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  1. We are staying at the Airport Hotel. We are arriving late the night before a cruise. We will only being staying about 12 hours, so no need to go to a fancy hotel.
  2. My wife and I did this one last year. There is almost no chance of getting 'stung' by a ray. They explained to us how it can happen and the main reason is scaring the ray. (Like stepping on it). We had a great time. The guides help my wife hold a ray for pictures. Yes you can take your own camera. It is one of the best pictures from the cruise.
  3. Thanks. A love seat is fine. I just need to place to sit while the wife gets ready.
  4. Do interior cabins on Freedom have a couch in them? I am talking a regular interior room, not a family interior or a promenade interior. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the information. Would like to see some of the sites in San Juan before we leave. Can you hire a driver/car service for a few hours?
  6. Our flight doesn't leave til 3pm and we don't want to wait at the airport for hours and hours. RC does have a couple of excursion that end at the airport, but we are open to suggestions. The big issues is our luggage as we don't want to lug it all over town.
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