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    DunkelBierJay reacted to Matt in Tipping the Porters.   
    Nailed my philosophy
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to sulross in Access to Staterooms   
    When you get on the ship, go to Guest Services and ask for a sea pass card that says "Extra Key".  It will not be good for charges or getting off the ship, just to get into the second room.  You can each get one.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to RCVoyager in Customer Service after Empress cancellation   
    This does not affect me as I am not booked on that ship, but man what a bad deal.  RCCL is in the business of over-delivering to make it so we can't wait to come back.  What they are doing to some of their best customers is the opposite of that.
    There are other cruise lines.  I guess it's always good to have options.
    Good luck to each of you.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to KLA in Coco Cay Drinking Age   
    Coco Cay is considered basically an extension of the ship, so I'd imagine the 21 rule for the ship would still apply on the island.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to Matt in Which Departure Date is Preferable?   
    February because it's sooner!   :lol:
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    DunkelBierJay got a reaction from Matt in Linking dining & entertainment reservation   
    I encountered this exact scenario, and had to provide both reservation ID numbers when booking dinner at Sabor on Freedom.
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    DunkelBierJay got a reaction from Matt in Group Cruise - February 2017   
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    DunkelBierJay got a reaction from CruisingKat(Kathy) in Maybe Dumb Question, but here I go. ðŸ˜�   
    When I observe port cams, I haven't picked up any patterns other than those mentioned above. I assume docking side is determined between the captain and the harbormaster or pilot based upon the number of ships in port, the time it takes to turn around in the turning basin, and whether the crew needs to perform maintenance on one side or another. I was transfixed last year on the dock at Nassau when two crew members were removing stains (looked like rust, but I think it was just dirty water stains) from hull with a giant squirt gun while standing on the dock. I assume they were using some sort of bleach solution or anti-oxidizing agent. So, I don' t think there is any way to predict whether a ship will be docked on the port or starboard side other than asking an officer while on board.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to lhm0204 in Royal Replenish Package   
    sure -- just buy a shot and pour it in!!  that is all it is anyway (a shot per drink)
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to raprice18 in Royal Replenish Package   
    Was able to on the Jewel in September. Charged $7 plus the 18% gratuity. Asked for a shot of coconut rum in my virgin frozen pina colada. 
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    DunkelBierJay got a reaction from Matt in Royal Replenish Package   
    I will ask and report back in June.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to CruisingKat(Kathy) in crown and anchor benefits for pre-gold   
    Sorry missed that somewhere. I am claiming a blond moment!!! 😳
    We all Started Pre-Gold. I am still just gold myself with 15 points. I am going on my 3rd Royal Caribbean Cruise ship on Allure in May, and Booked another on Majesty in Sept. Trying to work my way up to platinum.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to CruisingKat(Kathy) in Suggestion for a Periscope Msg Forum?   
    Yes, 🙂 That is the point I was trying to make. This is a very Awesome site, and a very good resource for those who enjoy cruising, and are addicted to cruising, like myself. (I like doing research for my Cruises), being more accessible on main page. I think would also promote, more people to post as well, when they are Pericoping, or to share information, if they know of someone that is Pericoping from a certain ship or area, like Billy scoping the ships pulling out of Port Everglades.(That was Great to watch)
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to Todd in Liberty's Tidal Wave rumored to be operational today   
    If you really want to be scared try a water slide in a third world country with little or no oversight and inspection. Now that is really a adventure. Water slides are not for everyone, like so many other things and can involve some risk. Just traveling on the trip has some risk but the level for most people is acceptable. I love being on small boats with swells and waves, this makes many people sea sick, so each person should do what they believe is best for them.
    As for water slides on Royal ships one thing is for sure. They are among the best design, maintain, and inspected in the World. Not only passing every safety inspection that slides on land have but also the USCG Inspections. So if you want to ride a water slide the slides on Royal Ships are the ones to pick.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to bobroo in If you ever wondered if using a travel agent was a good idea or not...   
    My wife and I agree with Todd. Not only did TA Michelle do a great job and give good service; likely she gave away some of her earnings to make thinks right.
    We doubt that our TA, Costco; would be willing to do anything close to the same. Hummm....
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to WAAAYTOOO in If you ever wondered if using a travel agent was a good idea or not...   
    For those who have ever vacillated over whether or not using a travel agent was in your best interest or not, let me assure you that a GOOD travel agent is priceless.
    I have proven that to myself this week with the disaster that Royal Caribbean created with its cancellation of the Empress sailings in March and April.
    As everyone now knows, Royal Caribbean cancelled 6 sailings on the Empress of the Seas, due to sail beginning in late March through mid-April.  Dan and I were booked on the April 11, right, smack dab in the middle of that cancellation cluster.  It was a psychological blow to us as well as a potential logistics nightmare.  All I can say is THANK GOODNESS I had Michelle Cunningham with MEI as my advocate.  I can say, without any doubt, I would have killed myself, Dan or someone on the other end of the phone line before I managed to get it all straightened out if I had had to do this by myself.  Imagine.  1800 passengers times 6 sailings.  Over 10,000 people are trying to either rebook or cancel their cruises.  No thanks.
