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  1. Thanks Ashley for the information. Could not get a straight answer from Royal Caribbean.
  2. I was told by Royal Caribbean that the chef's table will be added when the ship comes to the US. But I am cruising the end of February and it is not under the dining options or activities.
  3. I am sailing the end of February 2019 and it is not listed under the dining options.
  4. Before the sale the price for the deluxe drink package was $45 (said it was 25% off on board prices) for a February 2018 cruise and now with the sale price it is $47....so the sale costs you $2 more.....some sale!?!
  5. Yes i called casino royale directly but i did not ask when this went into effect. I called on Dec. 7 and Dec 13 and got the same answer from 2 different people that the casino rate could not be applied to a grand suite or bigger. I think i will call next week and see if i get the same answer. I will post what they tell me.
  6. I agree with you waaaytooo I would not continue to cruise with Royal Caribbean exclusively too. That discount is what keep us booking every cruise we take with Royal Caribbean. In the last week I have been told that by 2 different casino royale employees. I also agree that the non-refundable rate was not comparable. I am really glad I booked my next 3 cruises before all this took place. I also tried to book a room for our friends on the same cruise we are taking in February in a suite guarantee and they could only book it for the rate that was listed on-line (royal Caribbean website and c
  7. I am on the phone right now with (Shawntell, or close to that) from casino royale and she just confirmed NO casino rate for grand suite or larger. There is a non-refundable deposit on those suites and no casino discount. She did tell me you could apply a certificate (from a cruise you took within a year from issue date). She told me that the non-refundable rate is better than the casino rate (which looking at the prices on-line and they don't even come close to the prices i got with the casino rate). It just does not seem right to pay the same price as everyone else that does not support t
  8. I was told last week (around December 7th 2017) there would be no casino rate for a grand suite or larger. She said if you book a junior suite, balcony room or inside room they would give you the casino rate for that room. Has anyone heard that too? We have always booked the 2 bedroom family suite or larger. I can't believe they would take away the suites from their casino vip members. If that is the case what is the advantage of staying with royal Caribbean? A $500, $1000 or $2000 off full price is not enough to continue to book their high end suites!
  9. Hi waaaytooo, I see you are in Bermuda and I am leaving Saturday, 9-9 on anthem to Bermuda and we are docked overnight too, Is the casino open at all while you are docked?

  10. Just wanted to say I love the name "koikeeper".  I used to help build koi ponds.  Don't know anything about the fish, but loved seeing them in a new pond ☺

    1. koikeeper123


      Thanks, I have about 40 and most are about 2 feet long....I am going to have to use my cruise fund soon to feed them if they don't stop growing!!:7_sweat_smile:

    2. RestingBird


      40?!  Wow.  And 2ft, that's definitely a good size koi.

  11. Is there a way to find out what royal genies are working on what ships? I am looking to see what genies that will be working on future cruises that I have booked.
  12. Does anyone know how (or if) you can check the availability of a specific room number by it listing the dates you can book that room?
  13. Thank you Matt for the info. It is not the type of questionnaire I was expecting. At least I will have time to figure out my answers before they send it to me (I will be real busy doing last minute packing etc. to have time to give much thought a week before).
  14. We too have a cruise booked before February. We are on brilliance November 5-10. First time not on the oasis class. Taking a 5 day on a smaller ship to see what that is like. We have a 2 bedroom suite on that one. Its on the back of the ship with a large balcony. On harmony we have 9730 (2 bedroom aquatheater). Can't wait either. I hope there is not a problem getting into the specialty restaurants when we want (we cancelled our wonderland reservations because they are included). We really enjoy royal Caribbean!
  15. We are sailing on harmony feb 4-11, 2017. We also have back to back oasis suite reserved in feb 2018 also. It really makes me nervous not planning anything in advance.
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