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  1. Thanks, Matt and Marc. I was pretty sure about that, but just wanted to make sure!
  2. When I'm at the terminal, should I have my wine in my carry-on bag, or should I keep it in my check-in luggage?
  3. As a lowly gold card member (hey, I know my place), should I have a physical card or will it show on my paperwork? I'd hate to wait in line and they ask me for my non-existent card, then have yet another wait in the commoners' line!
  4. I went over to Celebrity and priced the 80s cruise (which sounds like a BLAST, espcially if Colin Hay is on it) - I guess I'll just stand at the dock and wave bye to that ship. When the cheapest room is around $2500, I have to pass. I don't have all that disposable income like most of y'all! :(
  5. I sure thought that Freedom had a stand-alone Starbucks when we cruised last year. That would be sweet to be able to pay from my app and get credit for it.
  6. It would also be nice if he/she would have provided more background and discussed in more detail her project and intentions.
  7. 43rd!? That's fantastic! Happy anniversary to both of you!
  8. Last year, we cruised Freedom to the eastern Caribbean, and it was our first cruise. I had all of the questions you have, and was worried sick that I didn't have all my t's crossed. Everything turned out just fine. I was over-thinking everything. Of course, my wife went crazy with buying all kinds of souvenirs and I got some liquor, so our end-of-cruise bill was kinda high. But I was pretty much expecting it. You are going to have so much fun! We enjoyed it so much that we are doing the same exact cruise in 23 days!
  9. Question about the pre-boarding done at the terminal. Last year, we were noobs and had to go through the loooong line for processing. Now that i am a C&A member, will I be able to go through the not-nearly-as-long line? Or do you have to be a super-duper platinum/diamond member? I want to get onboard as quickly as I can!!!
  10. I think my Freedom cruise next moth should skip Coco Cay and hit up Havana!! That sucks about the cancelling. I've been looking so forward to this that it would pretty much kill me if they were to cancel.
  11. Fantastic idea. Thank you so much for that information!! We'll definitely do that.
  12. This is interesting. Just what types of "goodies" do you put in this bag?
  13. Our 4/17 Freedom cruise is really to celebrate my wife's 50th birthday (which is actually tomorrow). Would it do me any good to call and see if there is anything special the line would do for her, or are special occasions relatively commonplace and they probably won't do anything? Also, I'm happy with our stateroom location, but would it be smart to call and see if they have any free upgrades? My friend (experienced cruiser, like you guys) called RCCL last year and got us room upgrades at a lower price! Since she won't be travelling with us next month, it looks like I'll be the one to research and find deals and cool stuff to do (and this is only my second cruise!). I really appreciate this blog and all of y'all's insight.
  14. "dress t-shirt" Is that anything like "jumbo shrimp"? :P
  15. I fully intend on tipping. I'll probably take what I would have paid and divvy it up based on my own preferences. Thanks for the reply!
  16. A friend just took the same cruise and itinerary that we are taking next month (well, 39 days, but who's counting?). When I talked to him about it, he said he went to Guest Services and asked them to remove all of the gratuities that were charged automatically, and that he would tip on his own for the entire cruise at the end. Is it possible to do that? Is it considered a little rogue? I'd rather tip my attendant and probably my dining room servers on my own, since they are the people with whom I've interacted with. Also - is there a template or something where you cool people share your cruise experiences down in your sig line area?
  17. Hand sanitation and cleanliness in general is a product of our global society and will continue to be a huge issue. As to the strict requirement to use the hand sanitizer, I don't like being forced to do it, but it ain't gonna kill me to take an extra measure to not only help insure my safety, but that of the thousands of others on board. I'm pretty sure that many, if not most, of the passengers don't share my degree of personal hygiene. As I've aged, I've become much more aware of the daily risks of bacteria and other nasties in our world. I'd much prefer the lines be pro-active in their battle against sickness and actually appreciate RCCL's diligence.
  18. I'm buggin' too, but I have 6 1/2 weeks to go! Last time was with a seasoned group; this time not so much. Hoping to find good things to do while on shore.
  19. Thanks a lot, Doc. Here's a chicken for your services!!
  20. I'm taking my wife to Sabor's for her birthday dinner - are the drinks extra? 6 weeks, baby!
  21. I got it - how about sending her to Charleston and we just kick Carnival out of the port!? Sorry...just thinking out loud. I'll shut back up now. :-(
  22. As to the daily carpet changing for each day of the week - we didn't notice until the cruise was dang near over!! :( #facepalm
  23. What do I get if I'm a C & A Aluminum level?? :P
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