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  1. I don't know if it applies to the Oasis class but on the Oasis breakfast and lunch are complimentary...supper is specialty. It is a great alternative to MDR or Windjammer as it's smaller and quieter...love the views too! We didn't go to the Solarium for breakfast or lunch...one of the MANY things we didn't do...however, everyone said you won't get to do everything...hopefully we will do it on the Allure in May of 2018!
  2. First of all, I want to thank everyone on here with their experiences and observations, Also want to thank Matt and his podcast and blog...I can't tell you how many times those bits of advice helped us! Miscellaneous notes in no order :-) We had read that it's best to go up to upper decks on embarkation day...absolutely true! It wasn't near as crowded and it let us explore the ship from front to back on the 15-17 deck level. We did Sabor and Solarium for our specialty dining...Solarium was amazing...it was quiet and the view was incredible...also, we were up there for lobster ni
  3. Upon further review... We (wife and I) didn't think enough about the points that the great folks here said...that RC is a lot cheaper than Disney...someone said that it's best to think of it as a la carte rather than the 'nickel and dimeing'. It's better to only purchase what you need. Great advice from all...and great reminders! We wanted something 'cheaper' than Disney and we got that...however, we lost track of the 'pay for only what you want' aspect. Our main gripe with RC was not having a good way for family members to easily (and free) communicate with each other like
  4. We are headed out on our first cruise with Royal Caribbean and so far I am annoyed with the way they do business. It's not enough to pay a premium for the cruise, RC also nickel and dimes you for everything. You want cokes or sodas? there's a package for that! $$$$ you want internet? there's a package for that! $$$$ There are other packages as well but the ones I'm referring to in this post are for conveniences that are free of charge on other cruise lines such as Disney. I am annoyed because in order to keep in contact with other family members on the cruise, there is not a way for us t
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