    Not only did Michelle manage to salvage our cruise but she saved our $1,000 OBC that Dan had earned on our Allure sailing (from Club Royale), which was in real danger of going bye-bye.  Our out-of-pocket costs, as a result of this monumental BLUNDER - that was 100% Royal Caribbean's doing - is only going to be ~$200...which will be some airline change fees that RCI is too damn cheap to reimburse us.  Thanks to Michelle's diligence and persistence, we were able to get $200 of the $400 reimbursed.  She got us rebooked on the sailing of our choice in the same room that we original had (Owner's Suite 8506) for the same price.  Actually, we got a $28.68 refund so she actually got us money BACK on the resked.
    ...and let me assure you, she did not do this without considerable interference from me !  We changed our minds, and changed them back again at least twice, not to mention the numerous emails that I sent, inquiring as to her progress over a 48 hour period.  She never complained (at least, not directly to me although she would have had every right to do so !) and came through like a trooper.
    EVERYTHING has been rescheduled...the cruise, the hotel, the excursions, the airfare.  Everything.  We couldn't be happier, considering.  This is all the result of excellent service from Michelle and no thanks WHATEVER, to Royal Caribbean.
    So Michelle....thank you for everything you had done for us over the past 72 hours.  You are a gem, a great friend, a consummate professional and a credit to your Agency.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to Matt in Full Time Living on Royal Caribbean? Yes... No...   
    I am certain this is what you are imagining life is like living on a cruise ship

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    DunkelBierJay reacted to RedRambler in Full Time Living on Royal Caribbean? Yes... No...   
    I don't know if we would live full time on a ship, but even at age 39 my wife and I have entertained the notion of selling our house in Indiana and retiring to a cruise port town in order to have easy access to ships in our retirement.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to Todd in Cruises to Nowhere   
    It not that they prohibited cruises to nowhere, it is because of the Jones Act. Put into simple terms the Jones Act was put into place to protect American interest and business. It says that it you want to use a ship for business within the Untied States it must be built and registered within the United States. In the early 1900's Maine ship builders making Lobster boats had a issue with issue with Lobstermen  purchasing boats from Canada. This was one of the driving forces behind the Jones Act.
    So since the ships of Royal and most other cruise lines are built and flagged outside the United States they cannot operate within the United States without leaving first. So a ship can leave Florida and make a port stop in the Bahamas and return and the Jones Act is followed. But the same ship leaves Florida sails out and does not go into another country then they have not followed the law. This is a very simple explanation the acts has many part so if interest just look it up.  
    So changes and special exceptions have been done within the act. Like a foreign built ship can get flagged in the US and meet the Jones Act. But it needs to be done through a act of Congress granting that ship the ability to be Flagged in the United States. It is done more often than you would think. Many people with yachts have this done so they can charter and rent them.
    The MV Maersk Alabama was re flagged to be a US Ship, the ship privates took several years ago and the US Navy Seals rescued the captain and killed the privates.  The negative side of re flagging to United States is the Ship must meet all US Safety Standards, must pass very hard Coast Guard Inspections, and must follow all US laws. So the ships crew must all be paid and will worked under the US laws. It greatly increases the cost to operate and only a few small coastal lines and the Cruise ships that stay in Hawaii  get US Flagged.
    If interest in the Jones Act here is a good link:
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to DocLC in Cruises to Nowhere   
    It has to do with the type of Visas the crew members hold. It essentially doesn't allow them, as they're from other countries on foreign flagged ships, to return back a US port without stopping first in a non US port. They did this previously before the US government clarified the rules.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to Floski in Wash your hands.....   
    Hand sanitation and cleanliness in general is a product of our global society and will continue to be a huge issue.
    As to the strict requirement to use the hand sanitizer, I don't like being forced to do it, but it ain't gonna kill me to take an 
    extra measure to not only help insure my safety, but that of the thousands of others on board.  I'm pretty sure that many, 
    if not most, of the passengers don't share my degree of personal hygiene.  As I've aged, I've become much more aware
    of the daily risks of bacteria and other nasties in our world.
    I'd much prefer the lines be pro-active in their battle against sickness and actually appreciate RCCL's diligence.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to Marc in Boarding Freedom   
    No, Freedom of the Seas boards on deck 4 (which is "the promenade deck" because it wraps around the ship, not to be confused with the Royal Promenade on deck 5). You'll have to go up one deck to get to the Royal Promenade.
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    DunkelBierJay got a reaction from Charlie92 in Wash your hands.....   
    I see it as a valuable reminder, and am grateful that there is this constant reminder to those who are less attentive to hygiene. It is reassuring to know that RC is doing what it can. If it seems obtrusive, I hope people acknowledge how many outbreaks are averted by such measures, even though it really can't be measured. 
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to Matt in Wash your hands.....   
    This stems from guests not washing their hands, either out of ignorance or laziness.  Outbreaks of norovirus are directly tied to guests not taking precautions to prevent the spread of such easily communicable viruses.
    This isn't about someone telling you how to vacation, as much as it is mitigating the spread of these nasty bugs.  It's a small price to pay to ensure a healthy cruise.
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    DunkelBierJay reacted to DocLC in Drink Prices   
    I agree that the drink prices are high; fortunately, I'm not much of a drinker, so this doesn't impact me much. For nondrinkers, though, there is still an impact. A grande specialty coffee was $6 on the Liberty. It says something when they're charging more than Starbucks, which I didn't think was possible.
    While Princess is a good line that I have previously sailed, it doesn't have the same appeal for my son. In addition, when pricing Northern Europe over the last two years, Princess has been significantly higher for my family.
    In the end, I think all lines have their own ways of squeezing out onboard revenue; they just do it a little differently.
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