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  1. I just checked the current price for my Ovation cruise next year. If I was to book it today it would cost me $2000 more than it did when I first booked it. I assume that this is why @Matt recommends not to wait for the sales lol.
  2. This is the federal government guideline. You must still abide by your local state or territory port authority. For example, in NSW you must still be fully vaccinated if you are over 12 and still must do a covid test before embarking.
  3. Same thing happened to my sailing a few weeks ago. It still showed in my cruise planner though and also on the app. A few days later it reappeared on the RCCL website.
  4. November 10, 2023, Ovation, Sydney-Eden-Sydney back to back November 13, 2023, Ovation, Sydney-New Zealand-Sydney.
  5. Boosters would be a personal choice. I chose to get 2 boosters due to an underlying health condition, but they are not mandatory.
  6. In Australia we only have Quantum class or Radiance class, so my vote is with Quantum.
  7. The Royal Q&A states that there is no definitive timeframe when your cabin actually gets assigned. It can happen at any point leading up your actual sail date. Royal Caribbean states a guarantee room assignment is made at some point between 5-30 days before sailing. Most of the time, a few weeks before the cruise your room is assigned
  8. November 13 2023 Sydney to New Zealand Ovation of the Seas. Only 538 more days.
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