Replenish Package due to the water and the premium coffee. I just think the package would be worth even more with the Freestyle Machine. I guess I don't feel like keep running up to the bartender to get more soda, I want to be able to get it myself.
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