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  1. No signing on my end of October sailing for the drink package.
  2. Was on the Voyager in October and I went for a walk at 5:00 am on deck and there were already people putting stuff on chairs to reserve them. It has definitely gotten a bit ridiculous.
  3. We had lobster last week on Voyager sailing out of Boston to San Juan. It was a 7 day cruise. It happened on the 'Dress your Best' night (second formal night), night 5.
  4. On Voyager last week for breakfast and lunch it was just show up. We only went a couple of times and only once was there a wait more than a couple of minutes.
  5. The different cruise lines all have different offerings, markets, service levels and price points. Even what we used to class as all the mainstream lines are starting to separate themselves out more. You are right that on average Royal is priced above Carnival, MSC, Costa and often NCL. You would find that HAL and Princess are very similar price points, Celebrity seems to still be finding its way and was moving to more included (thus higher price point) but now seem to be backing off that. Then there is the luxury lines which can often be at a whole different price again. No one cruise line can be all things to all people which is why so many people are loyal to one line over another as the offerings, services and price works for them and as you note sometimes that loyalty will need to change. which is a good excuse to try other lines from time to time.
  6. some ships have the world class bar, some have a martini bar these would likely be the signature bars
  7. the 15 drink limit is a Carnival thing with their Cheers package. Royal family has no limits posted but they can refuse to serve you if you seem too intoxicated.
  8. 72 hours till I am loading in the car heading to the border (coming from Canada) to begin my drive to Seattle to prepare to board the flight to Boston. Now I have got to start packing.
  9. Some countries require the 6 months as part of their entry requirements, some only require 3 some less and many it doesn't matter. Here is a good site that has an overview of what countries require what. https://visaguide.world/tips/passport-6-month-rule/
  10. I have been asking my daughter for years if leggings are really pants. She always says they are.
  11. I found that unless you see you have been assigned to a muster station the barcode trick doesn't work. As noted above it means that you truly have not been assigned a cabin yet.
  12. I am voting for the balcony when given that option it is my preferrence.
  13. latest update on capacity. I am seeing 11 cabins still available all ocean view. you can still book an inside GTY however.
  14. That will be interesting and probably a matter of who is looking at it and where it is packed. if it is in checked luggage it might make it through the screening and be no issue. If they don't allow it and it is in your checked luggage they do hold it in a security room. You will be notified to come to the 'naughty room' to collect your bags and they will let you know the process at that time. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/prohibited-items-onboard-policy
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