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  1. I read it to mean you can charge before the trip or reconcile later, but if you want to go above the suggested gratuity, bring cash and envelopes, and distribute accordingly.
  2. That's awesome. We are staying in an inside room (I like the darkness). Part of a longer trip (using the cruise as a one way to Europe, and if we like it, will book a return trip in October) backpacking through Europe.
  3. Funny so many Floridians are leaving from New Jersey. Must be the great price. I had a short work assignment in Punta Gorda in late 1989.
  4. Too funny. Going on a transatlantic trip has been something I wanted to do for a long, long time. Now when I talk about the trip, I first say "Covid willing ".
  5. I think the term Friends of Bill W. is used on all cruises. My DH has been sober for about 15 years, and usually after a meeting or two, we meet similar couples where one maintains sobriety.
  6. So while we have taken cruises from other brands, this is our first RCL since 2008. Back then, I paid for our gratuities as we embarked, and on the last day they gave me vouchers to put in the envelope. Extra cash could be discreetly added. At our table was another couple who had to go to the ATM to get cash to hand out tips. Since 2008, other cruises allow the prepay, but no vouchers. If there is no proof of payment, the affected family had to go to the office to pay up and could not disembark. I am assuming that paper is long gone, and they know electronically if you paid out.
  7. Hmmm. Florida and the Caribbean in midAugust is prime hurricane season. Still, it is a good time to visit after the afternoon rains, letting the area cool down. You may want to go to some of the beaches for your extra time. I suggest the west coast beaches. Sanibel, Captiva and the Lee Island Coast have shelling and really good sunsets. Sarasota's Siesta Key has the best sugar sand. For quirkiness, I think Venice with its shark teeth is really cool, and it had a mid-century vibe usually only replicated at amusement parks.
  8. We have been to London before. Since we are planning a six month trip and being in the British Isles for a few months to meet Schengan rules, I meant that we could start somewhere where socially distancing is really easy in the event we need to isolate and then go to London later into the summer.
  9. Good info. We are currently nomadic, and had postponed Europe during Covid. I think I will speak to my husband about changing our first stay in Britain to someplace quiet, in the event we have to isolate post cruise. We are both vaccinated and bolstered, so not sure what we will have to do by May 13th, but perhaps a quiet stay for our first week out, instead of London. For some reason, Bristol is still in my thoughts. Any suggestions of a small town to consider?
  10. So as a US citizen planning to go on the Anthem transatlantic, we booked a hotel for the first 7 nights in London which we can cancel by May 10th or so. Assuming all is well, we will figure it out from there. But, if we test positive, can we quarantine in Bristol or Southhampton?
  11. Most cool. I did not even think about clotheslines, but that will help with the rest of Europe too.
  12. Lynn, Since you are experienced transatlantic crossers AND Floridians, I have a packing question. We are planning to stay in Europe, and basically backpack around for a few months (just bought our backpack - hurray). I realized after booking that Royal Caribbean does not have self-laundry, which is not a deal killer, but I was wondering how dressed do you need to be for MDR formal nights. Is it about the same for Alaska / Caribbean, where I pair a few dressy blouses with a skirt? Will "smart casual" be enough? Does my husband need a jacket, or can he be seated with a collared shirt? High heels and dress clothes are bulky for backpacking, and we are trying to be mindful minimalists doing nomadic travel. I want to know if the vibe for transatlantic is different than other cruises. Thanks, Audrey
  13. If you don't mind a long walk (or take a jitney), I love conch salad and conch fritters at Potters Cay. They make it while you watch, straight from the shell.
  14. So by back to back, do you mean going back to the states on Anthem in November 2022, or additional cruising when you get to Southhampton? I am from Florida originally, so lots of Carribean cruises. Ironically, our only other RCCL was in Alaska. We are thinking of going back via another transatlantic cruise, but we want to see how we do with our first transatlantic. Our prior European trips have been via plane.
  15. So this is our first repositioning cruise and first time on Anthem. Audrey and Brad
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